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2010 OBGC Champions
General Information

2010:  In the Fall of 2010, the girls were invited to participate in the National League which is made up of 16 teams from across the country.  The girls were placed in a group of 8 made up of Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago, Tampa, Cleveland, (us) Chantilly VA, Westchester NY, and Dallas (last year's national champion).  Competition starts on December 2 in Raleigh North Carolina where the Firecats will face the SoCal Blues and then Albion SC - San Diego. 

For local competition, the Firecats played in the "Masters" or "Champions" division of WAGS for the state champions and finalists from Virginia and Maryland for the ages U16-U18.  The highlight of the season was ties with the two Virginia year-older state champions.  One was last years State Champion, Regional Champion and finished 2nd in the nation (McLean Strikers) and the other is the former and once again State Champion, our almost "sister team" the Chantilly Burn.  Playing against the older teams was great experience and the girls improved for their efforts. 

State Cup - Fall 2010 : (Champions) For the state championship 2010 (plays in the 2011 regional championships) the Firecats had a bye for the first round and met with Chesterfield in the first match.  Chesterfield had a long drive to meet us for a "home" game at Bull Run Regional Park and had a tough day though they played with a lot of heart throughout.  The second match was with Charlottesville and ended in a 6-2 win.  In the final four in Richmond the Firecats faced the strong Richmond Kickers team and prevailed 2-0 to get another seat in the Finals.  In the championship match, the Firecats faced the VSA Heat, another "National League" competitor.  The Heat won their semi-final match 3-1 over the Hotspurs (last year's finalists) in a reversal of their outcome last year in the final four. 

It was a warm clear dry day in Richmond, just perfect for soccer.  After all the pagentry of state finals, the Firecats were ready to play and got a goal just inside the 5 minute mark to take a 1-0 lead.  The Heat bounced back and picked up the tying goal at 10m.  The Firecats ralleyed with some good attacking passes and a dribble through the middle and scored again at 28M on a near post shot to take a 2-1 lead.   The Firecats were pressing again and on a breakaway near the goal, one of the girls was tripped hard and flew several feet through the air from just outside the 18 but bouncing and landing well inside the box.  The defender was given a red card and so the Heat had to play with only 10 on the field the rest of the way.   After the half, the Heat came back at a full sprint and pressed hard though they were down a player, it seemed they were playing like the mythical furies.  They had a number of corner kicks and other good plays though couldn't get the ball in the net thanks in part to the great play of the Firecats defense and keeper.   As time was running out, the Heat played a ball from the side, it bounced around the middle a little and found the near post for a goal to tie putting the game into OT at the 74m mark (80M regulation).   The Firecats were fired up for OT and took a ball from the outside left across the middle for an early cross that they put away for a goal in the first minute of OT (81M).  They pressed and scored again at the 96m mark for a 4-2 victory and a ticket to the 2011 Regionals to be held in Hershey (for the Northeastern State Champions).   

In the spring the Firecats competed in Region 1 in the early season though most of the girls were concentrating on high school soccer.  The team won enough for 3rd place and an automatic invitation to participate again in 2011.  Region 1 is one of four regions in the United States and covers the Northeast United States - Maine to Virginia. 

In November, a couple weeks after the state cup competition the girls played in the Bethesda Thanksgiving Tournament (Nov 13-14) and their were many great teams there including state champions from Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York and many other places.  The weather was mid-60's and sunny both days.  The girls faced Baltimore at 8am Saturday and the girls won 1-0.  The second match, at 2pm, was with the Hershey Attack.  Hershey always plays with a lot of heart and they came out flying.  We scored first and then again for a 2-0 lead before they rallyed back and scored.  The match ended at 2-1.  In the semi-finals we played the VSA Heat again in a redux of our state cup match and the game ended at 0-0.  We won on PK's.  The finals were with the Bethesda Freedom.  We scored twice, but gave up two also for a 2-2 tie in regulation.  In OT we hit the post twice, but didn't get the ball in the net and ended up losing in PK's for a Finalist Finish


The team was 5-1-1 in Region 1 and 12-2-2 overall with 7 of the wins over state champion teams and 4 wins over Regional champions. 

