Champions of Tomorrow: Welcome

Champions of Tomorrow Volleyball Club

Our philosophy centers around player development.  We are committed to providing quality, experienced coaching so that our athletes can develop the necessary skills and understanding of the game to be able to excel at all levels of play from high school to collegiate and beyond.  We strive to provide a solid foundation of fundamental skills as the jumping off point for developing more advanced skills and tactics.  Our teaching methodology is based on the USA Coachng Accreditation Progam's motor learning principles.  We believe in performance over outcome; and, always put the well-being of our athletes first.

Saturday, December 15
Holiday Practice Schedule

No practices on Monday, December 24; Tuesday, December 25; Wednesday, December 26; Monday, December 31; or Tuesday, January 1.

 We will practice on Sunday, December 30 to this schedule at the Fieldhouse:

6 - 8 pm:  U12, 13, 14, 15

8 - 10 pm:  U16, U17, U18

Thursday, December 6
2012 - 2013 Season Fees & Schedule

The 2012 - 2013 Season Fee for the Y12 teams is $800.  Payment can be made in three installments:  an initial payment of $400 by December 13, $200 by January 16 and a final paymnet of $200 by February 13. 

For all other teams, the season fee is $1200,  Payment can be also made in three installments:   an initial payment of $500 due by December 13, $350 by January 16, and a final payment of $350 by February 13.

Those who pay in full will receive a $25 credit towards a 2013 Summer Cacmp or Clinic and a new Molten Volleyball at a discounted price of $20.

Checks should be made payable to COT Volleyball.  Only checks being accepted at this time.

Saturday, December 15
Asics Volleyball Shoes Order

Players can oder Asics volleyball shoes at a discount.  We need your ordrs by December 21.  Here is the prices that includes xnk\ipping:

 Gel Sensei 4: $79.00

Gel Volleycross 3: $68.00

Gel Volley Elite: $79.00

Gel Domain: $62.00

Gel Flashpoint: $62.00

Saturday, December 15
Practice Attendance

Practice is the foundational core of our philosophy for player development.  None of our coaches have a magic wand or a mystical spell that we can use to magically make you into a better player.  This only occurs through practice.  And unlike Allen Iverson's belief (see his rant on youTube:, practices are are of paramount importance for us.  All things being equal, our players share in the playing time at tournaments.  However, the major factor that precludes a player from playing in games is her practice attendance. 

Illnesses and injuries will happen over the course of the season and are unavoidable.  School athletic commitments also take precedence--that's part of the high school athletic rules.  However, missing practices for other reasons become an issue.  Choosing to play club volleyball signifies a certain level of commitment to not only yourself as a player, but also to your team and coach.  I can attest to the fact that this is doable based on personal experience with our daughter that you can play club volleyball seriously by not missing practice, carry a rigorous academic load as well as play high school athletics.  It certainly is not easy and requires time management.

 Again, players who miss practices will find themselves sitting on the bench more than playing on the court.


Thursday, December 6
2112 - 2013 Season Parents Meeting

We held our anual Parents Meeting this past Tuesday evening, December 4.  For those who were unable to attend, please email Shang for a copy of the Powerpoint presentation, or download fronm the Handouts section.

Sunday, November 11
Tryouts for 2013 Season Underway

Two remaining tryout sessions are left for the U14 - U18 age groups.  These will be from 1 - 4 pm on Saturday and Sunday, November 17 and 18 respectively.