Challenger Lancaster: Welcome

Monday, April 17
Challenger of Lancaster County Little League

Welcome to 


Little League 


FINALLY (and thanks for your patience) -the 2017 Challenger of Lancaster County Little League has added the following to this website - TEAM Roster, Schedule of Dates, and Schedule of Games are available under "HANDOUTS"!  Please take a look at all the new and exciting things planned for the 2017 season - including a new location for Spring Training, new host for OPENING CEREMONIES, a couple of new field locations and a new event with the Barnstormers! 

NOTE - on the original TEAM Roster the CUBS team name should be listed as the CARDINALS!  A revised Roster has been posted under handouts. 

NOTE - on May 21 and June 11 the Yankees (not the Braves) play the second game against the Tigers. A revision to the game schedule has been posted under handouts. 

As previously noted - we open the League with Spring Training on Sunday April 23rd at LANCO Field house (1901 Miller Road, East Petersburg). We will have two sessions (3-4:30 and 4:30-6) split up by teams.   Looking forward to PLAYING BALL!

Please feel free to email or call Mike Tafelski (717-682-0938) with questions or concerns.