Central Dauphin Boys Volleyball: News

Tuesday, May 31
2011 Mid Penn All Stars

Congrats to the 5 Ram players picked by the opposing coaches for the honor of Mid Penn All Star!  Great job!

1st Team - Gabe Fox, Kevin Ecklund and Patrick Schuyler

2nd Team - Tyler Kanelos and Josh Donahue

Here are the rest of the players picked from the Commonwealth Division



MVP           Mitch Stahl                   Sophomore          Chambersburg  

First Team 

Ray Frazer                      Junior                    Chambersburg

Jon Hittie                        Senior                   Carlisle

Gabe Fox                       Senior                   Central Dauphin

Kevin Ecklund                 Junior                    Central Dauphin

Tate Frazer                     Junior                    Chambersburg

Patrick Schuyler              Junior                    Central Dauphin

Colin Ferguson               Junior                    Cumberland Valley  

Second Team

 Josh Donahue                 Sophomore           Central Dauphin

Tyler Kanelos                  Senior                   Central Dauphin

Tambi Saleem                 Senior                    Central Dauphin East

Ben Hittie                        Sophomore           Carlisle

Stevie Gray                     Senior                   Carlisle 

Honorable Mention 

John Vipperman              Junior                    Cumberland Valley

Travis Hench                  Junior                    Cumberland Valley

Josh Leedy                     Senior                   Chambersburg                                            


 Commonwealth Coach of the Year           Kirk Crouse   Chambersburg


Monday, May 30
Rams end season with loss to Spring Grove in District Play-in

The match started off with 2 evenly matched teams trading points and being tied at 23.  A couple costly errors gave Spring Grove the first set 23-25.  The second set saw us committing far too many hitting errors and not executing our game plan of using our middles against their weaker middle block and we lost 18-25.  In the final set, we dug a huge hole and were down by 15 points before making a furious comeback to end the season 18-25.  It was the first time all season we hit a negative team % - .125.  A bad time to fall short of our potential.  Our young players did a great job and showed much promise for next season... an excellent showing by Patrick Schuyler who led the team in kills, aces, perfect passes, digs and blocks!  It was also great to see a first year athlete, Jordan Bair, end the season as he began - with 100% effort and a willingness to sacrifice everything for his team. 


Kills - 12 Patrick Schuyler, 6 Mario Mellinger, 4 Jordan Bair, 3 Kevin Smith, 1 Gabe Fox & Tyler Kanelos

Hitting % - 1,000 Jordan Bair, .103 Patrick Schuyler, -.125 Kevin Smith, -.176 Mario Mellinger

Assists - 22 Tyler Kanelos, 3 Kevin Ecklund, 1 Josh Donahue

Aces / Errors - 2/2 Patrick Schuyler, 1/2 Mario Mellinger, 0/1 Gabe Fox, Kevin Ecklund, Tyler Kanelos, 0/2 Josh Donahue

Serve Receive - 28 Patrick Schuyler (2.7), 7 Kevin Ecklund (2.46), 4 Josh Donahue (2.57), 3 Mario Mellinger (2.1)

Digs - 11 Patrick Schuyler, 9 Kevin Ecklund, 8 Josh Donahue, 6 Mario Mellinger, 4 Jordan Bair, 3 Gabe Fox & Tyler Kanelos

Blocks - 2 Patrick Schuyler, 1 Jordan Smith & Tyler Kanelos, .5 Jordan Bair & Gabe Fox 


Congrats to the 2011 team for finishing 12-4, 2nd in the Mid Penn Commonwealth Conference, 3rd in District 3.

Tuesday, May 17
Rams beat Cumberland Valley on Senior Night

It was an incredible celebration... alumni night, senior night, last home game.  It was great to have the alums come home and see the 2011 crew play so very well.  The first set was a 25-12 blow out that saw zero service errors and only 1 hitting error.  The second set was closer, 25-18, but some great serving by Tyler Kanelos finally gave us separation and we kept that margin for victory.  The final set was close throughout, but 4 big kills by Mario and 2 timely kills by Patrick sealed the match, 25-23.  It was an incredible finish to the regular season and excellent team play that made the CD Volleyball family proud to wear green and white last night.


