Central Dauphin Boys Volleyball: History of Ram Volleyball

Monday, June 1
Scoreboard From the Multi Sports Complex, PSU University Saturday May 29th 2009

The Central Dauphin Rams captured the 2009 AAA State Championship at State College, PA.  CD downed North Allegheny 3-2 in the state semi finals (15-13 in the 5th game) and then won the final four points to come from behind to down Penn Hills in the State Final, 3-2 (15-13 in the 5th game).

State Title point was served by Aaron Kerschner (Jr, OH), Lance Johnson (Jr, MB) blocked the first swing attempt by the Penn Hills Outside Hitter and it deflected off of a PH defender over their team bench to give the Rams 2009 title.

What a weekend at PSU....our team was 13 deep all season and it was a total team effort to capture the trophy.

Monday, March 17
The "First" Banner
2007 Mid Penn Champs

This banner represents the hard work of so many players over the past 7 years that I have been the Coach at CD.  The 2005 seniors who were the first winning team in several years. 06 with Dan and Keegan carrying the team on their backs to districts for the first time since 2000.  And 2007 running the table in the regular season to achieve this goal. 

Can the 2008 surpass even this mark to become the best team the history of the Ram program?

Thank you to the players and parents who have made our program a success.  I a proud to coach at Central Dauphin and I'm looking forward to many more years and many more banners for the gym.

Thursday, May 24
Quote by Kevin Barrick, 1992 CD alumni and brother of Coach JB when he saw the web site:
"Those in power get to write the history" Kevin Barrick.


Tuesday, April 19
The Top 15 CDVB players from the last 15 years (1990-2005)
**This page is a work in progress, please check back often for updated information.  Current head Coach John Barrick (JB) will be working on the information for each player listed on this page.

This page is dedicated to the history of the Central Dauphin Boy's Volleyball program. 
The program was started in the mid 1980s however we chose to use the last 15 years to pick the top players.  The current coaching staff has a knowledge of the team from 1990 to the present day.

Let us never forget those who have left us too soon.  Bill Berrier (1972 to 1999) was a close friend of mine and he is someone I think about often.  The world is lesser place because Bill is not here.  Peter Serrano (1982-2003) was tragically taken from us two years ago after just becoming engaged while he attended Penn State main campus.  Peter is remembered by the Peter Serrano Memorial Volleyball Tournament which enters its second year in 2005.

**If any of the information on this page is not 100% correct, please email Coach JB at johnb@askbruceonline.com.

Friday, May 20
Duane Bennish (1988-1990) Outside Hitter
Duane, 2008

Duane Bennish was a high flyer who hit one of the hardest balls ever seen at CD.  Duane's game was pure power as he dominated teams at the net with big swings and blocks.  Mr. Bennish's biggest asset was his vertical jump, it often seemed like he was going to jump over the net he was up so high.

The latest update I have on Duane was he recently got remarried and had moved to Florida.  Before that Duane was still active in rec leagues and tournaments around the Harrisburg area.

**Update:  Duane's address in Florida  6050 Ackard Ave, Cocoa FL 32927.  Cell phone is 321-432-8356.  Duane claims is he still playing 4 days a week even though he is coming up on "35".

Greg Cassel (1988-1990) Outside Hitter
Greg Cassel 2004 picture
Greg's superior play in High School lead him to George Mason were he played at the division one level.  Greg was an unstoppable force in high school and he helped to lead the Rams to a top ten ranking in his senior season.

From a search on the net it looks like Greg is still very active in volleyball.  I saw his name in the pro level at the Pottstown rumble and from finishing second in a king of the beach tournament in the DC area last year.  Not bad for a guy that is almost 35 years old.

Brent Zeiders (1989-1991) Setter
Brent and his wife Tracy

Brent Zeiders "BZ" was the setter for the Ram varsity team for two years and one of the best ever to play the position at CD.  BZ ran a 5-1 and even though he was considered small for a 5-1 setter (5'6") he blocked as good as anyone on the team.  BZ lead the Rams to the #3 state ranking in 1991, the highest the Rams have ever been ranked.

BZ has been married to his high school sweetheart Tracy for 9 years now and they have two beautiful kids, Tyler and Taylor.  I just had dinner with BZ and Tracy and they are doing great.  Brent still has a passion for race horses and the Kentucky Derby.  He and my brother are currently planning their 7th straight trip to the Derby.

**Update 2/06
BZ and brother Kevin are planning their 8th straight trip to the Kentucky Derby in May.  BZ also attended the annual Barrick golf trip to Potter County last year.  BZ's son is now 10!!! and Tyler will be attending Northeastern High School in the near future.  That means a CD vs. NE will have to be made around 2010....
zeiders123@aol.comis BZ's email.

