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Central Valley Vipers
Modesto, California


Vipers go 2-1 in 1st BPA tourney at Rainbow
The newly formed "Sandlot Vipers" (new team name to be determined later) played strong. Our first game went as expected as we jumped out to a 3-0 lead. But a big hit changed the whole game as we could not regain momentum. Losing 6-3 to a decent NorCal Seals team.
Game 2 vs the MuckDogs started off rocky, as we got into a hole of four runs. Then the bats came alive, we scored 10 unanswered runs. I know Coach Arney of the Muckdogs well, and believe they had a bad day! 12-6 final.
Game 3 vs SouthBay Sidewinders. We knew these guys from previous meetings, that they are a good team! Leighton was only supposed to pitch a few innings, but ended up going the distance as he had support from the hitting of Kirk, Kyle, and Cameron. Jason Rasmusson played huge at SS and Steven Rodriguez was huge blasting a two-run shot over the leftfield fence to seal the deal. Both could only play on Sunday and did not disappoint making our team much better.
The Vipers represented well as three teams in our pool went 2-1, but we had allowed more runs. Obviously with a few more pieces to the puzzle and more playing time together this team should do great things!

Spring League Team "Sandlot Vipers" take First !
We went 10-3 in league and played in the championship game against the strong Ceres Reds. They beat us last year in the final as the Rebels, but we turned the table this year. The game was amazing with both teams making play after play. But we were the home team and scored on our last at bat. 5-4 win
Great Job! Eric Chavez, Adrian Randhawa, Kody Hampton, Cameron Bryant, Angel Sandoval, Josh Sandoval, Leighton Pangilinan, Angel Delgado, Cory Hardesty, Kirk Rocha, Jordan Mould, Justin Jones and Kyle Wagner

Spring League Team "Sandlot Vipers"



Vipers take third as last minute fill in team!
March 19-20 Rainbow Fields Super Series
Game 1 vs North Bay Orioles 11-2 win
Game 2 vs Backyard Boys 9-0 win
Game 3 vs East County Tribe 11-2 win
Semis vs SouthBay Sidewinders 5-2 loss

Vipers play hard...but stumble in playoffs!
February 7-8 Rainbow Fields Super Series
Game 1 vs Mudville Bats 7-3 win
Game 2 vs East County Tribe 12-0 win
Game 3 vs Los Altos Pony 7-1 win
Game 4 vs Madera Rattlers 6-4 loss
Semis vs Los Altos Pony 4-3 loss


Vipers go Undefeated !!!
It turned into the "CENTRAL VALLEY WINTER NATIONALS" as the teams from Rainbow Fields won National Championships in the 12u (CV Sun Devils), 13u (CV Vipers), 14u (CV Rebels) American Divisions! We would like to thank EBBA Powerhouse and the Stockton Cannons for their support, as NorCal represented!
Every Viper on the team contributed:
#1 Mike Devilbiss - Long shots to the fence
#3 Michael Rivera - Catching, Pitching and Hitting triples
#4 James Lagorio - Base clearing hits, sucking it up at catcher
#5 Jake Cose - Scoring on collision in finals, long shot lefthanded
#7 Cory Hardesty - Catching and team player
#8 Jason Rasmussen - Crushed the ball, made great plays at ShortStop
#9 Kirk Rocha - On base and scored often, Outfield expert
#12 Chase Underwood - Big at the plate and big pitching vs Blaze
#13 Nick Lucchesi - Key base running and defense
#21 Zac Jones - As usual, game winner vs Titans, 2 leadoff HRs
#21 Tristin Rodgers - Set the tone by throwing out 1st Pitch
#22 Angel Delgado - Courtesy Runner Extrordinaire
#23 Jordan Mould - Great defense in Leftfield, Perfect bunt in Finals
#24 Leighton Pangilinan - Big RBIs singles, layout double-play
#25 Justin Joyner - Had hits and had great attitute, played hurt
#27 Kyle Wagner - The man Pitching..."WHATCHA REALLY WANT?"

