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Charleston Hurricanes
Savannah Games this Weekend

Just wanted to give you some times for the games next Saturday and also a location for the field.
11:00am - Schlitz vs. Armstrong.
1pm -  Schlitz vs. Charleston.
3:00 pm - Charleston vs. Armstrong
If any of these times don't work out for you guys, just let me know and I can move them around. Also we will probably be able to compress those times together a little more so you guys can get back on the road if you need to. How does all that sound?
The field will be right next to our tennis courts. You will have to drive through a school a good ways, but just look for tennis courts and the field will be right across the street. If you have any questions trying to find it or any questions in general, my number is listed below and feel free to call anytime.
Here is the address of the college:
11935 Abercorn Street
Savannah, GA 31419

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