BZ, Mike Gruin, and Steve Gruin made a nice run at the Peter Serrano tournament, making the playoffs in the A division before bowing out.  I heard "shades of Bub" all day long.

07/07  Played in the 4th Serrano with Mike Gruin, Walt K, and Brian S. 

07/2008  BZ, Bob Creason, and I just played in the 5th annaul Susquehanna Smackdown, going 5-3 on our court in A but still managed to miss the playoffs (other teams 6-2, 7-1).  BZ is also moving to Red Land school district, just great.

01-2009 BZ just moved to a new home in the Red Land school district.  Just great, now I have to coach against his kids....they should be in green and white.

William "Bill" Berrier (1989-1991) OH, MH
Tatto in honor of Bill: Krista Elliot Berrier (Bill's half sister)
"The Blunch" as he was known, Bill was one of the brightest personalities ever to play for the CD Rams.  Bill was a warrior on the court possessing a giant block, hard swing and great passing ability.  Bill played varsity ball for three years for the Rams which meant all three years he was on the team he was a varsity player (prior to the late 90s only 10, 11, and 12 were grades in high school, 9th was still junior high).  Under Bill's watch the Rams were state ranked for 3 years.

In addition to his volleyball play, Bill had a large circle of friends who cared for him very deeply.  After high school Bill had several jobs one of which was head bartender at the GMan in Palmyra.  Bill and group of high friends moved to Charlotte, NC in the mid 90s for a new start to life.  That group included Steve Gruin (89-91) and Jason Lutz (89-91) both of whom played for the Rams.

Bill was tragically killed in a bicycle accident in 1999 in Charlotte.  His loss came as a great shock to many of us who knew him and loved him.  It still doesn't seem right that he isn't around to this day.  Bill is survived by two sisters, Jen Litzel (Berrier) who played for the Rams from 1992 to 1994 and Khrista Elliott-Berrier who is going into her senior year as a Ram volleyball players.

Bill, we will never forget your love for life, your smile, and most importantly what a great person you were.  May you rest in peace my friend.

Brett Cassel (1990-1992) Outside Hitter
Perfect picture of Brett

Brett Cassel was scary good when he was a Ram volleyball player.  Brett was a complete player, he could set just as well as he could block and terminate the ball.  Brett was the last of the big players from the early 90 powerhouse teams that were always ranked in the top of the state.  Even though Brett was the youngest member of senior heavy teams in 1990 and 1991 he still started which shows you how good he really was.

Brett followed his brother Greg to George Mason where he also played Division One volleyball for the Patriots.  I remember seeing Brett while he was in college at Mason when he brought home a Redskin Cheerleader he was dating.

Last report on Brett:  Saw him at Kokomos during the holidays in 2003.  He is living in California and he is married which I could not believe.  Congrats to Brett for turning out great.

12-08 found Brett on Facebook

Jim Dodge (1991-1993) Middle Hitter
Jim Dodge and his wife Becky
Jim was lovingly called the "Power Wagon of Love" during his strong run as a Ram volleyball player.  Jim started out as a big middle on the varsity team as a Sophmore and by the time he was senior he was the number one man in our two man pass receive pattern which means he was a complete all around player.  Mr. Dodge dominated the net with huge blocks and smashing two balls. 

Jim helped to lead the Rams in 1994 to a huge first round district upset of then #1 in the state Warwick (biggest upset in Ram history).  I still remember that match to this day:  They won warm ups by hitting every single ball straight down.  I looked at Creason and said "what are we doing here"?  Two games later and after about 15 Dodge blocks on their big hitters we were moving on to the second round of districts.

Grant Crampton (1991-1993) Setter
Grant Crampton 2004 picture
Grant went from an average setter to incredible over night in his junior season for the Rams.  It also helped that he grew a couple of inches between his junior and senior seasons.  Grant ran an exceptional 5-1 and helped to feed the ball to Dodge and Brian Mastervich from 93 to 94.  See the story above under Dodge from the Warwick game that Grant was a big part of.

Grant played club ball at PSU for 4 years (94-98) beach while he lived on the West Coast, and he is currently playing A level ball in the Chesapeake Region.  In other words volleyball is still a big part of Grant's life.  Grant's brother Zack was Ram player for three seasons (2001-03).

Tim Hoffman (1994-1996) Outside Hitter
Tim Hoffman

Tim Hoffman, man child.  Tim is the only Ram player to go on and play for the Penn State Nittany Lions the only division one volleyball program in the state of PA.  Tim played OPP for 3 years at PSU and played in two final fours during his tenure.

