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Chanty & Morgan on a fast break

Welcome to the Century 8th Grade

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Tuesday, February 28

Definition of an Athlete: A person trained to compete in sports.

Compete: To strive against another or others to attain a goal, such as an advantage or a victory.

Characteristics of an Athlete:
•An Athlete is disciplined- accepts and embraces sport specific disciplines.
•An Athlete shows respect- has a teachable spirit-say thank you when corrected because they understand correction is meant to make them better.
•An Athlete has integrity and always acts with the team in mind.

Definition of Play: To take part in games, exercise, or activity for amusement or recreation.

Defintion of a Player: Someone who takes part in games, exercise or activity for amusement or recreation.

As you prepare for next season ask yourself one question – are you a player or an athlete?

Monday, March 5

Team stats through March 4 Seaside Tournament, are now available. Click on Stats in the menu on the Home page.

Monday, March 5

2010-11 Season Record


Congratulations Girls. You were terrific!