Charlotte Little League: Welcome

Monday, February 15
Charlotte Little League and Shelburne Little League Join Forces!


For many years Charlotte and Shelburne Little League baseball programs have played games with each other, and in recent years have mixed players from the two programs on teams. At a recent board meeting with both CLL board members and SLL board members a unanimous vote was made to combine the two leagues into one! The one little league program will be officially chartered in the coming weeks under the Shelburne Little League name and will include the towns of Charlotte, Hinesburg and Shelburne. Combining into one program will create great efficiency for the league operations and will insure that kids from Shelburne, Charlotte and Hinesburg will have a strong Little League baseball program to participate in for years to come!

All Charlotte and Hinesburg players interested in little league baseball and softball should go to:

All practices and games will be played on both the Berry Farm fields in Charlotte and the ball fields in Shelburne.