Mr. Hoffman was the most complete high school player I have ever seen in the state of PA.  Tim was 6-5, could pass and play defense as well as he could block and swing.  He was a team leader and an overall pleasure to coach.  The only time in the past ten years that the players won the annual doubles tournament was when Tim and Bernie Liu beat Coach JB and Creason in 1996.  No other player team has come close since.

Tim came back to Harrisburg for a few months after he graduated and last we have heard he was in DC with a great job.

**Update 2/06
Tim played in the annual PSU alumni match at State College and he helped to lead the old guys to victory over the PSU varsity team.

Dave Williams (1994-1996) Setter, OH
Dave was the 2nd best player on the Ram team only behind Tim Hoffman during his time at CD. Tim and Dave teamed up to make an unstoppable combination for two solid years. Dave was a 5-1 setter and he followed the game plan back in the day, feed Tim, block big, and keep your teammates involved in the match.

Not a lot is known about Dave since he graduated so if you have any info to share please email me so I can update Dave's information.

**1-07  Saw Dave at Kokomos in late December he was home for the holidays with his girlfriend.  We had a great conversation and he promised to email me a picture for the web site (still waiting).

Craig Doughty (1995-1998) Setter
criag douty
Craig on his wedding day 8-2007

1998 1st Team Mid Penn All Star
1997 Mid Penn All Star

Craig "Beaker" Doughty as he was know when he was a player at CD, was a big OH/Setter for the Ram volleyball team. Craig really came into his own during his senior season as he became the team captain and lead the team to winning record. Craig graduated from CD and went to College at Kings (Wilkes Bare, PA). Craig led King's club volleyball team to Nationals 3 times including an impressive 4th place finish. Craig stayed involved with volleyball after graduating from Kings by coaching at the West Shore Y and the Eagle Volleyball club. Craig recently moved to Houston with his girlfriend so he is missed by the volleyball community here in Central PA. Michelle Doughty, Craig's sister, played 4 years for the Rams and the argument could be made that she was the finest girl's player ever at CD. Michelle is entering her senior season as a player at Shippensburg University.

01/2009 found craig on facebook, he got married in 8-2007

Ryan Cochran (1997-2000) MH, OH
Ryan Cochran 2 time MP All Star

2000 2nd Team Mid Penn All Star
1999 Mid Penn All Star

Ryan was a dominant middle hitter during his 3 year run as a varsity player at CD.  Ryan controlled the net with his size (6'4") and his smarts.  Mr. Cochran helped to lead the Rams to a team best 15-3 record during his senior season in 2000.  Ryan is remembered for his antics that helped to lighten the mood during big games.  Ryan would lead the team into the gym with a different prop every game and he would often trip on purpose at an opportune time.

Ryan went to college at Syracuse University were he played 4 years of club ball for the Orangeman and he was part of the 2002 Syracuse team that won the EIVA.  He would stop in at practice once or twice a season after school was done for the year to help out. 

Last we saw of Ryan was last year after he had graduated from SU.  Ryan was home for a short week or two before taking off in his car for Southern Califorina.  He didn't have a job or a place to live but he was going to get his life started.  I'm sure you can find Rayn on the beach in SoCal playing doubles now.......

1-09 Found Ryan on Facebook!!

Eric Lawson (1997-2000) Outside Hitter
2000 1st Team Mid Penn All Star

Eric Lawson was a first team Mid Penn All Star in 2000 and led the team with 14 kills in their district three playoff game vs. Manheim Township.  Mr. Lawson became unstoppable at the net in 2000 as he ran the most efficent shoot set in Ram history.  Eric averaged 7 kills a game in his senior season, very impressive for the side out scoring era.

Eric continues to play the game today as he has teamed up with Coaches JB and Creason to play rec ball at Lower Paxton and he started to play sanction ball this year. 

Eric may have been the quiet member on the 2000 team, but he played loud on the court.

**Update 2/06
Eric joined the Harrisburg Divers (JB's sanction team) last year and he continues to play USA ball with the team this year.  Eric also plays Monday nights in the LP league.  Mr. Lawson is also a board member of the Peter Serrano Memorial Volleyball Tournament (see link on this site for tournament info).

Layne Greenholt (1999) MH
Layne just had his kid in late 2008

1999 1st Team Mid Penn All Star

Layne was truly a "once in al lifetime player".  What do I mean?  Layne walked into volleyball practice for the first time in his life his senior season.  He wanted to give the game a try.  2 months later he was a Mid Penn First Team All Star and one of the most dominant middle hitters in Ram history.  Layne's swing was pure power and he could block anyone in the league in 1999.  Layne is the only first year senior player to make a Mid Penn All Star Team.

