Central Point Little League: Eloy Sutton Fields

Friday, March 5
Eloy Sutton Memorial Fields at Central Point Little League Park

 Eloy Sutton In 2003 was named Little League national volunteer of the year. Eloy got his start in Little League in Central Point in 1968 as an assistant coach. Two years later he began to umpire and a couple of years after that he entered the administration aspect of the sport.

Eloy was a founding member of District 8, along with Raif DeArmond and Bob Martin. Eloy Sutton umpired for 29 years and was behind the plate at two regional tournaments. He turned in his mask, shin guards and blue uniform in 2001 but continued to serve as an administrative assistant in District 8. He attended many games during the regular seasons and tournaments through 2007.

He was an inspiration to all of us.