Kills - 12 Mario Mellinger, 10 Patrick Schuyler, 4 Gabe Fox, 3 Jordan Smith & Tyler Kanelos

Hitting % - .529 Patrick Schuyler, .500 Tyler Kanelos & Kevin Smith, .455 Mario Mellinger, .333 Gabe Fox

Assists - 33 Tyler Kanelos, 2 Josh Donahue, 1 Patrick Schuyler

Aces / Errors - 1/0 Jordan Smith, 1/1 Tyler Kanelos & Derek Broome, 1/2 Mario Mellinger, 0/1 Patrick Schuyler & Gabe Fox, 0/3 Kevin Ecklund

Serve Receive - 8 Kevin Ecklund (2.64), 7 Josh Donahue (2.67), 5 Patrick Schuyler (2.22), 3 Jordan Smith (2.33)

Digs - 20 Kevin Ecklund, 17 Josh Donahue, 7 Tyler Kanelos, 4 Mario Mellinger & Jordan Smith, 3 Derek Broome & Gabe Fox, 1 Jordan Bair

Blocks - 3 Gabe Fox, 1.5 Tyler Kanelos, 1 Kevin Smith & Patrick Schuyler


Wednesday, May 11
Varsity lose to Chambersburg in 5

Varsity lost a tough match to Chambersburg last night.  The Trojans came out strong and won the first set 16-25.  We rallied and played great to take the 2nd and 3rd sets 25-19 and 25-23.  Chambersburg was not fazed and beat us in the 4th set 12-25.  In the final and deciding set we gave up 6 points in service errors and played not to lose instead of taking them out of system like we had in the 2nd and 3rd sets.  We gave Chambersburg the set 9-15 as well as the match and lost an opportunity to share the Mid Penn Commonwealth Conference Championship.  Our challenge now is to limit our costly mistakes and unite to beat Cumberland Valley and whoever we face in the District 3 Playin.


Kills - 14 Patrick Schuyler, 10 Mario Mellinger and Gabe Fox, 7 Kevin Smith, 4 Jordan Bair

Hitting % - .444 Gabe Fox, .285 Tyler Kanelos, .267 Kevin Smith, .230 Jordan Bair, .217 Mario Mellinger, .143 Patrick Schuyler

Assists - 41 Tyler Kanelos, 2 Josh Donahue, 1 Kevin Ecklund

Aces / Errors - 2/1 Patrick Schuyler, 2/3 Tyler Kanelos, 0/2 Mario Mellinger and Gabe Fox, 0/3 Josh Donahue, 0/6 Kevin Ecklund

Serve Receive - 28 Patrick Schuyler (2.5), 17 Kevin Ecklund (2.52), 5 Josh Donahue (2.71), 5 Mario Mellinger (2.0)

Digs - 18 Kevin Ecklund, 14 Josh Donahue, 7 Patrick Schuyler and Tyler Kanelos, 6 Jordan Smith, 2 Mario Mellinger, Jordan Bair and Gabe Fox

Blocks - 2.5 Jordan Bair and Kevin Smith, 2 Tyler Kanelos, 1.5 Gabe Fox, 1 Patrick Schuyler, .5 Mario Mellinger

Team Stats - Hitting % .243, 4 Aces / 17 Errors, 12 Blocks / 21 Blocking Errors

Wednesday, May 11
Varsity sweep East

The team came out slow against East having to come back to win the first set 28-26.  The second set was all CD as we cruised to a 25-11 victory.  The final set allowed everyone to play and we kept a steady lead as we won 25-19.  Highlights were great Libero play by Josh Donahue and excellent defense by Hoan Truong.  Kevin Smith had a terrific night with 7 kills and 3.5 Blocks.  Overall, it was a great night of volleyball.


Kills - 9 Patrick Schuyler, 7 Kevin Smith, 5 Mario Mellinger and Jordan Bair, 4 Jordan Smith, 2 Derek Broome, Tyler Kanelos & Gabe Fox

Hitting % - .500 Patrick Schuyler, .400 Jordan Bair, .385 Kevin Smith, .333 Jordan Smith, .286 Tyler Kanelos, .188 Mario Mellinger, .000 Derek Broome & Gabe Fox

Assists - 32 Tyler Kanelos

Aces / Errors - 4/1 Derek Broome, 3/0 Gabe Fox, 2/0 Josh Donahue, 1/0 Jordan Smith, 3/2 Tyler Kanelos, 1/1 Patrick Schuyler, 0/1 Mario Mellinger

Serve Receive - 19 Josh Donahue (2.79), 6 Patrick Schuyler (2.85), 5 Jordan Smith (2.83), 2 Mario Mellinger (1.67), 1 Derek Broome (1.6)