Last check on Layne he was working for Clear Channel Communications here in Harrisburg.  I have heard him on the radio several times doing promos.

01-2009 found Layne on facebook

Peter Serrano (1998-2001) Setter, OH, DS
Peter Serrano 1982-2003
2001 1st Team Mid Penn All Star
2000 Mid Penn All Star

Peter passed away in October 2003 and is remembered with the PETER SERRANO MEMORIAL VOLLEYBALL TOURNAMENT (please see information on this web site about the tournament).

Peter was a 4 year varsity player at CD and helped lead the 2000 Rams to a 15-3 record and districts.  Peter had the nastiest overhand serve in Ram history and he is considered the best passer CD has ever had.  Peter did the little things on the court that made the team strong.  In 2001 after 12 seniors graduated in 2000, Peter became the team captain and he brought several of his friends who never played volleyball before to the team.  Peter was a true "Volleyball Ambassador".

The loss of Peter in October 2003 was a total shock to the volleyball community in Central PA.  Peter touched so many lives with his positive outlook on life and his great personality.  It only seemed natural that a volleyball tournament should be started and named in his honor.  July 16, 2005 will see the second annual Peter Serrano volleyball tournament.at CD East high school (see details on this site).

Peter has two surviving brothers, Andrew and James Jiminez.  Andrew is a 9th grader at CD East and is currently playing for the Panther volleyball team.  James is a 7th grader and he can't wait to play the game his brother loved so much.

2-16-07 Update
**The 4th Peter Serrano tournament is scheduled for July 14 th, 2007 at CD East High School.  The 2006 tournament had over 110+ plus teams and rasied thousands of dollars to help send Central Dauphin volleyball players to college.  We hope the tournament will continue to grow in 2007 so spread the word. For more info, click on the links at the left of this page.

Matt Yon (1999-2002) Outside Hitter

2002 Honorable Mention, District Three All Star
2002 First Team Mid Penn All Star
2001 Mid Penn All Star

Matt Yon was a complete volleyball player for the Rams and a three year varsity player.  Matt was a part of the 2000 team as a sophomore and then he stepped into a larger roll as junior and senior.  Matt carried the team in 2002 as team captain and leader.  Matt was a 1st team Mid Penn All Star in 2002 and a district three all star that same year.

Matt just graduated from Thompson Institute and he continues to play volleyball in the Lower Paxton Rec league and City Island.  If you around a court in Central PA you will see Matt Yon.

Summer 06:  Matt has joined the army and he is currently attending boot camp. Keep Matt in your thoughts and prayers as he serves our country.

**July 2007  Just heard from Matt, he is stationed in Norfolk, VA and he is in year two of a five year US Navy contract.  Matt is thinking about getting engaged soon so I tried to warn him but I don't think it helped at all.  Matt will not be staying in the Navy when he is done, he will be looking to move back to the area.  He is playing ball on the beach as much as he can even though he just broke his hand the other week.  It was great to hear from him....

***July 2008 Matt is getting married at Fort Hunter at the end of July 08.  Congrats to Matt and we are hoping to attend the wedding.

Friday, May 30
Top Ten Players 2005 to 2009

This list will be released at the end of the 2009 season which marks 10 years for Coach JB as the head coach at Central Dauphin.

Here are some of the names to look out for:
Steve Albert
Dan Marple
Jeremy Bauknight

Check back in May 2009 to see if your favorite player made the list.

Wednesday, February 7
**Alumni Update 2-7-07 Brad Young
Feb 7th, 2007- Heard from CDVB alumni Brad Young (1990-92).  Brad went to PSU where he meet his wife Kate, they have been married for 8 years and have one beautiful daughter Lilly. 

Brad played for CD for three years and he remembers trying to get out of Brett Cassel's way as a senior.  I remember Brad being a hustle player who loved the game and played every chance he got (Koons and Holy Name).

After graduating from PSU Brad took a job with Sports Illustrated for 9 years.  He recently moved to Fortune and Money magazine as a senior marketing manager.  Brad lives in Cranford, NJ and he commutes into the city every day.

If you wish to email Brad, his addres is brad_young@timeinc.com

Players of note CDVB 1988 to present

More Varsity Ram volleyball players, 1989 to present.  All the following names are important to the history and tradition of Central Dauphin Volleyball.

