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Our goal is to develop well-rounded young people who learn not only the fundamentals of football, but also the importance of education and teamwork, in an atmosphere conducive to developing sound mind, body and character - and having a good time along the way. We practice the ideals of sportsmanship, scholarship and physical fitness.
CCFL Chatham Community Football League
P.O. Box 521
Chatham, IL. 62629 

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Heat Policy

The following shall be enforced for ALL CCFL practices, games and any other activities affiliated with the CCFL.  The CCFL Board will monitor the heat index daily and will make the following assessments.  Head coaches will be notified no later than 3:00pm, and will notify each of their parents if practice is changed or cancelled.

White: 85° F and below.

a. No restrictions for activities.

b. Water breaks shall be given at least every 30 minutes and upon athlete request.

c. Coaches shall observe athletes for signs of distress and take appropriate measures to prevent injury.

d. Any player showing signs of distress will result in their parent being notified immediately.

Yellow: 85-­90° F.

a. All White guidelines

b. Five minute minimum rest breaks every 30 minutes.

c. One coach designated to observe all players for heat related problems.

Orange: 91°-­95° F.

a. All White and Yellow guidelines

b. No pads or helmets.

c. Practice is restricted to walk-­through type plays

d. Contact is prohibited during practice

e. Practice may be limited in length by coaches or CCFL executive board.

Red: 96° and above

a. All practices shall be cancelled at all levels.

b. Home games will be called at the discretion of the league President. 



An interesting article from the SJR
  An interesting article from the August 19, 2014 State Journal Register highlighting player safety and concussion awareness. The IHSA has been mandated to develop concussion awareness training for ALL coaches and athletic directors in Illinois. Your head coaches and some assistants have already taken this training through their certification from USA Football. Our players safety is the Number One priority of the CCFL. Read the article below.

Handout: 2016 Jamboree