Chartwell SloPitch Club: Welcome

One of Burlington's longest running men's recreational ball teams. Founded in 1971, a group of Burlington Minor League baseball coaches formed a Men's Mushball team . The team has survived a couple of decades of ball, drinking and friendship, highlighted every year by the annual "Fishing" trip in September attended by Alumni and current team players.

Dedication and Commitment

A reminder let Pumpkin know if you cannot make any games
email: (cell 905-220-5379)
As a courtesy to Marty & Kenny Mac, please be at the park 15 minutes prior to first pitch so they have time to make out a lineup.

Wednesday, May 21
2014 Fishing Trip

 2014 Fishing Trip weekend will be Sept 18-21 or Sept 25 - 28th

We are currently on the lookout for a new venue after a long and distingiushed run at Camp Stella Maris. The Arch Diocese has declared the camp an alcohol free zone. Stay tuned for updates.  

League Rainout Policy

All teams must show up for their games unless notified by an umpire.   The umpire will decide at game time if it is playable. If one team is there and the other team cannot field a team and the game can be played; it will
be considered a forfeit. If the coaches decide to call game before game time .It
must be of mutual consent.   A 6:30
cancellation does not mean that all games are cancelled after. Same procedure applies.

Wednesday, May 21
2014 Schedule

    Thu 5/8/14 8:30pm Wet n Wild : 19 - Chartwell: 13 Palermo Park
    Thu 5/22/14 6:30pm Chartwell: 16 - Milestones Brewers: 15 Sherwood Diamond B
    Tue 5/27/14 8pm The Firehall: 5 - Chartwell: 3 Sherwood Diamond B
    Thu 5/29/14 6:30pm Chartwell vs. Envoys Sherwood Diamond B
    Tue 6/3/14 6:30pm Formerly Famous vs. Chartwell Sherwood Diamond B
    Thu 6/5/14 6:30pm Chartwell vs. Mustangs Sherwood Diamond B
    Tue 6/10/14 8pm Brewskies vs. Chartwell Sherwood Diamond B
    Thu 6/12/14 6:30pm Chartwell vs. Energy Sherwood Diamond B
    Tue 6/17/14 8pm Crush vs. Chartwell Tue 06-17 8:00PM Sherwood B Crush Chartwell Sherwood Diamond B
    Tue 6/24/14 9:30pm Chartwell vs. Wet n Wild Tue 06-24 9:30PM Sherwood B Chartwell Wet & Wild Sherwood Diamond B
    Thu 6/26/14 6:30pm Chartwell vs Canadians from May 15 Palermo Park
    Thu 6/26/14 8pm Canadians vs. Chartwell Thu 06-26 7:00PM Palermo Canadians Chartwell Palermo Park
    Thu 7/3/14 8:30pm Mustangs vs. Chartwell Thu 07-03 8:30PM Palermo Mustangs Chartwell Palermo Park
    Tue 7/8/14 6:45pm Chartwell vs. Dymonds Tue 07-08 6:45PM Sherwood C Chartwell Dymonds Sherwood Diamond C
    Thu 7/10/14 9:30pm Chartwell vs. Crush Thu 07-10 9:30PM Sherwood B Chartwell Crush Sherwood Diamond B
    Tue 7/15/14 9:30pm Envoys vs. Chartwell Tue 07-15 9:30PM Sherwood B Envoys Chartwell Sherwood Diamond B
    Thu 7/17/14 8pm Chartwell vs. The Firehall Thu 07-17 8:00PM Sherwood B Chartwell Firehall Sherwood Diamond B
    Tue 7/22/14 9:30pm Energy vs. Chartwell Tue 07-22 9:30PM Sherwood B Energy Chartwell Sherwood Diamond B
    Thu 7/24/14 6:30pm Chartwell vs. Brewskies Thu 07-24 7:00PM Palermo Chartwell Brewskies Palermo Park
    Thu 7/31/14 7pm Chartwell vs. Formerly Famous Thu 07-31 7:00PM Palermo Chartwell Formerly Famous Palermo Park
    Tue 8/5/14 8:30pm Milestones Brewers vs. Chartwell Tue 08-05 8:30PM Palermo Milestones Chartwell Palermo Park
    Thu 8/7/14 9:30pm Dymonds vs Chartwell From May 20 Palermo Park
    Tue 8/12/14 6:30pm Wet n Wild vs. Chartwell Tue 08-12 6:30PM Sherwood B Wet & Wild Chartwell Sherwood Diamond B
    Thu 8/14/14 8pm Chartwell vs. Mustangs Thu 08-14 8:00PM Sherwood B Chartwell Mustangs Sherwood Diamond B
    Tue 8/19/14 9:30pm Dymonds vs. Chartwell Tue 08-19 9:30PM Sherwood B Dymonds Chartwell Sherwood Diamond B
    Thu 8/21/14 6:30pm Chartwell vs. Canadians Thu 08-21 7:00PM Palermo Chartwell Canadians Palermo Park
    Tue 8/26/14 6:45pm Crush vs. Chartwell Tue 08-26 6:45PM Sherwood C Crush Chartwell

Sherwood Diamond C

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