Walt Kanelos 1988-90 OH
      -Son is currently playing for WSY 14s
      -07/07 played in the 4th Serrano tournament
      -Son will be a 9th grader at LD this year, Tyler is on Yorktowne 15-1
      -Tyler was the starting setter on Yorktowne 16-1 this past season

Matt Rutter 88-90 OH/S
      -found Matt on Facebook 1-09

Dennis Hohenshelt 1986-88 MH
       -Played college ball a Juniata college
       -7 years Asst. Coach PSU Men
       -2006 moved over to PSU women, Asst coach
       -12/07  helped lead the PSU women to their 2nd National title!!
       -12/08 Asst Coach to the back to back PSU women's volleyball national champs
       -5/09 Was at states cheering on the Rams
Mike Gruin "The Cat"
1988-1989 Setter
     *Attroney in Harrisburg, plays West Shore and LP rec ball
     -03/06 Playing sanction ball with Hburg Divers
     -07/06 Played in Serrano tournament, made playoffs
     -07/07 played in 4th Serrano
     01/09 just had first son with wife Staci Fowler-Gruin, congrats!
Brian Schleig 1988-1989 DS
     -Married, son is "coming of age" to play volleyball.  Plays LP rec ball
     -07/07 played in 4th Serrano, son is now 13 years old!
     -01/09 son is almost of age to play in highschool, at LD!! no!
Brad Ditty 1988-90 DS
Steve Drum 1989-90 S/DS
     -Lives in Alexandria, VA Getting married in fall 07
     -Coaches High School Girl's volleyball and still plays rec ball
     -Just got an email from Steve (10/07) he is coaching NVVA 16s in Chesapeake
      -Saw Steve at East Coast Championships in Pittsburgh (05/08) he is coachins NVVA 16s and he was having a great tournament.  Hope to scrimmage him next season...

