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Central Carolina Scholastic Summer Baseball League

Central Carolina Scholastic Summer Baseball League  
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Central Carolina Scholastic Summer Baseball League
123 Central Carolina Blvd
Raleigh, North Carolina

Central Carolina Scholastic Summer League

Welcome to the Central Carolina Scholatic Summer Baseball League website. The league was established in 2006 with 22 teams spread out around the greater Raleigh area. Over the next six years the league continued to grow and will have 67 teams competing at the senior level in 2012.   

In the inagural year of the league there were many exciting events that happened. Each team had the opportunity to go to North Carolina State University for a day long camp with the Wolfpack Staff. Later that night each team got to play at Doak Field, home of the Wolfpack. All schools represented had the chance to have players attend two different showcase weekends. There was a great week of playoffs at the end of the year that determine Fuquay-Varina to be the CCSSL Champion.

Now in it's seventh year, the CCSSL continues to grow. Teams now travel as far east as Wilmington and as far west as Greensboro. Teams play in counties that border Virginia to the north  and South Carolina to the south.

Monday, April 16
2013 CCSSL News and Meeting Information

As you may or may not have heard, the NCHSAA has decided to have 2 dead period weeks put into the middle of the summer. We have had a meeting with the NCHSAA on what to do and how to still have the best summer league experience for our coaches and players. Here is what has been decided:

1- We have been classifed as a bonafide third party organization by the NCHSAA and will be able to work with our players during the two July dead peroiods. Nondivision games will be played on July 1 and 2. No games, including make-ups, are to be scheduled from July 3 thru July 7.

2- All teams must be arms length distance from their high school programs. You must pay rent for field usage; you cannot use school buses for transportation, and you cannot use high school equipment, including current uniforms. In no way can you represent your CCSSL team as part of the high school program. You cannot make playing in the CCSSL as a tryout or requirement for being on next year's high school team.

3- We currently are planning the CCSSL Showcase on July 30 or July 31.

The Introduction Information for the CCSSL has been sent to the email addresses we have on file for each league member from the 2012 season.

Due to the recent rule changes and an emphasis on liability and insurance, there will be a mandatory meeting on April 28 at Bentwinds Country Club in Fuquay-Varinay at 3:00pm for every team that wants to participate in the CCSSL in 2013. There will be a sign that you must pick up from the league on this date and display throughout the season, so your school must be represented in order to participate in the league. Failure to have a team representative at the meeting will mean you will not be allowed to particiapte in the league in 2013. NO EXCEPTIONS! The league has been lenient in the past about timely payment, reporting scores, etc. but this is mandatory. You have 4 months to ensure that someone will be there. Even if charter members are not present they will not play this year!

 There will be a makeup meeting for teams with exceptional problems that can not be at the meeting on 4/28. The makeup meeting is May 19 at 3pm at Hit & Run in Fuquay-Varina. FAILURE TO ATTEND AT LEAST 1 OF THESE MEETINGS AND YOUR TEAM WILL NOT BE IN THE CCSSL IN 2013!!!

Wednesday, July 25
2012 CCSSL Tournament - Midway and West Johnston declared Co-Champions!

Congratulations to Midway and West Johnston for winning the 2012 CCSSL Championship! They were declared Co-Champions when the Championship Game was cancelled due to bad weather with the game tied at one.

Round of 16

Game 1 Bunn 4, Cleveland 1

Game 2 Ashley 2, South Central 0

Game 3 Midway 8, Scotland County 6 

Game 4 Richmond County 10, Triton 0

Game 5  Fuquay-Varina 7, Sanderson 4

Game 6 West Johnston 4, Overhills 0

Game 7 Orange County 1, Wake Forest-Rolesville 0

Game 8 Middle Creek 3, Holly Springs 1 


Game 9 Midway 3, Bunn 0

Game 10 Richmond County 11, Ashley 1

Game 11 Orange County 9, Fuquay-Varina 5

Game 12 West Johnston 6, Middle Creek 4


Game 13  Midway 3, Orange County 2

Game 14 West Johnston 3, Richmond County 2


Game 15 Midway 1, West Johnston 1*

*Teams declared Co-Champions as the weather caused the game to be cancelled before it was completed. 

