Chantilly Firecats: College Coaches

2008 Recap heading into 2009
Sum 11
Amy Smerdzinski at practice
2008: The girls had a great 2008. The most important aspect of the year is that the girls learned a lot and played well. Our coach, Nadir Moumen, spent the year working teaching the girls new skills, thinking on the field, coordination with a concentration on creativity. The team plays a tight possession game and The girls put lots of time into practices and a lot of time in outside of practice too. Their quick learning and dedication helped them improve over last winter and through the year earning themselves many honors.

In the spring, they were champions of WAGS Division 1, defeated the reigning Region 1 champions in the state cup tournament and finished as finalists. For the spring, they had an overall record of 22-3-1 and defeated several state and regional champion teams. The fall went well also with a finalist finish in WAGS division 1 and tournament wins at Arlington (Mar/Va), the Virginian (May/Va), the Spirit Kickoff (Aug/Pa) and the Bethesda Thanksgiving Tournament (Nov/Md). The girls will be playing in the Region 1 - south league for the spring of 2009.

The girls are interested in playing in colleges and the team welcomes inquiries from college coaches. We have a full panel of college profiles. Although coaches are not allowed to contact players at this time in their career, our coaches welcomes dialog with coaches about the team in general. If you'd like to see our team brochure, an individual or talk to the coaches about upcoming games and practices, please contact Nadir Moumen at (703)403-0545 or Rich Gleason at (703) 231-9017 /

Local Girls Playing College Soccer
Amy Smerdzinski, formally of the Chantilly Milan (played in the National Championship finals four times) is currently playing at Wake Forest. Before she left the area to go to college, she practiced with us from time to time and was an inspiration for the girls.

Emily Grant, Kate Goldin and Lyndsey Wilcox all joined us for practice last winter before heading off to Vanderbilt University in August. We hope they come join us for some kick-arounds when they come home for the holidays.

Vanderbilt Recruiting Class of '08