Joe Ninosky 
1989-1991 OH
     *Picture hangs at CD for National Merit Honor Student
      -01/09 found Joe on Facebook he live in SD and is going great
      -05/09 Quote "Thanks for finishing business from 1991" you got it my friend
Steven Gruin "Bub"1989-1991 OH
     *Lives in Baltimore, still playing ball
     -03/06 Divers have played twice againt Bub's team in 05/05 sanction season
     -More 2006: Played in Serrano with brother and BZ, 08/06 moved to San Franisco
     -4/07 Heard he is enjoying SF
     -5/08 was in town for Preakness
     -01/09 Bub is engaged!
     -05/09 Bub is getting married in Oct 09 in SF
Jason Lutz 1989-1991 MH
     *Heard he is back in Harrisburg, has a son
      -01/09 found Lutz on facebook living in Tampa
John Barrick 1989-1991 MH/CB (Center Bench)
     -Mid Penn Conference/Commonwealth Division 2009 Coach of the Year
     -Mid Penn Conference/Commonwealth Division 2007 Coach of the Year
     -Current CD Boy's Head Coach (2000 to present)
     -Also coaches WSY Firestorm (2001 to 2008) and CD Girls (2007 to present)
     -Coached at Central Penn College, Head Coach 1996-2002
     -Coached CD East Girls 2002-2006
     -Married (wife Danelle) and one son Tommy, #2 son on
the way
     -Evan Robert Barrick, born 6-20-07, 8 lbs/2os, and 20.5" long
     -Made playoffs in the 4th Serrano tournament (men's BB of course) while playing with    Bauknight and Zeiders-Knouse
     -2009 season will mark 10 years with Coach JB at the helm for the Rams
     -2009 started Triad Volleyball club (eteamz.com/triad) with Trinity and CV coaches
Chris Evangelisti
1990-1992 OH
      *Married, with children & living in the Midwest
      -01/07 Chris email me, he has three kids and has been married for 10 years
       -He plays golf and volleyball year round and has coached some JO ball. 
       -Email address is e-van@flex-n-gate.com
Brad Young 1990-1992 Middle Hitter 
       -Graduated from PSU, job with SI for 9 year, now with Fortune and Money Mag
       -Married, wife Kate one daughter Lilly
Brian Mastervich
1991-1993 OH
Brad Paul  "IceMan"1992-1994 OH
     *Plays LP rec ball, played in 1st Peter Serrano tournament last year
     03/06 team is top notch in LP rec league
     07/06 Played in Serrano for 3rd year in a row
     01/07 Brad has semi joined the Harrisburg Divers to play sanction ball this season
     04/07 Brad played with the Divers at Chesapeake Regionals
     07/07 Played in 4th Serrano (has played in all 4)
     07/08  Made the A final at the 5th Smackdown, finished 2nd out of 18 teams
     05/09  Attended the Rams vs. Herd match
Jason Mansure 93-95 OH/DS
     *Married high school sweetheart, still plays rec ball from time to time
      5-07  Has two beautiful kids and is looking into being a re investor
Aaron Jaminson 1994-1996 OH
     *Married high school sweetheart, living in NYC
Matt Lipsett 1994-96 (?) OH
     *Mom was long time French teacher at CD
     *Looking for info on Matt 2-16-07
Josiah Ludwig
1995-1997 OH
     *Lives in area, just saw him a couple of weeks ago
      07/06 played in Serrano and also plays city island
      01/07 Josiah is playing every Monday night in the LP rec league
      05/07 attended big CD vs. CV matchup
Bernie Liu 1996 DS
     *See Coaching history, Currently Varsity Assistant at CD
     03/06 Bernie is WSY boy's club director and all around loved volleyball person
     08/06 Moved back to Philly, taking classes at Penn
     02/07 Bernie is a member of the KRVA board (boy's rep)
     03/08 Bernie is now the junior's chair for KRVA, he is moving up in the world
Eric Tuttle 1996-1998 OH/S
      1998 Mid Penn All Star
      *Back in area, working at Hershey Hotel "Tuttle Shot" setter dump over net
      01/07 Saw Eric at the mall, he is doing well
      05/09 Eric had first child, a son, at hbg hospital
John Fox 1996-1998 OH
      *Saw John in May 06 at CV match, started own business and has a family
      -4-09 Foxbuilt is John's company, look them up at foxbuilt.com
Jason Carst "Clown Prince of Volleyball CPOV"
1998-2000 MH
     2000 2nd Team Mid Penn All Star
     *Just graduated from Clarion U 5-7-05, moving back to Central PA
     03/06 Coach JB's cousin, working in Harrisburg as of March 06
     09/06 Moved to Dillsburg with girlfriend
     02/07 buying a house in Dillsburg
     11/07 bought home in Middletown and got engaged to long time girlfriend Suzi on the same day.  Getting married Aug 08 in Sunbury, PA
     01/09 first girl is due in May 09
     05/09 Daughter Addy Carst born in Late April 2009
Justin Barry 1998-2000 S
     2000 Mid Penn All Star
     *Went to Grove City College, played club ball there
Mike Christine 1998-2000 S
     *Married, was in air force for 4 years, currently in area trying for gov't job
     03/06 Mike's wife just took a gov't job, he is working for CVS in area
Dave Bickford "Stinky" 1998-2000 DS
     *Works in Harrisburg, played in Peter Serrano last year
      07/06 played in Serrano again
      01/09 found Stinky on Facebook, he lives in Wilmington, DE
Jim Albert 1998-2000 OH/DS
     *Did whatever was asked of him while he played, brother Steve 2005 senior
     -had played in all 4 Serrano tournaments
Jay Gardner
1998-2000 OH
     2000 Mid Penn All Star
      *Signed 6 year with Air Force, still serving
      07/06 according to sources Jay is out of service and back in the area
     -07/07 played in Serrano, back in the area and looking to join a LP winter league team.  Signed another 6 years with the air force.
Nate Garland 1999-2000 OH
     *Graduated from Ship last fall, working in area
Clint Cullison 2000- MH
     *Graduated from Penn Tech, board member Peter Serrano Tournament
     03/06 Clint is playing LP ball and staying involved in volleyball in the area
     07/07 Saw him working at the state captial
Steve Unfried
1999-2002 S
     *Currently attending HACC
      01/07 Heard Steve is engaged
Clifton Sanders "Big Cliffn"2000-2003 OH
     2003 Mid Penn All Star
     *Currently attending Pitt
     -saw Big Cliffn over xmas, he is in his final year at Pitt
     01/09 Cliff has graduated from Pitt
     05/09 Saw Big Cliffn at Carlisle match, he just graduated from Pitt
Mike Proctor 2000-2003 Setter
     *Going to school for Culinary Arts
     03/06 Hung out with Mike at Kokomos, he is working at Felicita as a chef
     01/07 Mike has moved to Florida and is working as a chef down there
Austin Ziltz "Bubba"2001-2004 MH
     -2004 1st Team Mid Penn All Star
     -2003 Mid Penn All Star
     *Attending Bucknell, playing club ball for the Bison
      05/07 still at Bucknell and doing well
Matt Holmes 2002-2004 DS
     *Attending PSU main campus, saw him over the winter at a tournament
Brian Campbell 2003-2004 OH 
     2004 Mid Penn All Star
     *Attending Millersville
     -played in the 07 Serrano with a full beard
     -teamed up with Keegan McCoy for the 2008 Smackdown
Kevin Kilmer 2002-2006 OH/L
     -attending Penn Tech, Williamsport
     -played in the 07 Serrano
     -2008 working at UPS