Points leaders Winter Nationals

Elk Grove Nov 22nd Doubleheader
Game 1 vs Elk Grove Blaze 4-4 tie
Game 2 vs Calif. Sting 12-10 win

Vipers go the distance..and then some in Marathon at Rainbow
Nov 15-16 Super Series Rainbow Fields Modesto
Game 1 vs Manteca Wolpack 6-1 win
Game 2 vs Valley Dawgs 5-1 win
Game 3 vs SCC Stars   7-0 win
Game 4 vs Pinole Powerhouse   7-6 win (12 innings)
Finals vs Stockton Cannons   8-7 win
1st Place

Vipers have a BAD Sunday!
Elk Gove Tournament
Game 1 vs ABA White 11-1 win
Game 2 vs Santa Rosa Bears 15-1 win
Game 3 vs Stockton Cannons 3-2 loss
Game 4 vs Elk Grove Blaze 4-0 loss

Vipers win with only NINE players!
Nov 1-2 Super Series Rainbow Fields Modesto
Game 1 vs Clovis Reds 10-0 win
Game 2 vs Modesto Stars 5-2 win
Game 3 vs Stockton Cannons   5-3 win
Game 4 vs Senators      4-0 win
Finals vs Pinole Powerhouse 10-1 win
1st Place

Vipers back on top...FINALLY again!!!
Super Series Rainbow Fields Modesto
Game 1 vs Stockton Cannons 8-5 win
Game 2 vs Manteca Wolfpack 4-2 win
Game 3 vs Delta Rebels    15-0 win
Game 4 vs Deer Valley Wolverines 10-4 win
Finals vs Bakersfield Warriors 10-2 win
1st Place

Vipers fall...HARD again!
Elk Gove wood bat tournament
Game 1 vs Starmaker Select 5-3 loss
Game 2 vs Stockton Cannons 8-2 win
Game 2 vs San Ramon Thunder 3-2 loss

Vipers fall...Hard!
Rainbow Fields Super Series
Game 1 vs Clovis Reds 11-7 loss
Game 2 vs ABA Gray    12-5 loss
Game 3 vs Valley Thunder 11-0 win

Vipers take 2nd …again!!!
Labor Day Tourney Super Series Rainbow Fields
Game 1 vs CV Bulldogs          21-1 win
Game 2 vs South Bay Yankees      8-0 win
Game 3 vs Sonoma County Seals    11-2 win
Game 4 vs Senators               7-4 win
Game 5 vs Mudville Bats          4-3 win
Finals vs South Bay Yankees    6-3 loss
2nd Place

Vipers take 2nd in Summer League
We went perfect in regular league games going 12-0. Not bad for a bunch of 12 year olds!! The Vipers proved it was no fluke, on the 60/90 field vs 14u Wolfpack 4-3 win is just a taste of what is in the future for this team! Our number came up against the Rebels as a showdown was set for 1st place. The game was a tense battle and the team that made the fewest mistakes would win. Unfortunately, the Vipers made a few more and eventhough we roughed up their ace pitcher they held on to win 5-3. We beat them 2 out of 3 and beating a team of that caliber is making a statement!

Vipers take 2nd at USSSA in Woodland
USSSA Tournament Woodland, Ca.
Game 1 vs Vacaville Hawks   8-1 win
Game 2 vs Reno Blue Devils 10-4 win
Game 3 vs Solano            13-5 win
Game 4 vs Star Maker Storm 11-0 win
Game 5 vs Clayton Valley    12-8 win
Game 6 vs Star Maker Titans 5-1 loss
2nd Place

Vipers take 1st in Winter National Qualifier
Rainbow Fields Super Series Modesto
Game 1 vs Cal Golden Gaters 5-2 win
Game 2 vs Elk Grove Blaze 11-5 win
Game 3 vs Manteca Wolfpack 9-0 win
Game 4 vs Mudville Bats    8-0 win
Game 5 vs Fresno Braves    6-4 win
1st Place

Vipers still in First!
The rematch w/ the CV Rebels proved that we have this team's number as the Vipers beat a good team again 3-1. Pitching from K-Dub and J.Jones was excellent! Chipper Jones had 2 big RBIs.
The game w/ the A's was a close until the Ratt broke it open w/ a double. The Vipers faced another older team that was bigger, but showed no signs of intimidation. Hammer, Mijo and Jake combined for the 5-0 win!

Happy 7th Birthday Bat Boy!!!
Is it a coincidence that Texas Rangers "A. Rod" and CV Vipers Batboy "T. Rod" have the same Birthday? Only time will tell!!!
The Vipers played Sunday against some new and old friends... winning 3-1 against a tough Elk Grove Blaze team that featured teammates from the Cooperstown team. Then tied 6-6 against a scrappy Modesto Stars team that has some old friends.
P.S. Look for up coming B-days: Kelly P. Aug 2nd, K-Dub Aug 4th, Hammer Aug 9th & Jake Aug 28th...Happy Birthdays!!!

Opie headed to Colorado!
FUTURE STAR: Linden All-Stars' Nick Lucchesi throws against Calaveras American on Friday night.