State Cup - Fall:   (Champions) For the 2010 Regionals for ages U15-U18, Virginia teams switch to Fall competition for the state cup since Virginia plays high school soccer in the spring.  The Firecats made it to the final four again and won against the Richmond Kickers in a rainy day in October by a score of 3-0.  After some administrative mix ups on the other side of the bracket, the finalist opponent was decided after a 3-2 win by the Hotspurs over the VSA Heat.  The Firecats won the December evening match with a 2-1 score. 

State Cup - spring:  As the current state cup finalists, the Firecats got a bye in the first week.  Their first match (second round) was with the PWSI Red, the game went to OT and the Firecats won 4-2.  The next round was against the Richmond Strikers and the Firecats won 1-0 to make it to the final four for the third year in a row.  The Firecats faced the VSA Heat in the finals and finished as Finalists.

Region 1  started on March 8, 2009 in a match with the Bethesda Freedom and the Firecats won 2-0.  As always, it was a good game played by both teams with a lot of good passing and smart plays.    The second date for games was April 4th with wins over the Freestate Elite (3-1) and the VSA Heat Blue (1-0).   It was a difficult weekend in Mt. Laurel New Jersey and the team lost 1-2 against the last place team.  In the afternoon we went on and tied Lower Merion Heart.  Our final weekend of Region 1, April 25, the girls really bounced back and won 3-1 over the Delaware state champion Concord Magic and 5-2 over the New York West state cup champion Empire United out of Syracuse, NY.  

March 2009: Arlington Invitational Tournament (Rochester, Richmond and DCST).  The girls won the tournament with victories over Empire NY (a mix of Syracuse and Rochester), the Richmond Strikers and a tie with the DCST Edge.  It was a wet and rainy weekend and all the girls played well.  In the championship we met the McLean Power and won 4-3.  It was a sloppy wet afteroon and we missed a few, but got enough of them in to win the game.  Congratulations girls. 

March 2009: Jefferson Cup  - March 21/22 in Richmond.   The schedule got changed quite a bit and we ended up playing Charlotte NC at 9:40am at Short Pump Middle School and won 2-1.   Our second match, about an hour and a half later, was against the South Coast (Boston) Scorpions.  It was their first game of the day and our second and they had a little extra spring in their step and got a goal 2 minutes into the game and hung on for a 1-0 win.  On Sunday morning we faced the VSA Heat Blue and won 2-0 for an overall tournament record of 2 wins and 1 loss. 

Memorial Day - Columbia:  The next tournament the girls will play in is the Memorial Day Tournament in Columbia Maryland. 

State Cup:  State Cup play starts in mid-April.  The Firecats were finalists last year. 

2008 Summary 

The girls brought home a lot of hardware this year with several championship and finalist finishes.  There were many highlights including the WAGS Division 1 championship and the Bethesda Thanksgiving Tournament championship.   The girls learned a lot and became better soccer players over the course of the year. 

Nov 2008 - [Champions] The Bethesda Thanksgiving Tournament was a big weekend with a win over the Bethesda Freedom for the championship.  The Bethesda Freedom are a very talented group of players and it's always a great game when the two teams are matched up with each other. 

Nov 2008 - [Finalist] The girls finished the WAGS Division 1 Fall Season in 2nd place.  They learned a lot over the season including a new formation.

Oct 2008 - WAGS Tournament; we had wins over NASA 13 (Atlanta) and Massapequa (again), but lost to the Bethesda Freedom and didn't advance. 

Sep 2008 -  [Finalist] The Capital cup was played up in Olney at Northrup fields near Columbia.   We won games against the Penn Legacy, the Westiminster Wolves and the Freestate Elite before falling to the Hotspurs in the Finals.

