Central Mass Baseball and Softball Club: Welcome

Central Mass Baseball teaches kids the importance of responsibility and commitment. Players will learn how to deal with the successes and failures of the game in a positive way, helping develop a well rounded ball player. The coaches and staff are all committed to making each player get the most out their potential and expect the same commitment from their players and parents.

The Central Mass Baseball Club Teams



Payments: Click Here to make a tuition or commitment payment (Processing fee's will be reflected in the prices)


Check out our calendar for upcoming clinic and hitting league dates. For more information on these clinics and hitting leagues check out http://www.topprospectbsa.com/.




We are looking for players for our 13U baseball team, 16U softball team and 10U softball team.  If interested please use our contact link to email us. 



We are looking for a 10U softball coach. Please use the contact link to email us if interested.