Digs - 19 Josh Donahue , 7 Hoan Truong, 6 Patrick Schuyler, 5 Gabe Fox, 4 Tyler Kanelos, 3 Jordan Smith and Jordan Bair, 2 Derek Broome and Kevin Smith, 1 Mario Mellinger

Blocks - 3.5 Kevin Smith, 2.5 Gabe Fox, 1 Jordan Smith,Tyler Kanelos and Mario Mellinger  

Team Stats - Hitting % .301, 14 Aces / 5 Errors, 9 Blocks / 19 Block Errors

Wednesday, May 11
Varsity rally from behind to beat Carlisle in 5

The team had a very slow start against a scrappy Carlisle team and lost the first 2 sets 17-25 and 22-25... at one time in the second set, we were down 14-22.  The 3rd set was closer and we kept a lead much of the time until making some critical errors and allowing Carlisle to tie us at 24.  We faced 2 match points before winning 28-26.  The fourth set was never in doubt and we won 25-14 and we took that momentum into the final set and won 15-5.  Highlights were 23 huge kills by Patrick Schuyler along 4 Aces and 20 digs!  Gabe Fox had 9 kills and 2 blocks and Mario Mellinger had 8 kills and 3 blocks.  Tyler Kanelos had 44 assists to run the offense.  Our defensive leaders were Kevin Ecklund with 24 digs and Josh Donahue with 23 digs.


Kills - 23 Patrick Schuyler, 9 Gabe Fox, 8 Mario Mellinger, 5 Kevin Smith, 4 Jordan Bair

Hitting % - .636 Gabe Fox, .540 Patrick Schuyler, .250 Jordan Bair, .158 Mario Mellinger

Assists - 44 Tyler Kanelos, 5 Kevin Ecklund

Aces / Errors - 1/1 Gabe Fox, 4/5 Patrick Schuyler, 1/2 Josh Donahue, 1/4 Mario Mellinger, 1/4 Kevin Ecklund, 1/6 Tyler Kanelos

Serve Receive - 36 Patrick Schuyler (2.62), 12 Josh Donahue (2.78), 10 Kevin Ecklund (2.62), 2 Mario Mellinger (3.0), 1 Jordan Smith (3.0)

Digs - 24 Kevin Ecklund, 23 Josh Donahue, 20 Patrick Schuyler, 9 Tyler Kanelos, 8 Jordan Smith, 5 Mario Mellinger, 4 Jordan Bair

Blocks - 3 Mario Mellinger, 2 Gabe Fox, 1.5 Patrick Schuyler, 1 Jordan Bair, .5 Kevin Smith

Team Stats - Hitting % .330; 9 Aces / 20 Errors; 8 Blocks / 19 Block Errors

Sunday, May 1
Varsity sweeps Red Land and Cedar Cliff 3-0

We faced 2 opponents this past week and came away with 3-0 victories.  We beat Red Land 25-15, 25-13 and 25-20.  Highlights included 12 Kills by Patrick Schuyler and 10 Kills and no errors by Gabe Fox, who also blocked extremely well.  Tyler put up 34 Assists and Kevin Ecklund got 22 digs.  It was also a big night for sophomore Hoan Truong, who played his first entire set on Varsity.

Stats vs Red Land

Kills - 12 Patrick Schuyler, 10 Gabe Fox, 7 Kevin Smith, 6 Derek Broome, 5 Tyler Kanelos, 2 Mario Mellinger, 1 Jordan Bair

Hitting % - .667 Gabe Fox, .526 Patrick Schuyler, .500 Mario Mellinger, .416 Kevin Smith, .375 Tyler Kanelos, .250 Derek Broome

Assists - 34 Tyler Kanelos, 1 Josh Donahue, 1 Kevin Ecklund

Aces / Errors - 2/1 Kevin Ecklund, 2/2 Mario Mellinger, 1/2 Josh Donahue, 0/1 Derek Broome, 0/1 Gabe Fox, 0/2 Tyler Kanelos

Serve Receive Perfect Passes - 13 Patrick Schuyler (2.76), 6 Kevin Ecklund (2.27), 4 Derek Broome (2.6), 3 Hoan Truong (3.0), 2 Jordan Smith (3.0) and Josh Donahue (2.5)

Digs - 22 Kevin Ecklund, 10 Josh Donahue, 9 Patrick Schuyler

Blocks - 2 Gabe Fox, 1 Mario Mellinger, .5 Derek Broome, Kevin Smith & Tyler Kanelos

We then faced Cedar Cliff on the road and won 25-16, 25-23 & 25-22.  The second set saw us make a 7 point run to come back from 5 points down and beat Cedar Cliff while they sat at 23 points.  We made a lot of hitting errors which cost us (our team hitting % was .158), but had good play from Patrick Schuyler with 12 kills and Gabe Fox with 7 kills and 4 big blocks.  Josh Donahue stepped in at Libero to replace an injured Kevin Ecklund and got 19 digs... Hoan Truong did a great job at DS with 12 digs and solid passing. Tyler Kanelos showed some terrific leadership getting 28 assists, but also pulling the team together between points and keeping focused on the goal. 

