Central Florida Hurricanes 18U Gold: Links

Florida's most frequently referenced website for all things fastpitch softball. Information, forums to voice your opinion, recruiting of players for teams and general discussion of the sport. It is probably the best website in the state but not all portions are being kept up to date (i.e., tournament results, etc.)

Florida ASA
This website has all of the Florida ASA and Region 5 tournaments, shows results, locations, all news about Florida ASA.

National ASA website for all things ASA. Tournaments, Championships, and feature articles on the ASA organization.

Florida NSA
This website has all information regarding NSA tournaments, teams, and locations.

This website is a national website for fastpitch with many open discussions of all things softball. Run by a guy out of California, it is biased in California info, but is good reading for fastpitch discussions.

Miracle Sports
Statewide HS fastpitch softball site that is responsible for HS ratings. Run by Dana Mullen, this site has fastpitch newspaper story links, ratings, all-state teams and other interesting features