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Tuesday, March 18

Central Coast Little League - Opening Day Schedule

Opening Day - Saturday April 5, 2014

Lila Keiser Park   Players at field at 8:45

9:00AM - Line up teams; President opens program:


                Opening remarks

                Star Spangled Banner (DJ Cheeta)

                Little League Oath

                Recognize Board, Parents and Sponsors

                Recognize Umpires

Honorary Pitch by- 2013 Roger Silacci award: Theo Mackey

                                2013 Steve Kniffen Award: Chase Volz, Edgar Nunez

    Introduce team & coaches



Photos             9:40 Brewers

                        9:50 Reds

                        10:00 Angels              

                        10:10 Cardinals

                        10:20 Indians

                        10:30 A's

                        10:40 Orioles

                        10:50 Padres

                        11:00 Dodgers



Morro Bay Lila Keiser

West Field

            11:00 am Reds @ Brewers   

            2:00 pm Los Osos Rangers @ Orioles

East Field

            11:00 am Cambria Cardinals @ Angels

            2:00 pm   DodgersAA @ PadresAA


Cayucos Elementary

            12:00 pm A's @ Indians

Tuesday, December 10
2014 Season is fast approaching

Players and Parents


Keep an eye on the website the season is coming up fast!!


We will be starting early registration soon with a early-bird discount.

We will also be offering online payment!!

Central Coast Little League

2014 Spring Season

Parents and Players,


Central Coast Little League (“CCLL”) is gearing up for another season of baseball. We are fortunate to have over 80 players registered in Morro Bay and Cayucos and hopefully another 50+ in Cambria. All these amazing players make for an exciting season.


CCLL will be fielding three new league divisions: AA Minors for new and young players, AAA Minors for more advanced players preparing for our new full lead-off Intermediate division (more about each division below).


We are working closely with the local school district to construct a new field at Del Mar Elementary, and we are modifying the fields at Lila Kaiser to accommodate our new flagship division “Intermediate.”


For all the new changes Parent support critical. We need two managers and assistant coaches for AA Minors, a minimum of two new umpires, people to help with pre-game field preparation, post-game field maintenance, as well as basic statistics during the game. We are also looking for sponsors to help fund the new field as well as support our current teams.

New League Divisions:

AA Minors

The core group for AA Minors is 6 through 10 year old boys and girls who want to continue to develop their baseball skills.

The major difference between AA and T-Ball is that kids are pitching and runners can steal bases.  From an instructional standpoint, the main objective in this division is to continue to develop players in the field and at the plate, teach fundamentals and good sportsmanship, win or lose. Pitch counts are recorded and closely monitored for the pitcher’s safety.  Key concepts learned at this age are more aggressive plays, both offensively and defensively.  Players begin making longer throws, hitting the cutoff, and tracking and catching fly balls.  Offensively, they are aware of signals from the coach, know to adjust the approach after 2 strikes, and know when to take the extra base.  


The core age for AAA Minors is 9-11 years old.  The age range is intentionally large to allow for the most flexibility in placing players in the appropriate division.  AAA Minors is preparation for Intermediate, the premier Division in the league.  In the AAA Minors Division, there is a greater emphasis on developing pitchers as well as more situational awareness when at bat.  Players in the AAA Minors have usually played several seasons of baseball and have developed a healthy competitive outlook and are prepared for further rules instruction. 

What Skills are Taught?  Accuracy and balance on most routine throws is expected in this Division.  Players understand the count and learn how to adjust his or her approach when hitting.  Proper execution of a bunt and when it is appropriate is covered.  Players in this division have demonstrated the coordination and concentration needed to catch low fly balls by adjusting his position and moving left, right, up or back.  Pitchers are more fully developed and are taught how to recognize the game situation and strength of batter with decreasing guidance from the manager as the season progresses.  As competition increases, good sportsmanship and a healthy outlook, win or lose, is reinforced.


Little League International implemented an Intermediate Division to address the need for better preparation for the larger diamond used at the High School level and beyond.  50/70 refers to the pitching distance and basepath.  Players in this division will pitch from a 50’ mound distance, as opposed to the 46’ distance used in the Majors and below.  Basepaths increase from 60’ to 70’.

The core age for the Intermediate Division is 11-13 years old.  This Division is for players with advanced skills that permit rules more in line with full baseball, as well as players with the concentration and desire to fully understand and play with those rules. 

What Skills are Taught?  Introduction to baseball’s full complexities is taught.  This includes pickoff moves and techniques, how to take a proper lead off, and as confidence grows, more effective communication between infielders and outfielders resulting in improved defensive plays.  The 50/70 diamond gives every player the opportunity for success while building both arm strength and the concentration and decision making skills mandatory for higher level play.

As you can see this will be an exciting season. Thanks to all the board members and volunteers who make it happen.

Your coaches will be contacting you in the upcoming weeks to let you know when practice begins. We will be posting news and information on our facebook page (so like us) http://www.facebook.com/CentralCoastLittleLeague and on our website https://www.eteamz.com/centralcoastlittleleague/

Play Ball!!!

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