Cedar Cliff Stats

Kills - 12 Patrick Schuyler, 7 Gabe Fox, 4 Mario Mellinger, Kevin Smith & Tyler Kanelos, 2 Jordan Bair and 1 Derek Broome

Hitting % - .409 Patrick Schuyler, .250 Jordan Bair, .230 Gabe Fox, 000 Kevin Smith & Derek Broome, -.2.94 Mario Mellinger

Assists - 28 Tyler Kanelos, 1 Josh Donahue, 1 Patrick Schuyler

Service Aces / Errors - 1/1 Derek Broome & Josh Donahue,  1/2 Patrick Schuyler, 0/4 Tyler Kanelos

Serve Receive - 9 Josh Donahue (2.53), 8 Patrick Schuyler (2.44), 3 Hoan Truong  (2.75)

Digs - 19 Josh Donahue, 12 Hoan Truong, 9 Patrick Schuyler, 4 Gabe Fox

Blocks - 4 Gabe Fox, 2.5 Tyler Kanelos, 1.5 Kevin Smith, 1 Patrick Schuyler, .5 Mario Mellinger



Wednesday, April 27
JV Rams WIN big over Red Land!

The JV Rams took a step in the right direction with a big win over Red Land. The JV Rams where lead with awesome passes from Hoan, Evan, Justin M! Nick tied his season high for assists with 20! Scores: 25-16, 17-25, 18-16!

Kills: Tyler-5, Matt B-4, Keith-3, Nick-3, Justin W-2, Brian-2, Mike-1, Greg-1, Evan-1, Hoan-1

Assists: Nick-20, Hoan-2, Evan/Justin M-1

Aces: Nick-1

Perfect Passes: Hoan-9, Evan-5, Justin M-3, Nate-3, Mike-3

Digs: Hoan-14, Nick-9, Evan-8, Justin M-4, Nate-3

Great Win Guys! 


Wednesday, April 27
JV Rams First Half Round Up

The JV Rams have had their hands full this season, with only4 returns and a lot of new blood on the volleyball court this season. The JVRams have shown they have what is takes to be the future of the Central Dauphinvolleyball program. Congratulations on the JV Rams for a great first half ofthe season going 3-5 in games thus far.

*I don’t have stats for every game so far


3/29: JV Rams Lose to Lower Dauphin in 2!


3/30: JV Rams WIN against Hershey: 25-18, 15-18

Kills: Chris-5, Nick-4, Matt P-3, Keith-2, Greg-2, Tyler-2,Mike-1, Justin W-1, Hoan-1

Assist: Nick-15, Nate-2, Hoan/Evan/Justin M-1

Aces/Errors: Nate-3/1, Matt P 1/1, Nick-3/1, Justin M- 2/0

Perfect Pass: Evan-5, Justin M-5, Keith-2, Nate-2

Digs: Justin M.-8, Evan-6, Nate-5, Hoan-4, Nick-3


3/31: JV Rams Lose to Mechanicsburg!


4/1: Bobcat Invitational:

JV Rams Have an early exit fortheir first tournament of the season!

Kills: Chris-8, Nick-8, Brian-4, Matt P./Keith/Tyler/JustinW—all had 2, Matt B-1, Nate-1

Hitting %: Nick-.421%, Keith-.333%, Justin W-.285%,Tyler-.285%, Chris-.285%, Brian-.267%, Nate-.143%, Matt P-.143%

Blocks: Chris-6, Brian-2, Matt B-2, Mike-1, Keith-1

Perfect Pass: Evan-21, Nate-18, Justin M-14, Hoan-4, JustinW-4

Digs: Nate-12, Hoan-9, Evan-7, Justin M-5


4/5: JV Rams WIN against Carlisle! 25-15, 25-16!