Aug 2008 -  [Champions] The highlight of August was the tournamenet championship in the Spirit Kickoff near Philadelphia.  We played on artificial turf fields which is always a treat.  The girls won games over the Massapequa Elite (one of the top teams in NY), Lower Merion Heart (Eastern PA state champions), the Mt. Laurel Crush and the FC Bucks Prowlers (formally the Pearls Prowlers). 

Jun 2008 - [Champions] The girls finished as Champions in WAGS Division 1 after an exciting final-game-of the season against the VSA Heat, the defending Region 1 champions.

May 2008 - [Finalist] State Cup: We made it to the championship game with a semi-final win over the VSA Heat and lost in the finals to the Hotspurs.   

May 2008 - [Champions] In the Virginian tournament, we played at the well groomed grass fields at Hellwig.  We played 5 games and won all of them.  In preliminary games we played the SOCA Express (Charlottesville VA), the North Rockland Magic from Westchester County NY, and FASA Unity White from Fredericksburg VA.  We played the NVSC Majestics in the championship game.

Mar 2008 - Jefferson Cup:  We won our matches with Freehold NJ (2008 NJ State Champions) by 4-2 and the higly ranked Michigan Gators by 3-1, but lost a close one to the Baltimore Bays by 1-2 and didn't advance to the playoff rounds.

Mar 2008 - [Champions] Arlington Invitiational:  We played the Rochester Rhinos (3-0), the Ashburn Extreme (2-0) and the McLean Power (1-1) before meeting the Herndon Elite in the championship round.  We won the final 2-1. 

News and Information:

Although we place a lot of emphasis on social events, we are not a social club.  Our team plays excellent soccer and can compete with any of the top teams in the country in our age group.  We have the best trainers available and the girls work hard at their sport.  We're always looking for top talent and will always make room for a great player who has a good work ethic and athleticism and is willing to put the time and effort into becoming a champion.   

Here are a couple of web pages that shows rankings.  These rankings typically underestimate our level of play because we don't play in as many tournaments as the California teams (we have winter - and we play indoors, but those results don't calculate into the rankings totals) and the game total calculations add a "delay" into the rankings.  The rankings aren't really meaningful at this age and have a wide variety between them based on the different methods of calculation.  The first one is based on games played whether in league play or tournaments, but it's based on coaches inputing the games....if there's no input... there's no ranking and some coaches are selective about the games they input.  The other is based on touraments alone.  The third is based on a mixture and includes coaches' opinions.  Through the spring of 2008, we've been ranked in the top 10 in several of them from time to time, but it's always changing. The rankings really aren't important either, what is most important at this age is that the kids learn foundation footskills, good work habits, the importance of teamwork and the joys of accomplishment through hard work.

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Our team:

Thursday, May 29
Social Activities
Washington Wizards Basketball: Thank you Nadir for treating the girls to an evening at the Washington Wizards basketball game vs. the Philadelphia 76'ers.  It was an exciting game and a great deal of fun between riding the metro, seeing downtown and the pagentry and energy of the game itself.
Trip to Philadelphia coming up soon: We'll have a late game Saturday (6pm) and will head out for dinner afterwards. 

2008 03 Arl Team Pic
We're really pleased with the amount of interest people have had about the team over the past couple years. We've had a lot of really nice girls come out to try out and we thank every one of you for showing interest in our team.  Over the past couple of years, we've had several kids working with us on a regular basis and it was mostly these kids that we've added to the team.  We prepared ahead of time in anticipating that there wouldn't be much movement between teams and had much of our team settled early in the spring.   

If there's one thing that remains constant in girls soccer, its change.  People change, teams change and there's always turnover from people moving, trying other sports and other interests so please don't think because we didn't have room this year that it means "forever". We really liked all the kids who tried out, we just didn't have room for more.

We are always looking for people to come and befriend us and work with us through the summer and beyond so we can build a relationship with you.  On the average, most teams lose a couple players per season for one reason or another so there's always new slots opening up.  Please come and join us for some of our practices and get to know us. 

