Cedar Springs Girl's Soccer: Player Contract

Friday, April 2
Player/Parent Contract (added Spring 2010)
Cedar Springs Girls Soccer - Contract 

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We, the coaches, feel that participation in the sport of soccer at Cedar Springs High School is a privilege for our players.  For that reason, we have drawn up a contract for both player and parent to sign that acknowledges the understanding of some of our rules.  Those rules are as follows:


Attendance at practice is very integral to the success of both the teams and your daughters and we believe it imperative that everyone is there.  Every player should be at every practice.  However, we do understand that there are always some exceptions to this and each will be handled at the coach’s discretion.  Please make every attempt to schedule all appointments around soccer practice.

 Chain of Communication

In order for the coaches to effectively resolve problems that arise from within the program we feel it is important that we establish a chain of communication.  The chain goes as follows.  1) Player to the team’s coach 2) Parent to the team’s coach 3) Parent to the varsity coach 4) Parent to athletic supervisor.  The time when you should move to the next step should be if the problem is not addressed or resolved from the previous interaction.  Also, we do appreciate the use of the 24 hour rule.  Please do not address concerns about a particular game until 24 hours later.  This allows both parties to calm down and effectively communicate.

 Athletic Code Violations

In the sport of girl’s soccer we discipline our students harder than other sports in regards to violations of the athletic code.  The first offense is punishable up to 50% of the season and the second offense is punishable up to termination from the program.  Soccer at school is a privilege and we would like all players to be accountable for their actions.  They also must realize that they are a part of a team and a program, and both of those are much bigger than just themselves.

 Playing Time

In the sport of soccer, playing time is not always a guarantee and it will vary greatly from one player to the next.  From game to game and level to level, players may not play equally, or at all.  We ask that you respect that we as coaches have to make tough decisions sometimes and the best interest of the team is always in our forethought. 


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