            Kills: Nick-6, Chris-5, MattB-2, Tyler/Matt P/Keith-1

Hitting %: Nick 1.00%, Matt P-1.00%, Chris-.625%,Tyler-.500%, Matt B.-.400%, Keith-.333%

Assist: Nick-9, Hoan-4

Perfect Pass: Hoan-7, Nate-1

Digs: Hoan-5, Nate-3, Nick-3


4/7: JV Rams BEAT cross district rival CD East in Two!25-21, 25-20

            Kills: Chris-6, Matt B-5, MattP-3, Nick/Mike-2, Brian/Nate/Tyler/Keith-1

Hitting %- Matt P-.750%, Mike-.667%, Matt B-.556%,Chris-.429%, Keith-.333%, Nick-.286%, Nate-.167%, Tyler-.143%

Assist: Nick-20, Evan/Hoan-1

Aces: Keith-3, Matt P.-2, Nick-2

Perfect Pass: Hoan-5, Nate-5, Justin M.-4, Evan-3

Digs: Evan-6, Hoan-6, Justin M-4, Nick-3


4/12: JV Rams Lose to a tough Chambersburg Team: 19-25,20-25

            Kills: Chris-5, Matt B.-4,Nick-3, Justin W-2, Greg-2, Justin M-1

            Assists: Nick-11, Hoan-2

            Aces: Nick-2, Justin W-1

            Perfect Pass:  Hoan-6, Nate-4, Justin M-3, Evan-3, JustinW.-1

            Digs: Hoan-9, Justin M-5,Nate-4, Nick-2

            Blocks:  Nate-1


4/18: JV Lose to Cumberland Valley in 2! 22-25, 12-25!

            Kills: Matt B-4, Nick-4,Keith-2, Tyler-1, Mike-1, Brian-1

            Assists: Nick-5, Evan-3, JustinM-3, Hoan-1


            Perfect Pass: Evan-5, JustinM-4, Hoan/Mike/Nate-1

            Digs:  Nick-3, Evan/Justin M/Hoan-2, Matt P-1

            Blocks: Matt B-2, Keith-1


4/20 JV Loses in 3 to the Northern Polar Bears!

            Kills: Nick-5, Keith-4, MattB-4, Mike-3, Brian-2, Tyler/Justin W-1

            Assists: Nick-12, Hoan-4, Evan-1

            Aces: Justin W-2, Justin M-1,Mike-1, Brian-1

            Perfect Passes: Hoan-13, Evan-4,Nate-3, Justin M-2

            Digs: Hoan-11, Evan-9, JustinM-5, Brian-3, Nick-2

            Blocks: Brian-1




Sunday, April 24
Rams finish 2nd in the Pan Ram Tourney

The day started as it ended, with the Rams in a tough match against a very good Spring Grove team.  Both teams had won their pools with both teams finishing with a 7-1 set record.  Our only losses were to to each other and it was a great match-up for the tournament finals.

Pool play started with us playing Spring Grove... first set we came out strong and won 25-14, then lost the 2nd set when they cut down on their errors 22-25.  We played a tough blocking Gov. Mifflin team next and won both sets 25-21 and 25-23.  We then faced a scrappy Eastern York team and won 25-22 and 25-19.  We then faced Carlisle who won their play in match vs. CD East and beat them 30-15.  Spring Grove beat Eastern York to meet us in the finals.  We stayed even with them and were tied at 18 before making some critical errors and giving our opponents a 5 point lead that they would not relinquish.  Overall it was a good tournament, but I would have preferred to keep the trophy in our house.

Congrats to Tyler Kanelos and Patrick Schuyler for being named All Tournament along with Jon Hittie from Carlisle, Dan Myers from Eastern York and Cameron Mummer, Brady Markle from Spring Grove.

Stats -

Kills - 32 Patrick Schuyler, 20 Mario Mellinger, 16 Gabe Fox, 13 Kevin Smith, 10 Jordan Bair, 3 Tyler Kanelos, 1 Derek Broome

Hitting % - .577 Gabe Fox, .500 Jordan Bair, .478 Kevin Smith, .356 Patrick Schuyler, .243 Mario Mellinger, 1000 Tyler Kanelos (3/3), 1000 Derek Broome (1/1)

Assists - 90 Tyler Kanelos

Aces / Errors - 1/1 Gabe Fox, 2/3 Josh Donahue, 2/4 Kevin Ecklund, 2/5 Tyler Kanelos, 0/2 Patrick Schuyler, 3/13 Mario Mellinger