Nick "Opie" Lucchesi is on his way to Steamboat Springs, Colorado to
participate w/ the Stockton Cannons. We wish Opie the best of luck!

Vipers back on track in Antioch!
USSSA July 12-13 James Donlon Antioch Tourney
Game 1 vs Martinez Knights       9-2 win
Game 2 vs Pleasant Hill          17-3 win
Game 3 vs San Pablo All Stars    14-3 win
Game 4 vs Danville All Stars    12-2 win
Game 5 vs NorthBay Xtreme       14-2 win
Finals vs Clayton Valley         10-2 win
1st Place

Vipers start League in 13u Division
League play has presented a lot of challenges w/ kids still playing little league and vacation schedules, but others have stepped in doing well! The first game against the Giants was the first time since Memorial Day that the Vipers had played together. Ace Kyle showed no signs of the lay off as he pitched strong, then Micheal finished. The bats were active highlighted by J. Jones, Kyle & "Mijo" hitting some deep shots! Final 10-2 win
Game 2 vs the Rebels. We have faced some of these guys last year in league, but they didn't look as big as they do now, WOW! Both teams were coming off a long 4th of July Tourney. We were missing Sandy, Mouldy, Hammer and J.Jones due to some kind of "Dinner Date" w/ some guy name Berroa down in Anaheim. Anyway the debut of Chipper Jones from Tracy in leftfield, was a good one as he swung the bat well & made defensive plays. Mijo pitched awesome only giving up a couple of hits, then the Boo Yaa came in w/ his first appearance pitching, to just barely close the door. Ratt lit up both pitchers w/ some booming hits. Jake continued to be on fire as we heard he hit a "grand slam" in all stars to add to his 2 run hr of the last tourney. Another return was James Lagorio that had a great defensive play at 3rd tagging out the runner giving up his brand new pair of sox & holding his own at the plate w/ a shot over the rightfielder's head. Final 4-3 win
Game 3 vs RC Knights. This was the debut of Cody & "SASSY CASSIE." The hitting was great as the whole team played well. Final 14-4 win

Vipers fall in July 4th tourney
Rainbowfields July 4th Tourney
Game 1 vs Merced Cubs          14-7 win
Game 2 vs Say Hey Kids         4-1 loss
Game 3 vs Fresno Blue Devils   17-2 win
Game 4 vs Fresno Blue Devils   8-3 loss
4th Place

Cooperstown Update!
Elk Grove Storm (CA) 7 Greater Glen Burnie Patriots (MD) 0 Storm - Leighton Pangilinan had a HR; Thomas Jarboe, James Lagorio, & Chase Underwood combined for a no-hitter.

Ocee Stars 12U (GA) 5 Elk Grove Storm (CA) 3 Stars- Brady Herman pitched a 4 hitter; Barrett Binion hit a HR; Andrew Sachais hit a 2 run walk off HR. Storm- Riveria went 3 for 3 w/ a HR.

Elk Grove Storm (CA) 13 Saint Charles Saints (MO) 1 Storm - Danny Hayes pitched a one-hitter; Kirk Rocha hit the game winning home run

Elk Grove Storm (CA) 3 Union American (NJ) 1 Storm- Howard Johnson hit a HR & 3 IP w/ no hits.

Middleburg Heights Mets (OH) 1 Elk Grove Storm (CA) 12 Storm- Leighton Pangilinan hit two homeruns; Nick Lucchesi pitched 6 innings giving up one run.

Sunrise Hurricanes (FL) 2 Elk Grove Storm (CA) 3 Storm- Mike Rivera pitched 4 innings w/ no earned runs; Chase Underwood hit a 2-run HR & pitched last 2 innings; Sunrise- Chris Farrell pitched a CG; Nolan Cavallo hit a HR.
Cooperstown Dreams Park
Week # 2
Final Standings and Seedings (as of 1:25pm June 25, 2003)

Seeding Team Won Lost Runs Allowed Per Game
1 Jupiter Hammerheads (FL) 7 0 .71
2 Georgia Roadrunner Green (GA) 7 0 1.29
3 Ocee Stars 12U (GA) 7 0 1.86
4 North Alabama Vipers (AL) 7 0 2.14
5 Florida Seadogs (FL) 7 0 2.14
6 St Louis Reds (MO) 7 0 2.71
7 Broward Patriots (FL) * 7 0 3.67
8 Elk Grove Storm (CA) * 6 1 1.67
9 Oak Forest Storm (IL) 6 1 2.57
10 McHenry County Hurricanes (IL) 6 1 3.00
11 San Luis Obispo Mustangs (CA) 6 1 3.14
12 FUNacho Flames (OH) 6 1 3.86
13 Norcross Blue Devils (GA) * 5 2 2.17
14 Upper Deck Cougars (IL) 5 2 2.86
15 Texas Sports (TX) 5 2 3.29

