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Thursday, August 13
Expectation of Coaches
Safety First!Fair Treatment / RespectfulPositive environment for learning                        Positive but HONEST feed back to the player and parents 110% commitment to teaching your child-          to play the game-          to be a good sport Accessible to parents and players-          if you do not understand something – ask-          if you don’t agree with me on something – ask Not running a popularity contest for coach of the year -          our goal is to teach the players-          fair and honestCoaching at this age level is a challenge, many of the players view themselves as real soccer players, while others are at the point where it is not as much fun because they feel that their lack of skill development does not enable them to have an impact on the game. Our challenge is to keep all of them engaged, involved, and make them feel important.  Skills still need to be the primary focus of training and players need to be put into environments where they are under pressure so that they learn how to use their skills in a variety of contexts.  o        Our goal is still to develop players in a fun, competitive, and engaging environment. Winning has its place and must be balanced with our other instructional goals. o        Small-sided games are still the preferred method of teaching the game.  o        Flexibility training is essential, and most importantly, ending w/ a "warm-down". o        Overuse injuries, burnout and high attrition rates are associated with programs that do not emphasize skill development and learning enjoyment. o        They will have a preferred position, but, it is essential for their development for them to occasionally play out of their preferred spot, in training, as well as during games. o        Activities will be geared to progressing from fundamental activities that have little or no pressure from an opponent to activities that are game like in their intensity and pressure.