Challenged Youth Sports: Little League

Players in a Challenged Youth Sports baseball game congratulate each other after the game in Lincroft.

Little League

 Little League  (Mid April until Mid June)  We generally have approx. 6 teams of about 16 children per team. The teams meet one evening a week from about 6-7pm…then again on Sundays at 4:00 pm for about an hour. All of the sessions are played at the Lincroft Little League complex on Rt.520 in Lincroft.  

A Perfect Game - some of our champions...

With the help of his sister, Sarah, Alex Milonas smacks a ferocious dribbler into the infield.

Home plate umpire Bob Cullinane waits to make the call as Alex - accompanied by Sarah - heads towards home. (He was safe!)

Kyle Smith of Jackson swings for the fences!

Umpire Bob Cullinane makes the call of "SAFE!" as Vinay Arora of the Lincroft section of Middletown navigates his wheelchair over home plate. The game was played at the Lincroft Little League field.

Manager Jay Van Lenten gives instructions to Rachel Egan of Lincroft before Rachel steps to the plate.

Robbie Battistoni of the New Monmouth section of Middletown shows some hustle as he rounds second base and heads for third.