Centerville Elks Middle & Elementary School Volleyball: Team News

Nutrition for all Volleyball Play
Handout: Nutrition for all Volleyball Play

Gym Etiquette

1.     Please read prior handout below prior to attending Open Gyms and Tryouts.

Handout: Gym Etiquette

Handout: Favorites

Volleyball basics (click here)
On this link there are powerpoints of basic information that we will use throughout the seasons. When you first go to this link you just have to click on the different titles to see the information. Review everything except the rotations. The rotations they show are different than what we will be running.  
Once you are familiar with that information click on the tab to the left and click on 3 Step Hitting approach.

Lastly, click on the Volleyball Spike Technique. We will not do the 4 step approach BUT I want you to look at the slides and pay attention to the body movements. 

Please review this link for the upcoming season.
Coach Fox

Amazing Volleyball Ralley -- shows movement and defense

Parent Responsibilities
Handout: Parent Responsibilities

Strength and Agility Foam Rollers
Click on underlined title to go to website. Best idea to purchase is 3 ft. by 6 inch round ones. Click on Foam Roller Instructional Video to view what to do with the rollers.