Central Carolina Conference: Realignment

Sunday, November 15

Here is a listing of projected 2A schools for the 2017-2021 realignment in the counties of Davidson, Forsyth, Guilford, Montgomery, Randolph, and Rowan: Current members in bold.

TW Andrews
Central Davidson
East Davidson
East Montgomery
Eastern Randolph
North Davidson
Oak Grove (new school)
Providence Grove
South Rowan
West Davidson

Here is the timetable for the 2017-2021 realignment period:

Date TBA- Draft of the initial plan will be distributed to member schools. It will be posted on the NCHSAA website first.

Jan 8, 2016- Deadline for schools to submit concerns or adjustments desired in initial draft. The submission process will be clearly and may include an on line component. An NCHSAA staff person will be designated to coordinate submissions from the schools. Any requests, concerns, or suggestions must be submitted in the appropriate designated fashion. This includes suggestions for conference affiliations or agreements among schools that have agreed to be in a conference together, etc.

Jan 21, 2016- Realignment Committee meets to review submissions from schools and make adjustments.

Feb 8-12, 2016- Realignment meetings are held, one in the East and one in the West.
Eastern- Feb 8, 2016 @ Murphy Center, ECU, in Greenville, NC
Western- Feb 10, 2016 @ Citizens Center in Lincolnton, NC

Mar 1, 2016-
Deadline for schools to respond in writing by the defined submission
process with concerns or suggestions to second draft. A school can appeal only if it has been changed or affected by changes from the initial draft

Mar 16, 2016-
Realignment Committee meets and may make further adjustments to
conferences. Committee issues third draft

Apr 1, 2016-
Deadline for final appeals to Realignment Committee. Must be received in
writing at NCHSAA by this date. These would be designed for schools whose conference membership has been altered in some way from previous drafts

Apr 13, 2016-
Final appeals to Realignment Committee. Realignment report then
submitted to the Board of Directors

May 3-4, 2016-
NCHSAA Board of Directors Meeting; Board may consider appeals based
on procedural errors and then finalizes alignment

Aug 1, 2017-
New alignment begins