Capital District Raptors: What's Going On?

CPR Lessons for Raptors Players



On Saturday March 14th, The Sand Lake Ambulance and EMS staff dedicated time to instruct all of the Capital District Raptor players in the latest Hands Only CPR and Automatic External Defibrillator (AED).

Over 100 Raptors players were instructed on how to apply CPR and operate AED machines.  Our friends from New Channel 13 stopped by to share the news with the rest of our Capital District family.  

Special thanks to Sandlake Ambulance & EMS staff who volunteered their time for a worthwhile cause.  


4th Grade Girls Get Hyped!!!
Check out the 4th Grade Girls routine at Battle on the Bay, our first tournament of the season. 


preview Warm Up

Raptors Success in State Tournament!!!


Congrats to Mike Pierre as he led Hoosick Valley to a Section II tittle!

Congrats to all of the Raptors that competed in the Semi Finals this past season!

John Palmer

Brandon Palmer

Austin Miller

Stevie Hart

Kevin Janowski

Tracey Crowell

Alexander McCraith

Jahlil Nails

Great job, we're proud of you!


Adidas Showcase Tournament

16/17U Head West

On July 18th in the early morning hours the Raptors headed to the mid west for the Adidas Showcase Live Tournament in Cincinnati, Ohio. The trip included a stop at Ohio State University campus to see the football stadium and a personal tour inside the Buckeyes Arena.

With over 30 Division I,II and III scouts in attendance the stage was set for some great basketball.

The competition was tough facing off against one of the top teams in Ohio (OBC). With two 7 footers and a slew of 6'6 - 6'8 players we faired very well against them giving up the least amount of points to them than any other team they faced.

The boys turned it up on saturday taking a very fast Wyoming team down to the wire but losing by 8 and then coming back strong in the afternoon to win by 12. With that win we were able to secure a second place seeding and faced a well balanced team from Detroit with several Division I and II players.

Fighting all the way to the end we weren't able to pull out the win but we definetly let Ohio know that the Raptors were in the building.

Congratulations to all the boys that made the journey. Seeing that kind of talent and being able to hang with them will no doubt transcend your game by leaps and bounds.