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Thursday, August 13
Expectations of Players:
#1 Team First – From an activity perspective - I fully expect that Soccer is your #1 Priority moving forward - you are allowed to play other sports or activities - but if schedules conflict, the team comes first!    In other words - Soccer is the activity you want to engage in above all other activities. 

            At Practice – Treat it as an investment in yourself

·        On Time – is 5 minutes early

·        Ready to go – not getting dressed running to the pitch

·        All equipment – Practice Jersey’s and Shorts EVERYONE

·        110 % effort

·        Hair up / Socks up shirts tucked in / Shin Guards and Socks on.

·        Sports Drink / Water / Snack if appropriate

            At Home – Doing Homework

Players will have homework every practice!

The players that do it correctly will progress

The players that don’t will fall behind

Journal – the players will keep a journal and log homework   

            Good Team mate:

·        Team first – all players working together in practice and in the game

·        Respect – Officials, Coaches, Team mates, other competitors, and parents

·        Work Hard – at practice, in games, at school, and home chores.

·        Have a sense of humor – this is just a game… but it is a great learning environment.

At Games:

·        On Time - is 10 minutes early – Warm ups start 30 minutes prior to games unless otherwise notified.

·        Both Jersey’s every game but as a rule

o       Home

o       Away

·        Shirts MUST BE Tucked in·        Hair up / Socks up / Shin Guards on

·        No Jewelry


If a player is unable to make a session or game – The player must contact the coach directly, not the parent.


            No excuses – things happen, we will deal with situations and move on.