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Soccer Fundamentals

o Keep high concentration at all times.
o Stay fit - endurance and strength.
o Be positive and play your best.
o Have realistic expectations of teammates.
o Communicate on the field (don't scream at or blame each other).

o Be aware at all times.
o Play smart and anticipate.
o Always get behind the ball on defense.
o Stay on the goal side when defending.
o When challenged, make the play predictable so your teammate can anticipate the next pass or play.
o To make a player commit, take a quick step forward and quickly back off using your body to block the run. Not obstructing the player but anticipating the play.

When faced with a two on one:
o Buy time until help arrives (use space, don't dive in).
o Take away the pass and force the ball in one direction.

o Always recover centrally (toward the penalty spot).
o Always find a free player and mark-up.

o Keep it simple.
o Have vision of the entire field.
o Play the ball back when options are limited or dangerous.
o Always look around before collecting a pass.
o Have a first time pass in mind before collecting the ball.
o Be calm with the ball.
o Always be in position to support teammates.
o Give options to player with the ball (check in and check out asking for the ball).
o When leading the game, slow down the play.
o Keep your elbows up and use your body to protect and shield the ball.
o Take on players in offensive third of the field.
o Dribble toward defender until he leaves his mark then pass or beat him.