Serve Receive - 32 Kevin Ecklund (2.67), 30 Josh Donahue (2.63), 20 Patrick Schuyler (2.52), 6 Mario Mellinger (2.4)

Digs - 33 Josh Donahue, 32 Kevin Ecklund, 15 Patrick Schuyler, 13 Tyler Kanelos, 11 Mario Mellinger

Blocks - 5.5 Gabe Fox, 5 Kevin Smith, 4.5 Patrick Schuyler,  1 Tyler Kanelos, .5 Mario Mellinger and Jordan Bair

Tuesday, April 19
Rams beat Cumberland Valley with a strong finish

After a slow start filled with errors, the team settled down and finished well vs. a young CV team.  The team still missed 22 serves and tried very hard to lose the 2nd set after losing the first set 21-25.  The second set score was 25-20.  Our team hitting % was .250 and our kills made up for the unforced errors that gave our opponents 15 points in the first set and 12 points in the second set.  If we are to beat tougher teams, we need to limit these gifts to our competition.  The final 2 sets were 25-11 (6 unforced errors) and 25-12 (8 unforced errors).  We are close to being competitive, but need to push each other and play together better - our individual stats don't mean anything if the team isn't playing well.   Highlights were the excellent Libero play of Josh Donahue with 24 digs and a great passing night at 2.89.  Patrick Schuyler lead the team with 18 kills, 4 blocks and 2.94 passing - a great all around performance.  Tyler Kanelos had 40 assists to lead the offense and contributed with 5 big aces and a couple very nice dumps. Finally, Kevin Smith had one of his best offensive nights with 9 kills and hitting .571!  Great job. 


Kills - 18 Patrick Schuyler, 9 Kevin Smith, 8 Gabe Fox, 5 Mario Mellinger, 2 Tyler Kanelos & Josh Donahue

Hitting % - .667 Josh Donahue, .571 Kevin Smith, .342 Patrick Schuyler, .286 Tyler Kanelos, .263 Gabe Fox, -.066 Mario Mellinger, -.166 Jordan Bair, -200 Kevin Ecklund

Assists - 40 Tyler Kanelos, 2 Kevin Ecklund, 1 Josh Donahue

Aces / Errors - 5/4 Tyler Kanelos, Kevin Ecklund 3/2, 0/1 Kevin Smith, 0/2 Josh Donahue, 0/3 Patrick Schuyler, 0/4 Gabe Fox, 0/6 Mario Mellinger

Serve Receive Perfect Passes - 20 Josh Donahue (2.83), 16 Patrick Schuyler (2.94), 8 Kevin Ecklund (2.89), 3 Mario Mellinger (2.75), 1 Derek Broome (2.5) & Jordan Smith (3.0)

Digs - 24 Josh Donahue, 11 Jordan Smith, 10 Kevin Ecklund, 9 Patrick Schuyler, 3 Tyler Kanelos, 2 Mario Mellinger & Gabe Fox

Blocks - 4 Patrick Schuyler, 3.5 Gabe Fox, 2 Kevin Smith, 1 Jordan Bair & Tyler Kanelos 

Sunday, April 24
Congrats to Connor Ecklund and his Nazareth team #1 in the Nation!
CD Alum Connor Ecklund served for Match point in the National Championship Game vs. top seeded Springfield University.  Nazareth defeated Springfield 25-23, 22-25, 25-23 and 25-22.  Connor now has a State Championship and National Championship on his resume!  Congrats.

Tuesday, April 19
Rams lose to Chambersburg in 5

After a strong start where we won the first set 25-16 and the second 25-21, we allowed our vistor's to come back and win the next three sets 19-25, 22-25 and 10-15.  15 team service errors and a low team hitting % of just .152 cost us a chance to top the Mid Penn Commonwealth leader board.  Our highlights were a solid hitting (17 Kills and .208%) and passing performance (39 perfect passes and a 2.61%) by Patrick Schuyler, who was targetted but came through with flying colors.  Also a great all around performance by Gabe Fox (10 Kills and .500% and 3.5 Blocks).  We need to limit our errors and keep a lead against good teams that will push back when they are down.  This match is a big wake up call if we want to extend the regular season!