Teams are seeded based on the games played through the time of the report. The final Seedings determine Single-Elimination Tournament brackets leading to a weekly champion based on (1) least team losses, (2) least Average Runs Per Game Allowed, and (3) Coin Flip (if still tied)

Report Date/Time: June 25, 2003/1:05 PM

Kyle and Ratt in the Local News
◘ Ripon 12-year-olds Kyle Wagner and Jason Rasmussen have been having a blast playing for the Central Valley Vipers, a traveling baseball team comprised of youth from Manteca, Escalon, Riverbank, Ripon and surrounding areas. The Ripon kids helped the team win another tournament last week boosting their W-L record to 21-2 against very high-level competition.

◘ "Wagner loves the competition. You just give him the ball (at pitcher). He's very intense. We call him psycho," remarked head coach Sal Rivera. Wagner allowed only two runs in two games during the recent tournament at Rainbow Fields.

◘ On Rasmussen: "He's an all-around ball player, great hands and speed." Shortstop Rasmussen also pitched a game. Coach Rivera says, "Watching these kids play at the level they do is just like little kids playing big league baseball."

Summer Nationals Points Leaders

National Championship pools are seeded using team qualifier points. Those teams accumulating the most qualifying points during a season are rewarded in pool seeding. Teams earn:

3 points for a 1st Place
2 points for a 2nd Place
1 Point for a 3rd or 4th Place
3rd Spring Report
Based on Results thru
May 26th, 2003:
We list the Top Ten teams in accumulated qualifying points in each age/division
If the National Championship entries closed
now - these would be the top pool seeds
based on qualifier points

        12 American Division                
        1st - Mandeville Bandits                
        1st - San Angelo Braves                
        1st - Central Valley Vipers                
        1st - Gulf Coast Eagles                
        5th - Coast Cubs                
        6th - SEMO Cherokees                
        6th - Northwest Baseball Club                
        6th - Kingwood Stallions                
        6th - Oklahoma Sooners                
        10th - East Texas Longhorns                                

CV Vipers Win Third Tourney in a Row!
The pitching of Nick "Opie" Lucchesi and the bigtyme clutch hitting of Jordan "Moldy" Mould, scored its first major tourney of the season!

In the first pool play game the bats tore up the Brentwood Blast, scoring 10 runs in the top of the 1st. Ace Kyle Wagner took care of business, as usual, on the mound.

Game 2 was a strange one. The unorthodox Hitmen kept the Vipers off balanced. It was another Little League team that drove us crazy. Final score 6-2 Vipers!

Game 3 vs Fresno Braves, a young team we played up in Antioch. The Ratt threw well, Kirk Rocha burnt the base paths, Moldy had a big double and Leighton "the Boo Yaa" dinked a solo homer. Final 6-1 win.

Game 4 vs Visalia Vipers. This was a team effort. Kyle & Justin Jones on the hill and the bats coming thru w/ Kirk just missin' a "grand salami" as the centerfielder caught his hit on the fence.
Final 11-4 win.

Game 5 vs Clovis Cobras. We were not supposed to play these guys until the finals. They lost and set up an early showdown. What was supposed to be a slugfest turned into a pitcher's duel. Opie was the man, shutting down a dangerous Clovis team, pitching a masterpiece!
The bats finally came alive in the top of the 7th as Moldy was clutch, hitting a single w/ men at 2nd and 3rd, scoring one. Then Kirk, w/ two strikes doubled w/ the bases loaded, scoring two. Opie finished strong and we were in the finals! 3-0 win.

Game 6 vs Vallejo Black Sox. This was the return of Indiana Jones, as Justin showed he was pitching w/ a purpose. He had help from all the bats...mainly the big boys, Micheal and Leighton w/ both having three run home runs. It is a beautiful thing to see everyone krushing the ball, even Cory came close to going yard! Final 10-3
State Champions!

Wednesday, May 14
Vipers win Super Series at Twin Creeks Sunnyvale, CA.
Twin Creeks Superseries Sunnyvale, CA.
Game 1   Vipers vs Diamonds          8-0 win

Game 2   Vipers vs SouthBay Yankees. What proved to be a huge "Wake Up Call," in one inning we gave up eight runs w/ a rash off walks and errors. The nightmare continued w/ the bats going hitless until we stopped the bleeding w/ a few runs towards the end. The 1st basecoach was talking on his cellphone saying,"Yeah, I don't know why we are playing this team, we are up 8-0 in the 1st inning!" and one of their players asked if we were an 11u team, to add insult! 8-3 loss
Game 3 Vipers vs Say Hey Kids. USA SPORTS RANKING has this team at NO. 1 in Northern California & NO. 2 in the State! Opie's pitches kept them off balance all day. Jake made a diving tag at third to set the tone then the bats took over. Revenge is sweet 12-3 win.