We are really pleased with the kids who have joined us and are looking forward to a great future. 

Thursday, May 29
Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention:  We incorporate a program for injury prevention in girls into our practice regimen.  Nadir has been trained in California where much of the current research on injury prevention has been taking place and where a large recent study was completed.  We practice a lot, but we also work on training them in good form, strenghtening and stretching to minimize injury.  We've also had consulting on this subject from a professor who specializes in this field since U9. 

Click on the link above (the title) to see a letter from Wendy LeBolt, PhD on injury prevention.  It includes and invitation for coaches and players go participate in additional training on injury prevention.   Injury prevention is very important to us and we've had Wendy design exercises and drills into our "curriculum" since U9 to strengthen muscles and emphasize form that has been shown, through study, to reduce the incidence of injury.  We also have Wendy visit us periodically to check form and play the many fun and interesting games that she brings us. 

Tuesday, May 6
10th Mountain Division History
10th Mountain Division - World War II

This unique organization came into being on July 13, 1943, at Camp Hale, Colorado as the 10th Light Division (Alpine). The combat power of the Division was contained in the 85th, 86th, and 87th Infantry Regiments. The Division’s year training at the 9,200 foot high Camp Hale honed the skills of its soldiers to fight and survive under the most brutal mountain conditions.

On June 22, 1944, the Division was shipped to Camp Swift, Texas to prepare for the Louisiana maneuvers of 1944, which were later canceled. A period of acclimation to a low altitude and hot climate was necessary to prepare for this training.

On November 6, 1944, the 10th Division was redesignated the 10th Mountain Division. That same month the blue and white "Mountain" tab was authorized.

Combat - 1945

The division entered combat on January 28, 1945 in the North Apennine Mountains of Italy. The division faced German positions arrayed along the 5 mile long Monte Belvedere-Monte della Torraccia ridge. Other divisions had attempted to assault Mount Belvedere three times, even holding it temporarily, but none had succeeded. To get to Mount Belvedere the division first had to take a ridge line to the west known to the Americans as the Riva Ridge. The Germans on Riva Ridge protected the approaches to Mount Belvedere. The assault on Riva Ridge was the task of the 1st Battalion and F Company, 2d Battalion, 86th Mountain Infantry. After much scouting, it was decided the assault would be at night, a 1,500-vertical-assent. The Germans considered the ridge to be impossible to scale and manned it with only one battalion of mountain troops. The attack by the 86th on February 18, 1945, was a complete success and an unwelcome surprise to the Germans.

Mount Belvedere was assaulted next. Belvedere was heavily manned and protected with minefields. Shortly after the 86th assault on the Riva Ridge, the 85th and 87th Regiments made a bayonet attack without covering artillery fire on Belvedere beginning on February 19th. Again the surprise of the assault was successful and after a hard fight, the peak was captured. Realizing the importance of the peak, the Germans made seven counterattacks over two days. After the first three days of intense combat, the division lost 850 casualties to include 195 dead. The 10th had captured over 1,000 prisoners. The 10th was now in a position to breach the German's Apennine Mountain line, take Highway 65 and open the way to the Po Valley.

On April 14, 1945, the final phase of the war in Italy began. With the 85th and 87th leading, the 10th Mountain Division attacked toward the Po Valley spearheading the Fifth Army drive. The fighting was fierce with the loss of 553 mountain infantryman killed, wounded, or missing in the first day.

