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Tuesday, August 16
Are you ready for some Fall Ball

It is time to start getting ready for Fall Ball! 

For those of you who have not played FB, it is a great chance to keep the players skills sharp and have some fun. There are no practices and games are on Sunday afternoons. We are planning to start the season the weekend after Labor Day and there will be 6-8 games. We normally play teams from Los Osos, SLO and Atascadero. The cost is $25 and the home team takes a up a collection for the umpire (a couple of bucks per player per game). The fee includes a hat and tee shirt. 

We are trying to get enough kids for at least 2 teams. 
1) Intermediate- Players that were league age 10 -12 last season. (9 year olds who played in majors can also be considered)
2) Majors/AAA- Players that were league age 7-9 last season and 10 year olds who need to build their skills.

Once we see how many players we have and what the other areas are doing we will be able to provide more information.  

If you are interested in playing please contact Lee Johnson via email at CCLLInfoOfficer@gmail.com with the following information:

1) Player Name:
2) T-shirt Size:
3) Contact/Parent Name:
4) Contact Email:
5) Contact Phone:
6) Years of Little League:
7) Requested level: (Intermediate or Majors/AAA)
8) Interest level: Scale from 1-5  (1= Slightly interested-  5 = wouldn't miss it for the world)
9) Interested in helping Coach or Umpire: (yes/no)
10) Interested in helping Central Coast Little League in other ways: (yes/no)

It would be great to have your response by August 19th, so that we can be ready to start after Labor Day.

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