Game 4 Vipers vs Say Hey Kids. With their Ace Derron Ard having to play a little harder in the previous games, we knew that it was just a matter of time! We were hitting the ball but it was right at them. Kyle nearly took off the pitcher's head w/ a line shot up the middle and the route was on. We batted around & scored nine runs that turn. Say Hey made it close but it was too much in the end. 10-7 win.

Finals Vipers vs SouthBay Yankees. This team watched us win & they were confident they were going to have it easy! Their Ace was clocked pitching 68 mph (pretty fast). But that was yesterday, we hit this guy so hard he started complaining about his arm hurting.    The script could not have been written better, then in another twist of fate, someone called Coach Sandy on his cell, and w/ the Yankees Firstbase Coach listening, he let the caller know we were routing the other team! 11-1 win 1st place.

Sunday, May 4
Vipers win USSSA Qualifier in Concord, CA.
USSSA State Qualifier       Concord, CA.
Game 1       Vipers vs Starmaker Colts    6-2 win
Game 2             vs Vacaville Hawks    11-2 win
Game 3             vs Starmaker Red      7-2 win
Game 4             vs NorthBay Xtreme    8-7 win
Game 5             vs Aresenal          8-0 win
Finals             vs NorthBay Extreme   7-2 win

Tuesday, February 25
Vipers take 2nd in Rainout at Rainbow
Game 1 The newly formed Vipers were tests in first game against the Sandlot Boyz. Ace Kyle Wagner was in trouble as the opponent came out punching using timely bunts to load the bases w/ no outs in the top of the first inning. J. Jones made a great catch in the gap near rightfield, to start the momentum swing. Then w/ bases still loaded J. Ratt turned a double-play and the tide had turned, we allowed two runs. It was our turn to bat and we picked up a run, to cut the lead in half. The next at bat proved to be what was in store w/ this team, as we knocked out the starting pitcher (Josh) and saw Michael York warming up, a well known player from Merced. Leighton welcomed him by hitting a shot that bounced off the fence and the bats roughed him up w/ three more runs. Final 5-2 win.

Game 2 Vipers vs Reno. The bats were smoking as the opponent from Nevada was in awe, as we jumped to five run lead on our first at bat. We cruised to a 12-1 win.

Game 3 Vipers vs S V Rage. This game never happened due to rain. Both clubs have a lot of history together and were looking forward to playing w/ the winner advancing out of a tough pool.

Results were determined by runs allowed and we were edged out allowing one run more than another team from, who knows?

Tuesday, April 15
Vipers take 2nd in Antioch.
In the Vipers first full tourney (no rainout!) the team played strong. Some of the umpires heard that we were good, but the Say Hey Headcoach knew we were good.

Game 1 Vipers vs Sandlot Sluggers. Jason the "Ratt" led the charge by hitting the ball well, but the bats stalled as the sluggers' pitcher settled down. Mouldy and J. Jones pitched great. We got thru w/ a 3-0 win.

Game 2 Vipers vs Fresno Grizzlies. This was our first nightgame and Sacramento Rivercats star Esteban German, made an appearance, which may have made the team a bit nervous. J Ratt and Kyle pitched tremendous as both teams made play after play. We edged out a tough 2-1 win.

Game 3 Vipers vs California Sting. The bats put on a hitting display. Coach Sal heard the other bench say, "Even the little guys hit the ball hard!" We hit the ball so much, the leftfielder gave up! Leighton had the only homer as the rest collected at least two hits each. Score 18-2 win.

Game 4 Vipers vs Fresno Braves. The bats were still on fire! The poor pitcher would not pitch the Vipers a fastball. Leighton homered again and the Hammer pitched a complete game. Score 16-4 win.

Game 5 Vipers vs Say Hey Kids. We did not play our best game offensively and the hometown team pulled out there, "bag of tricks."
Zack Jones, on leave from the Rage, hommered for our only run, as Derron Ard matched the Jones Boys (Zack & Justin) pitching. We lost 2-1.

** Leighton and Zack placed in the Homerun Derby and the Roadrunner competitions, respectfully!

Central Valley Vipers
Central Valley Vipers
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