Raptors Basketball Club: About us

Amateur Athletic Union, or AAU as it is more commonly referred to, was intended for young boys and girls of various ages to experience a level of play that they normally wouldn't. However, over the years AAU has grown to a level that has taken it away from it's purpose. AAU is suppose to give kids a chance to play against competition that most will never see just playing locally. It's suppose to give kids the opportunity to see parts of the country that most will be unlikely to see.

The Capital District Raptors bring it back to the old school with a new school flavor. Our motto is  " We build a better ball player today for tomorrow's game". We believe strongly in creating a ball player instead of finding a ball player. We believe in testing ones character both on and off the basketball court. We believe in respect and dedication. We believe in family!! By playing with the Capital District Raptors you will not only learn more about the game...but more about yourself as an individual.

The Raptors have traveled up and down the east coast in their 19yr exsistance. From Maine all the way to Florida and everywhere in between. The level of competition will no doubt test your basketball skills like never before. The only question is can you handle it? We'll do everything we can to prepare you but in the end it will come down you!!!