: Historical Information: May 2007 Newsletter

Friday, May 18
May 2007 Newsletter

The end of the CGFS rec season is finally upon us. This newsletter has important information about the schedule of events for closing ceremonies on Saturday, May 19th.

Closing Ceremonies

Closing ceremonies are scheduled to begin immediately following the finals for the 10U and 12U division.  We are asking families all families to attend and to have their kids at the fields at 11am to assemble by team behind the Shannon and Nelson outfield fences.  Of course you could get their early and watch the finals.  The 10U (Sharks vs Blue Jays) and 12U (Hurricanes vs Tsunami) games start at 9am.  And a congratulations to the Monarchs for winning the 8U division final.

Board of Directors Election

Voting for next year’s board of directors will take place at the fields on Saturday.  This process is very important.  Please drop by the booth and vote.  The league would not exist without a proper Board of Directors. 

Snack Shack Fund Raiser Booth

Due to the lack of shack, league families have not been required to volunteer time for snack-shack duty. For this year, we are asking families who normally would have bought-out their snack shack shift for $35 to donate that amount to CGFS for its construction projects. If every family did this, we would raise over $6000, more than enough to complete the snack shack when combined with existing funds.  This is a strictly volunteer request, and there is no obligation. Of course, CGFS will take donations in any amount. Please write checks to CGFS.  The checks can be dropped off at the Fund Raiser Booth on Saturday.

Send any questions or comments on the construction project to Tony Damore at cgfssnackshack@sbcglobal.net.

Merchandise and Candy Booth

CGFS merchandise and candy will be for sale at the fields on Saturday.  Proceeds go to support the league.

Summer Crush

Summer Crush teams have been selected.  This year we have an 8U team, two 10U teams and two 12U teams.  Check out the website (http://eteamz.active.com/cgfs/news/index.cfm?cat=255066 ) to see who’s on the team and to follow their progress through the summer.