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Tuesday, January 19
Sharp Shooters MLK Champions

The sharpshooters started out 2010 with a tournament championship.The girls played in the 2010 MLK tourney in STL. They started out by defeating the Litchfield sharks 37-34. Next up for the sharpshooters was the lady night train who were the 2009 MLK champions the sharpshooters came away with a 39-36 win over the former MLK champs.The last game on sat. was against the lift forlife acadamy final score was 64-4. The sharpshooters finished pool play sun. morning defeating the semo sparks 52-22. In the championship game the sharpshooters faced a very good shamrocks team. the sharpshooters trailed the entire first half and were down by a score of 18-14 at half time but the girls didn't give up and played a tuff second half and walked away tournament champions by a final score of 30-25. this was a good start for 2010. Those playing were Corinne Anselm(St.James) Ashlee Marlatt(St.James) Bailey Henderson(St.James) Erin Britton(Cuba) Shelby Whitaker(Cuba) Kristen Charboneau(Owensville) Courtney Hendrix(Owensville) Bethany Coons(Union) Alison Hinson(St.Clair) Kailey Morris(Mansfield)

Saturday, January 30
The Sharpshooters keep their winning streak alive by winning the 2010 New Year Tipoff In Nixa. First up for the Sharpshoters was The Program Select from springfield. The girls came out ready to play and defeated them easily with a final score of 54-21. The next game was a very good game against a very good 8th grade team from Webb City the Cardinals.the girls showed agin that they were ready to play and came away with a hard fought 36-31 victory very nice and impressive win against a team that had not lost a game all year. The third game of the day was aginst the SW MO Wolfpack i wish i could say that the girls came out ready to play but they didn't and the wolfpack started the game on a 11-0 run.the girls regained their composure and batteled back to win this game 50-34 nice comback. The final game of the day was aginst the Lady Vanquish and they started the game with a 7-0 run on the Sharpshooters the girls once again had to gather themselves and come from behind as they did before and they did coming away with a 36-28 win against another 8th grade team. This was a very good weekend for the girls played some good compitition and we as coaches really don't have any complaints except for the way the last to games started out but it also shows the girls toughness to see them come back to win games from behind like that, lets not make a habbit of it though. those girls playing were Corinne Anselm, Ashlee Marlatt, Bailey Henderson(St.James) Shelby Whitaker(Cuba) Courtney Hendrix, Kristen Charboneau(Owensville) Allison Hinson(St.Clair) Bethany Coons(Union) Kailey Morris(Mansfield) Sadie Duggar(Mountain Grove) Good job girls

Friday, February 26
The Sharpshooters finished 3rd at the show me games playing up in the 8th grade competative bracket.The girls started off playing the Mid Mo Shooters and won 45-35. Next was a game against the Columbia Frenzy this was a close game. It was tied at the end of the first quarter the second and third were controlled by the Sharpshooters but in the fourth quarter the Frenzy pulled off a win final score was 51-49 poor free throw shooting was a factor in this game. The Third game of the day was against the Moberly lady Sparks the girls played good and won 53-36. Sundays first game was against the Palmyra Lady Panthers the girls played well and won 40-34. our last game of the tournament was against a good Missouri Rage team the girls keep it close the first half down by six at half but the rage pulled away in the second half winning by a final score of 51-33. really was a good weekend for the sharpshooters it showed us what we needed to work on and i think it will help us become an even better team. Playing up and finishing in the top three is still a pretty good acomplishment good job girls.

Saturday, March 20

On march 20 the sharpshooters played in the COACH T CLASSIC. This tournament had some of the best teams in the nation and was a good experience for our team. First game was agianst the Tulsa Lady Titans they were a fast team. The sharpshooters started out very well taking a early lead but as the game went on the titans came back into it eventually upsetting the sharpshooters 40-37. The second game was against the Arkansas Jammers this was a very physical game the sharpshooters fought threw it and came out with a 32-29 win good job.the last game of this tourney was against Arkansas Elite this was the best 7th grade team i have ever seen good size athletic and they just played all around solid ball. they won 57-29. i dont think we played our best basketball this weekend but it showed us what we need to work on and were we want to be.keep working girls we will get there.

Sunday, May 16
The Sharpshooters competed in the 2010 Addidas Shootout and came away with a 2nd place finish. The first game was against the Lady Warriors a very good team who has earned honorable mention in the AAU power rankings this year. The sharp shooters started this game very poor and by halftime were down by a score of 28-9. In the second half the girls forgot about the score and started to play chipping away at the warriors lead eventually getting within three at the end of the game. The warriors held on though winning 49-42 way to fight back just came up a little short. The second game was against the Hot Shots the Sharpshooters took care of buisness and won 48-27. The final game was against the Missouri Rockets the Sharpshooters trailed at half by 3 turned it up in the second half and walked away winners 44-36 to secure a second place finish.

Saturday, April 24
The Sharpshooters started out playing the STL Family Rockets this wasn't a close game with the Sharpshooters winning 47-13. The second game was against the renegades another blowout 36-8. the final game was against a better team than the previous two but the sharpshooters turned it up a bit and won the championship over the Celtics 54-28 good job. This was not as tough as the last tournaments we have played in but its always good to play.

Saturday, May 15

The Sharpshooters won their second chamionship in a row this weekend. They first played the Patrriots and won the game 48-27. The second game was against the Missouri Nitro the Sharpshooters led by 2 at half but expanded their lead in second half and won 36-16. the final game wasagainst MWM never a close game with the Sharpshooters winning 62-15 . the good thing about this game was we got to work on running our plays threw they did ok but we still have lots of work to do before our next tournament in wich we will face some of the toughest teams in the nation . Good job girls.