-1st Ram team to have a winning record in 4 years
Scott Sanders
2005 MB
     *Plans to attend HACC and play club ball
     03/06 playing club ball for HACC
"First Generation" of Junior Olympic volleyball players
Steve Albert "Scuba" 2003-2005 OH
     -05 Mid Penn 1st Team All Star
     *Grove City College, plans to play club ball
     03/06 Steve's team is rank #19 in the nation, awesome
     Club team went to Salt Lake City this year, finished T-3rd
     01/07 Steve's club team is out to 2-0 start to the 07 season
     04/07 Steve attended several CD practices while home over break
     03/08 Saw him at 08 home opener, he will be done with school a year early and he is still playing club ball at GCC.
     01/09 graduated from GCC early, living in DC with a great job
     05/09 got an email from Steve, he is engaged!
Todd Deiter 2003-2005 DS
     *West Chester, scholarship for soccer
      Saw his dad (11/07) going for Masters at WCU, doing well
      01/09 found him on facebook
Brandon Madara 2002-2005 Setter
     *HACC, plans to play clubball for the Hawks
     03/06 playing club ball for HACC
     09/06 assistant Coach at HACC for women's team
     04/07 2nd season playing or HACC
     01/09 helping me coach 18s at Triad
     05/09 Brandon was the JV coach for Cedar Cliff this year he is 0-2 vs. JB
Anthony Arthur "AA" 2003-2005 DS/S
     *Bloomsburg U, plans to play club ball
      11/07 saw him working at Hershey Bear's game, he is currently attending HACC
      01/09 found AA on facebook
Pranav Amin "Mr. 10%" 2003-2005 OH
     *Temple, plans to play club ball for the Owls
     03/06 attended practice for the Rams earlier in 06 season
     Club team went to Nationals at Salt Lake City this year
     01/09 heard from bernie Mr. 10% has moved to New York city
Mike Griesemer "Greezy G" 2004-2005 OH
     *Wilkes U, plans to play club ball
      01/09 found mike on facebook

2006 Seniors
-1st Ram team to reach districts since 2000
Keegan McCoy 2002-2006 MH (3 year JO Player) 
     2006 Mid Penn All Star
     *Attending PSU main, rooming with Dan Marple
     -Got a 3.93 first seminster, saw him at PSU match 2-07
     05/07 helping at practice to get the Rams ready for playoffs
     07/07  played in the 07 Serrano
     03/08  attended practice over spring break, wants to work for NASA once he is done at PSU
     05/09 Keegan cheered us on to our first state tournament at D3 pool play
Dan Marple 2002-2006 MH, S (3 year JO Player) 
    06 1st Team Mid Penn All Star
    05 Mid Penn All Star
     *Attending PSU main, rooming with Keegan McCoy
     -Got a 3.8 first seminster, saw him at PSU 2-07
     07/07 played in the 07 Serrano
     11/07 saw him with girlfriend Kim at a Hershey Bear's game, still getting good grades at Penn State main
     03/08 attended practice over spring break, he is going to make a great coach someday soon
      05/09 Dan has helped out with the team since he has been home from school

2007 Seniors
-Haverford tournament champs 07
-Pan-Ram tournament champs 07
-1st ever CD Mid Penn Commonwealth Division Champions (10-0)
-16-0 undefeated regular season, 1st banner to be hung in the new gym at CD
-1st team to advance past round one of districts since 1994
-Finish T-5th in District Three AAA.
Billy Gordon "Thespian" 2003-07 DS, L (3 year JO player)
      -07 Mid Penn All Star
      -attending Marywood College
      03/08 stopped in at practice, no freshman 15 on him
Jeremy Harris 2005-07 MH
      -attending Pitt in the fall
      -played in the 07 Serrano
      -JH stopped by the Carlilse match 05-09 to say hi
Jeremy Bauknight 2003-07 OH/MH (3 year JO player)
      -07 FAB 40 (pavbcoaches.com) 1st Ram ever named to the prestigious list
      -07 1st Team All District Three
      -07 Mid Penn 1st Team All Star
      -06 2nd Team Mid Penn All Star
      -Lake Lehman All tournament team 2007

