: Historical Information: CGFS and Bobby Sox Not One and the Same!

CGFS and Bobby Sox Not One and the Same!
Last spring, the Campbell softball community voted by an overwhelming margin to leave the Bobby Sox organization and become an independent, community-owned and operated league. NOTE:"Campbell Bobby Sox" is NOT Campbell Girls Fastpitch Softball (CGFS). Despite the overwhelming support for establishing a new and independent league, there are a handful of parents who wish to remain loyal to Bobby Sox. For this reason, as the spring recreational season approaches, you may be approached, receive a flyer, or see a sign regarding sign-ups for "Campbell Bobby Sox." PLEASE DO NOT BE CONFUSED. CGFS is a new and completely separate entity being operated by the same dedicated volunteer parents previously associated with Campbell Bobby Sox.

There are a number of reasons why becoming a community-operated organization makes more sense than remaining affiliated with the national Bobby Sox organization, including:

1. The assets of the CGFS league are owned and managed by the community it serves. Under Bobby Sox, the national organization "owned" all of the league's equipment and other assets, even though they were purchased or donated by the local community.

2. The flexibility of associating with truly national softball organizations of our choosing without losing our independent status (Bobby Sox serves mainly California and Hawaii).

3. Extended playing season for more girls who desire to play after the recreational season ends.

4. Coaches training (Bobby Sox does not have a coaches training program as do other national softball organizations).

5. Umpire training (Bobby Sox does not offer umpire training as do other national softball organizations).

6. Better insurance coverages and a variety of insurance products to choose from.

7. Direct paths to a myriad of softball playing opportunites associated with high schools, colleges, and national Olympic teams.

In short, by all measures being independent makes it possible to have a much more healthy and robust recreational league that better serves our community and our daughters regardless of age, level or ability.

We hope that you will choose to join us.

Board of Directors
Campbell Girls Fastpitch Softball