: Historical Information: Rise and Shine - story of 2005 Opening Day

Monday, March 14
Rise and Shine - story of 2005 Opening Day
March 12, 2005

To: Martin Nobida
Campbell Reporter

RISE & SHINE and that's what they did!

I hope you or some officials of the City of Campbell had the pleasure of attending the Campbell Girls Fastpitch Opening Day Ceremony and games that were played on Saturday, March 12, 2005 at Forrest Hills on McCoy Ave. If you did, you would have been as proud as I was to see what this amazing group of parents has accomplished in a very short amount of time to make this day so successful. You would have seen how 300 parents, players, relatives and friends were out there cheering their girls despite a February incident that might have put a damper on the day.

On Feb. 19, 2005, you featured a picture of a Bobby Sox parent removing all of the snack shop and field maintenance equipment from the premises, claiming that it belonged to the now defunct Bobby Sox League. Refrigerators, ice machines, hot dog cookers, deep fryers, lawn mowers, rakes, they took it all.

That article appeared in your Feb. 23, 2005 publication. This surprising move left the new Fastpitch league less than one month to replace all of the equipment to maintain the fields and equip the ever popular snack shack - but they did it. It was unbelievable. The fields look great and the snack shack was wonderful (including the popular hot dogs, hamburgers, garlic or cheesy fries). Somehow this group of parents pulled it together, gathering donations to replace most of the missing equipment or donating their own money to buy new equipment. They even painted and repaired the snack shack. They should be so proud of themselves and I applaud them for the dignity in which they accomplished this feat. They did this for their daughters, the players, without fanfare. They saw an immediate need, put their heads down, went straight for it and by golly, it was done.

As I sat down at one of the picnic tables to eat my hot dog and fries, I noticed that the tables had brand new wood on the frames. When I inquired how this happened I was informed that someone had donated the wood to replace the old ones for all six picnic tables and the Fastpitch parents did the labor. Just another example of their enthusiasm.

My granddaughter is one of the players. I have been aware of the struggle between the two leagues and I must say, I'm proud of the organizers and parents of this new Fastpitch league. Whether they are aware of this or not, they have taught their daughters that when someone throws you lemons, you make sweet lemonade from it and that they did, with style.

I hope you will share my letter with the Campbell Community and Campbell City officials and Recreation Dept.. Their informed decision made this day possible for Campbell Fastpitch.

My name is Marilyn Kinney