Saturday, July 8
Changes Within league
 3.3 Borrowing Players. 

During league and tournament play, teams are allowed to borrow players from other CGS teams under the following stipulations: 
(1) Players will only be allowed to play in the outfield and must bat at the end of the lineup;
(2) Players must be CGS registered and age eligible;
(3) The coach borrowing the players must have the line-up approved
by the on duty Field Supervisor prior to the start of the game; and
(4) Coaches are limited to a total of three (3) borrowed players per team to bring their team to the minimum legal line-up. See Rule 3.1.

During regular season play only (not valid for pool play or tournament), a borrowed player may play pitcher or catcher only if the team can not field a pitcher or catcher from their own team due to absence, illness or injury.  A player borrowed as a pitcher or catcher can only play in the pitcher or catcher position for the game in question and must bat last.
Only in the case that a pitcher or catcher is borrowed because the team has no other players who can pitch or catch, the team can go above the minimum legal limit for that game, but can not exceed 9 or the number of registered players assigned to the team in question who show up to play plus the borrowed pitcher or catcher.

Double Elimination Play

  • Teams will flip for home team 15 minutes prior to the game at the Board Member’s table or on the field after the previous game has concluded.

  • The top two teams that have moved into double elimination play will flip for the first game.  The team that was designated as home team for the first game will be visitor the second game.  If a third game has to played, a coin toss will determine home for that game.

Registration Changes

  •  Coaches may combine for the purpose of coaching a team if no more than four players are involved and if all players register together at walk-in registration. The group of four players can contain no more than a total of 2 players that are designated as a pitcher or catcher. (Max per group = 1 pitcher & 1 catcher, or 2 – pitchers, or 2 – catchers.) The Board must verify all four-player requests (including coach combination requests) each season.  All pichers/catchers not linked to a coach will need to attend the pitcher/catcher evaluation.  Any ptcher/catcher that does not attend the evaluation will NOT be included in the draft for the season and will be randomly assigned by the CGSL player agent to the next team in need of a pitcher or catcher.

Time limit/Drop Dead Rule

  •  T-Ball games are 55 minutes. 8u and Slow Pitch games are 65 minutes. All remaining age groups are 75 minutes or seven innings whichever occurs first (except for tied games during tournament play). The inning in progress when time expires will be completed with the exception of 10U which will have a 90 minute drop dead time at which time, the score will revert back to the last completed inning. During Regular Season Only If a game is called for weather or circumstances beyond the control of the Board, a legal game shall be 5 innings (or 4 1/2 innings if the home team is ahead).