Charlton Co. Indians: The Last Time It Happened

Sunday, August 19
The Last Time it Happened

Punt Return for a TD

  9-11-15 Raykwon Anderson(52 yards) vs. Bacon Co. 

Kickoff Return for a TD

  9-13-13 Curt Nixon (92 yards) vs. Bradwell Institute 

Scored a Safety

  9-19-14 vs. Atkinson Co.

Fumble Returned for a TD

11-11-11 Tim Wescott(15 yards) vs. Miller Co.* 

Interception Returned for a TD

11-9-12 Curt Nixon(96 yards) vs. Irwin Co. 

Kicked a Field Goal

9-19-14 Thomas Johnson (24 yards) vs. Atkinson Co.

Player Scores 4 TDs in a Game

9-26-14 Andrew Lee(4 TDs) vs. Turner Co.

Player Throws 3 TD Passes in a Game

11-29-13 Trae Harrington(3 TD's) vs. Seminole Co.* 

Player Rushes for 100 Yards

 9-11-15 Eric Daniels(104 yards) vs. Bacon Co.

Player Rushes for 200 Yards

 9-11-15 Andrew Lee (207 yards) vs. Bacon Co. 

Player Rushes for 300 Yards

11-22-13 Andrew Lee(332 yards) vs. Commerce* 

Player Rushes for 400 Yards

11-3-95 Champ Bailey(413 yards) vs. Atkinson Co.

Player Passes/Rushes 100 Yards in Same Game

10-8-10 Chris Milton(142 rushing, 134 passing) vs. Wilcox Co. 

Two Players 100 Yards Rushing in Game

 9-11-15 Andrew Lee(207 yards)/Eric Daniels(104 yards) vs. Bacon Co. 

Three Players 100 Yards Rushing in Game

11-6-98 Snapper Hobbs(183)/ Lamar Williams(149)/Kevin Davis(149) vs. McIntosh Co. Acad.

100 Yards Receiving

9-26-14 Curt Nixon(101 yards) vs. Turner Co. 

150 Yards Receiving

9-10-10 Ronald Eldell(161 yards) vs. Lanier Co.

200 Yards Receiving

8-30-13 Curt Nixon(208 yards) vs. Brantley Co.

Two Players with 100 Yards Receiving

9-30-05 D.J. Donley(208)/Justin Williams(124) vs. Fitzgerald

200 Yards Passing

9-26-14 Jimmy Nettles(217 Yards) vs. Turner Co. 

300 Yards Passing

9-13-13 Trae Harrington(343 yards) vs. Bradwell Institute 

400 Yards Passing

11-14-03 Jeremy Privett(452 yards) vs. Pierce Co.