Kills - 17 Patrick Schuyler, 10 Gabe Fox, 5 Mario Mellinger & Kevin Smith & Tyler Kanelos, 4 Jordan Bair

Hitting % - .500 Gabe Fox, .400 Tyler Kanelos, .208 Patrick Schuyler, .200 Jordan Bair, -.037 Mario Mellinger, -.083 Kevin Smith

Assists - 36 Tyler Kanelos, 3 Kevin Ecklund, 1 Josh Donahue

Aces / Errors - 2/3 Mario Mellinger & Tyler Kanelos, 0/1 Patrick Schuyler & Kevin Ecklund, 0/3 Gabe Fox, 0/4 Josh Donahue

Serve Receive Perfect Passes - 39 Patrick Schuyler (2.61), 8 Josh Donahue (2.63) & Kevin Ecklund (2.46), 1 Jordan Smith (2.33)

Digs - 22 Kevin Ecklund, 16 Patrick Schuyler, 8 Josh Donahue & Tyler Kanelos, 5 Jordan Smith, 4 Gabe Fox

Blocks - 3.5 Gabe Fox, 1.5 Mario Mellinger & Jordan Bair, .5 Kevin Smith

Friday, April 8
Everyone Contributes in Big Win at East

Every Ram player got at least one kill in a big win against the Panthers.  Our scores were 25-11, 25-9 and 25-18.  Some highlights were another errorless performance by Gabe Fox and an awesome 31 kill, some terrific aces by Tyler Kanelos, Kevin Ecklund and Mario Mellinger and some big kills by Kevin Ecklund, showing off his all around talents (but he will remain the best Libero in the Mid Penn!).  Josh Donahue did a great job at Libero last night with 10 perfect passes (2.9 out of 3.0) and 10 digs.  It was a good night.


Kills - Patrick Schuyler, Gabe Fox and Kevin Ecklund 6, Kevin Smith 5, Mario Mellinger, Jordan Bair and Jordan Smith 2, Derek Broom, Josh Donahue and Tyler Kanelos 1

Hitting % - Josh Donahue 1,000 (1 for 1), Gabe Fox .667, Kevin Ecklund and Derek Broome .500, Patrick Schuyler .267, Jordan Bair .143, Kevin Smith .077

Assists - Tyler Kanelos 30

Aces / Errors - Tyler Kanelos 3/1, Kevin Ecklund 3/2, Mario Mellinger 3/3, Patrick Schuyler 2/0, Jordan Smith 2/0, Gabe Fox 2/2, Josh Donahue 1/1, Kevin Smith 0/2

Perfect Passes - Josh Donahue 10 (2.9), Kevin Ecklund 4 (3.0), Patrick Schuyler 2 (3.0)

Digs - Josh Donahue 10, Patrick Schuyler 7, Jordan Smith 6, Kevin Ecklund 5

Blocks - Kevin Smith 1.5, Jordan Bair, Derek Broome, Kevin Ecklund .5

Tuesday, April 5
Rams Varsity Beat Carlisle at Home

In a strong showing, the Varsity came out hitting strong at .250 for the team.  The scores were 25-16, 25-16 and 25-23.  We are still making too many service errors at 14, but we are hitting and blocking well.  Everyone contributed to this victory.  Congrats to Tyler Kanelos with 32 Assists and Kevin Ecklund with 25 digs!  Both boys were in top form tonight. Patrick Schuyler had some incredible kills and hit a couple perfect stacks straight down.  He had 12 kills only playing in 2 sets!!! Gabe Fox also hit an amazing .727% with no errors and 8 huge kills.  Kevin Smith also had a big night hitting .429!  Jordan Bair did a fabulous job blocking their outside hitter... considering he is still learning this game, his play was outstanding!  Great job guys.


Kills - Patrick 12, Gabe Fox and Kevin Smith 8, Mario Mellinger 3, Jordan Bair 2

Hitting % - Gabe Fox .727, Patrick Schuyler .550, Kevin Smith .429, TYler Kanelos . 200

Assists - Tyler Kanelos 32, Kevin Ecklund 2, Kevin Smith 1

Aces / Errors - Derek Broome 1/0, Kevin Ecklund 1/2, Josh Donahue 1/2, Tyler Kanelos 1/3, Mario Mellinger 1/3, Jordan Smith 0/1, Gabe Fox 0/3

Perfect Passes - Kevin Ecklund 10 (2.56), Patrick Schuyler 5 (2.63), Josh Donahue 4 (2.6), Jordan Smith 3 (1.75)

Digs - Kevin Ecklund 25, Josh Donahue 9, Tyler Kanelos 6, Patrick Schuyler 5, Jordan Smith 4, Mario Mellinger and Gabe Fox 3, Kevin Smith 1

