Cecil Volleyball Club: Welcome

Welcome to Cecil Volleyball!

Cecil Volleyball Club
We had a fantastic turn-out for try-outs this year and are really excited to begin the season starting with the Parents Meeting Scheduled for Wednesday November 19th at 6pm at Rising Sun Middle School Gym. The talet pool was excellent and we had to make some tough decisions. We thank everyone for all of their effort!
The names listed below have been selected for the Cecil Volleyball Club 2014-2015 season. All mentioned players have until MIDNIGHT on November 16th to accept their invitation to play for the club. Please respond as soon as you can and email your acceptance to cecilvolleyball@yahoo.com
If we do NOT hear from you, we will immediately begin to call those on the waiting list. Please note that only player names are listed, as we may have to make adjustments to some of the teams depending upon the response. All players will be informed of the team that they are on, as well as meet their coaches, at the Parent's meeting on the 19th. Congratulations to the following players (not listed in ABC order) :
Sarah Williams
Breanne Haley
Erin Harkey
Natalie Daley
Kirra Barrett
Hannah Oxholm
Allyssa Cooper-Sikali 
Emily Forrest
Peyton Igniosi
Emily Ritchie
Laura Ritchie
Courtney Bublitz
Kerry O'Neill
Sammy Hrycak
Victoria Green
Morgan Mock
Hannah Ritter
Nikki Jones
Abrianna Obear
Amari Bryant
Marley Spencer
Gabrielle Ennsser
Cassie Jordan 
Paige Schmidt
Danielle Stackhouse
Rachel Baker
Marley Joyner
Megan Hoyle
Lauren Pahutski
Shannon Welker
Brooke Reynolds
Kendyl Jones
Jasmyne Moore
Jazmine Simmons
Grace Webb
Elena McVey 
Hailey Jones
Jennifer Miley
Mason Wiley
Rebecca Holman
Brooke  Brinton
Emily Funk
Allison Viscardo
Molly Raser
Carolyn McMullen
Sidney Krummel
Jordan Carr
Paige Ritter 
 Please note that we have updated our fees this year to include a court fee that has been imposed upon us by Cecil County Public Schools. The Club fee is $400 per season, with an additional $50 court fee, to total $450. You will be required to bring a $450 check, made payable to Cecil Volleyball  Club, when you attend the MANDATORY Parents Meeting on the 19th.