On April 14th, Private First Class John D. Magrath, from East Norwalk, Connecticut, assigned to Company G, 2d Battalion 85th Infantry, became the division's only Medal of Honor recipient. His company was pinned down by heavy artillery, mortar and small-arms fire near Castel d’ Aiano, Italy. Shortly after the company had crossed the line of departure, it came under intense enemy fire and the company commander, Captain Halvorson was killed. Volunteering to accompany the acting commander with a small reconnaissance party moving on Hill 909, radioman Magrath set out with the group. After going only a few yards, the party was pinned down. But instead of flopping to the ground as the others had done, Magrath, armed only with his M-1 Garand, charged ahead and disappeared around the corner of a house. Coming face to face with two Germans manning a machine gun, Magrath killed one and forced the other to surrender. Five more of the enemy emerged from their foxholes, firing at Magrath and retreating toward their own lines. Discarding his rifle in favor of the deadlier German MG-34 machine gun, Magrath mowed down the fleeing enemy, killing one and wounding three. He then saw another German position, moved forward, and exchanged fire until he had killed two and wounded three and captured their weapon. The rest of Company G followed his lead with amazed admiration. Later that day, Magrath volunteered to run through heavy shelling to gather a casualty report. As he was crossing an open field, two mortar rounds landed at his feet, killing him instantly. John Magrath, age nineteen, was awarded the Medal of Honor, posthumously. In June 1995, Fort Drum, New York renamed its Soldiers Sports Complex as the John D. Magrath Gymnasium. A plaque and portrait at Magrath Gym honor his memory.

Early on April 20th, the seventh day of the attack, the first units of the 85th Infantry Regiment broke out into Po Valley. Five days of attack had cost 1,283 casualties. With the German’s mountain line broken, the next objective was to cross the Po River.

On the morning of April 23rd, the 10th was the first division to reach the Po River. The first battalion of the 87th Mountain Infantry, the original mountain infantry unit, made the crossing under fire in 50 light canvas assault boats.

The final combat for the 10th Division took place in the vicinity of Lake Garda, a canyon lake at the foothills of the Alps. On April 27, 1945, the first troops reached the south end of the lake, cutting off the German Army’s main escape route to the Brenner Pass. The drive was delayed by destroyed tunnels and road blocks. Using amphibious DUKWs, these obstacles were bypassed and the towns of Riva and Tarbole at the head of the lake were captured. Organized resistance in Italy ended on May 2, 1945.

The 10th completely destroyed five elite German divisions. In 114 days of combat, the 10th Division suffered casualties of 992 killed in action and 4,154 wounded.

Since the 10th Mountain Division was one of the last to enter combat, it was to be used in the projected invasion of Japan. These plans ended with the surrender of Japan in August 1945. After a brief tour of duty in the Army of Occupation in Italy, the 10th was sent to Camp Carson, Colorado. There on 30 November 1945, the 10th Mountain Division was disbanded

Individual Effort

1) We promote individual efforts while away from practices.  Players should spend some part of their day with a ball doing some footskills work and juggling. 

2) If you'd like extra footskills practice, we have several coaches who would be happy to work with you in small groups or individually.  Please let us know.

3) Taking care of yourself is very important.  Proper nutrician shouldn't be underestimated.  Please eat well, get plenty of rest and drink plenty of water in the days leading up to a match or tournament.


Tuesday, October 14
Great News - The Firecats Song!
We’re Firecats and we play hard
Strong defense, we keep our guard

Our first touch is always good
Take our shot it’s understood

Dribble, look, we see it all
Move it round, we pass the ball

Win the ball, we go real fast
Run and run, but we can last

Tackle, tackle take the ball
Move it, move it, use the wall

Practice well, we do it right
On our toes, the ball is tight

Right foot, left foot, move it round
Sing our song, we like the sound

Keep our space, it’s how we go
Move and move, we’re never slow

Ball control, that’s how we play
It’s our game, our winning way

The Firecats are always looking for donations and sponsorships. As you all know, it's very expensive to run a team. Many of the other teams in Chantilly and the surrounding towns get donations from local companies and other organizations. Although donations and sponsorships are welcomed from most any organization willing to support the Firecats, the best way to do this is for parents to approach their employers to see if they sponsor or make donations to local youth clubs. The Chantilly Youth Association is a registered 501(c)3 organization and so donations are tax deductable.   That amount of money can make a substantial difference to our team.

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