Saturday, July 21
2012 Futures Game Rosters

 All players are in the Clas of 2014 unless noted.

EAST -Silver  Pos  School            WEST-Navy Pos   School  
 Daniel Dulaney  P   Sanderson     Nic Bullard  P  Richmond Co.  
 Austin Tamson 16  P  Hoggard    Zac Brown 31  P  W. Stanley  
 Brady Hill 17  P  South Central    Joe Ingle 20  P  Terry Sanford  
 Brett Daniels 28  P  Fuquay-Varina    Harold Landry 17  P  Pine Forest  
 Jordan Towler 18  P  Middle Creek    Dylan Ward 18  P  Scotland Co.  
 Tucker Jacobs 19   P  South Central    Andy Wantz 19  P  Holly Springs  
 Ray Roby (2015) 15  P  Sanderson    Justice Sampson 21  P  Lumberton  
 Austin Lee 29  C  Triton    Dalton Bullard 32  C  Pinecrest  
 Cully Crott 30  C  Ashley    Bradley Brown 33  C  Richmond County  
 Seth Knott(2015) 23  CI  Cleveland    Cullen Boyette 22  CI  Southern Lee  
 Tyler Sholar 3  CI  Middle Creek    Trey Davis 34  CI  Terry Sanford  
 Mike Sconzo 4  MI  Holly Springs    Austin Embler 1  MI  Pinecrest  
 Tyler Tyndall 5  MI  Triton    Wilson Jolly(2015)  MI  Panther Creek  
 Gabe Trippett 6  MI  South Central    Jack Hankins 3  MI  East Chapel Hill  
           Austin Fuentes 14  MI  South View  
 Lawrence Smith 31  OF  Riverside-Martin    Mason Collins 10  OF  Union Pines  
 DJ Burt 7  OF  Fuquay-Varina    Cole Brown 4  OF  Terry Sanford  
 Brett McLamb(2015) 8  OF  Triton    Raymond Hibbert 5  OF  Pine Forest  
 Nick Sanders(2016) 2  OF  Bunn    Devin Hunt(2016) 23  OF  Richmond Co.  

Saturday, July 21
2012 All Star Game Rosters

All players are in the Class of 2013.

EAST - Silver   Pos School            WEST - Navy  Pos  School   
 Justin Carrol 24  P  West Johnston    William Adams 24  P  Scotland Co.  
 Nathan Arp 25  P  Terry Sanford    Brian Fortier 25  P  Holly Springs  
 Graham Edwards 32  P  Middle Creek    Conner Gaines 28  P  Southern Lee  
 Cody Johnson 26  P  Cleveland    Zach Jansen 26  P  Chapel Hill  
 Pantelis Miliotis 27  P  Ashley    Dustin Morrison 38  P  North Moore  
 Matt Phillips 20  P  Midway    Alex Scott 16  P  Lee County  
 Ryan Wagner 21  P  Riverside-Martin    Trent Watkins 39  P  Raleigh Independent  
 Matt Wisniewski 33  C  Riverside-Martin    Brian Mitchell 35  C  Fuquay-Varina  
           Dylan Simmons 29  C  W. Stanley   
 Brody Curran 36  CI  Ashley    Andrew Toney 37  CI  Orange Co.   
 Jack Sherrill 38  CI  West Johnston    Hunter Davis 36  CI  Lumberton  
 Tyler Hardee 9  MI  Sanderson    Josh Genthe 7  MI  Western Harnett  
 Dillon Stewart 34  MI  Triton    Robert Reid 11  MI  Pine Forest   
 Taylor Stevens 11  MI  Garner    Jon Evans 8  MI  Orange Co.  
 Jamey Meeker 22  MI  Wake Ind.    Drew Butler 9  MI  Richmond Co.   
 David Salmon 12  OF  Middle Creek    Nick Debo 27  OF  Orange Co.   
 Tyler Edwards 13  OF  North Johnston    Jeffrey Thompson 30  OF  Union Pines  
 Eric Eason 14  OF  Ashley    Matt Epley 12  OF  Pinecrest   
 Gabe Novaria 10  OF  Heritage    Blake Bennett 40  OF  Scotland Co.   

Central Carolina Scholastic Summer Baseball League
Central Carolina Scholastic Summer Baseball League

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