      -attending Drexel in the fall
      -played in the 07 Serrano
      -playing club ball at Drexel
Ryan Steele 2004-2007 MH (2 year JO player)
      -attending HACC, plans to play club ball
Shay Zeiders Knouse "Shay-Money" 2003-2007 DS, L (3 year JO player)
     -attending LVC in the fall
     -played in the 07 serrano
     -9/07 saw Shay at LVC, he is doing great and loves college life (playing
     on golf team and thinking about playing LVC club ball)
Pat Ribec 2005-2007 OPP (1 year of JOs)
     -07 Mid Penn 2nd Team All Star
     -looking to play ball in college
     -played in the 07 Serrano
     -he and his brother made the Nazareth College team, congrats
     -2-14-08 Nazareth is ranked #1 in division 3, first time in school history
     03/08 was at home opener with twin brother
     01/09 Soph Pat is playing big for Nazareth

2008 Seniors
-2nd Haverford Tournament
-2nd Pan Ram Tournament
-Incredible 40-10 regular season record (.8%) over past three years
-Three straight trips to district three playoffs
-T-5th District three playoffs, two teams in pool (Hemp, Central Y) made final four in state playoffs
Nick Sheleman 2004-2008 OH  3 year JO Player (WSY, Yorktowne)
     -08 Fab 40 (pavbcoaches.com) Top 40 player in the entire state
     -08 1st Team District Three All Star
     -07 2nd Team District Three All Star
     -07 1st Team Mid Penn All Star
     -08 1st Team Mid Penn All Star
     -All tournament team Lake Lehman 07
     -All tournament team Pan Ram 2008
-Attending PSU Altoona in the fall
     -Finished 3rd in A at the Smackdown 08 with Cleary, Sapen
Brian Keister 2004-2008 L 3 year JO Players (WSY, Yorktowne)
     -08 Mid Penn 2nd Team All Star
     -Attending St. Joe's in the fall
Branden Sapen "Rahem" 2004-2008 OPP/S  2 year JO Player (WSY, Keystone)
     -Attending PSU Altoona in the fall
     -Finished 3rd in A at the Smackdown 08 with Sheleman, Cleary
     -Saw B at the carlisle match 5-9
Matt Cleary 2004-2008 OH/DS 3 year JO Player (WSY, Keystone)
     -Attending Pitt in the fall 
     -Finished 3rd in A at the Smackdown 08 with Sheleman, Sapen
     -Mr. Cleary has attended three ram home matches in 09

2009 Seniors
-Pan Ram tournament Champions
-2nd out of 25 team Dallastown tournament
-16-0 Undefeated regular season record
-Mid Penn Champions, 2nd banner in program history

-Mid Penn Playoff Championships, 1st seed to D3 playoffs
-Won District three pool play, 1st Ram team to advance to states

Connor Ecklund
2005-2009 Setter
       -09 FAB 40 (pavbcoaches.com) Top 40 Player in the entire state
       -All tournament team Lake Lehman 07
       -All tournament team Pan Ram 2008
       -All tournament team Pan Ram 2009
       -MVP State Tournament 2009
       -2007 2nd team Mid Penn All Star
2008 2nd team Mid Penn All Star 
       -2009 1st team Mid Penn All Star
       -2008 District three 2nd team all star
       -2009 District three 1st team all star
-Attending Nazareth College to play volleyball
Danny Bayer
2005-2009 MH
       -2009 Mid Penn All Star HM
-Attending Lehigh on a full ride
Doug Marple 2005-2009 DS/S
        -Attending PSU honors college
Taylor Gatson 2006-2009 OH
       -09 FAB 40 (pavbcoaches.com) Top 40 player in the entire state
       -2009 2nd team Mid Penn All Star
       -2009 STATE Tournament All tournament team
-2009 District Three 2nd team all star
       -Attending Carnegie Mellon
Mike Klobucar
       -Attending IUP
Shane Beachler 2005-07, 2009 DS
       -Going into the Navy in Feb 2010

2010 Seniors
Jon Lutz 2006-2010 OH
      -09 FAB 40 (pavbcoaches.com) Top 40 player in the entire state     
      -2008 Mid Penn 2nd Team All Star 
      -2009 Mid Penn 1st Team All Star
      -Made A2 Junior National team (top 75 players in the nation at his age group)
      -All tournament team Pan Ram 2009
      -2009 STATE tournament All tournament team
-2009 District Three 1st team all star
Lance Johnson 2006-2010 MH
      -2009 2nd Team Mid Penn All Star
      -2009 District Three 2nd team all star

2011 Seniors

2012 Seniors
Kevin Ecklund 2009
      -All tournament team JV Exeter tournament 09

Pictures of 2005 seniors

Pictures of 2005 Seniors

Pictures of 2005 Seniors

Pictures of 2005 Seniors/Team

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