Blocks - Gabe Fox and Kevin Smith 2, Tyler Kanelos 1

Tuesday, April 5
Rams finish 5th in Bobcat Invitational

CD had a good day before bowing out in the Quarterfinals to a strong Erie McDowell team.  The morning pool had us beating Warwick 30-23, Parkland 30-23 and West York 30-12.  We then faced the host, Northeastern and lost 18-30... we had just 8 kills vs. their tough defense.  Against the good teams we really need to limit our errors and play smarter. In the afternoon playin, we faced a decent Freedom team, but stayed in front the whole way to win 15-12, 15-10.  We then faced York Suburban, in the first round of the Championship Brackets.  Their scrappy play gave us plenty of trouble in the first set until we dug out of the huge hole we put ourselves in and won 16-14.  The second set found us in control the whole time and finishing 15-11.  That win put us in the Quarterfinals vs. Erie McDowell.  They were very strong and we came out flat in the first set and lost 15-4.  Then we rebounded and played them even to 12 before a few costly errors gave them the win at 15-12.  I liked the emotion and team play by the boys as they refused to give up without a fight.  McDowell went on to be beaten by Hempfield in the Semi's.  We were in good company and saw where we needed to be playing at the end of the season.


Kills - Patrick Schuyler 31, Mario Mellinger 24, Gabe Fox and Kevin Smith 16, Jordan Bair 8, Jordan Smith 4, Tyler Kanelos 3, Derek Broome 1

Hitting % - Kevin Smith .429, Patrick Schuyler .257, Derek Broome .250, Jordan Smith .240, Mario Mellinger .245, Gabe Fox .205, Tyler Kanelos .118, Jordan Bair .111

Assists - Tyler Kanelos 94, Mario Mellinger 1, Patrick Schuyler 1, Kevin Ecklund 1

Aces/Errors - Derek Broome 2/1, Jordan Smith 1/0, Mario Mellinger 2/4, Josh Donahue 1/5, Gabe Fox 1/8, Tyler Kanelos 1/8, Patrick Schuyler 0/2, Kevin Ecklund 0/2

Perfect Passes - Kevin Ecklund 35, Patrick Schuyler 35, Josh Donahue 22, Mario Mellinger 10

Digs - Kevin Ecklund 57, Josh Donahue 35, Patrick Schuyler 14

Blocks - Gabe Fox 4, Tyler Kanelos and Patrick Schuyler 3, Kevin Smith 1.5


Friday, April 1
Rams win big against Mechanicsburg

The Varsity played well against a struggling Wildcat team who had to play some of their Varsity seniors against the JV due to low numbers on their team.  The Varsity scores were 25-8, 25-21 and 25-8.  It was great to see us try some stacks and other risky plays during the match.  Tyler Kanelos had 8 Aces for an incredible serving night.  Patrick had some incredible kills and Mario made a huge impact on the outside.  Jordan Bair put up a solid block and Kevin E. and Josh were able to convert many free balls and tips into points with their excellent digging.


Kills - Patrick Schuyler 11; Kevin Smith 7; Mario Mellinger 6; Gabe Fox 3; Jordan Bair 2

Hitting % - Tyler Kanelos 1000; Kevin Smith .583; Patrick Schuyler .500; Mario Mellinger .364; Jordan Bair .333; Gabe Fox .286

Assists - Tyler Kanelos 30; Kevin Ecklund 2

Aces/Errors - Tyler Kanelos 8/2; Patrick Schuyler 4/2; Mario Mellinger 3/3; Josh Donahue 2/2; Kevin Ecklund 1/1; Kevin Smith 0/4

Perfect Passes - Kevin Ecklund 11 (2.36); Josh Donahue 8 (3.0); Patrick Schuyler 3 (2.0); Mario Mellinger 2 (3.0)

Digs - Kevin Ecklund 14; Josh Donahue 8; Mario Mellinger and Patrick Schuyler 4

Blocks - Gabe Fox 2.5; Jordan Bair 1.5; Tyler Kanelos 1


Friday, April 1
Rams win Home Opener!

Both the JV and Varsity beat Hershey for a strong showing in our first Home competition!  Varsity scores were 27-25, 25-21 and 25-15.  Overall there were some excellent individual performances by Patrick Schuyler and our twin towers in the middle... Gabe Fox and Kevin Smith.  Everyone played and contributed to our victory.  Great job Rams!

Stats -

Kills - Patrick Schuyler 14; Gabe Fox 10; Kevin Smith 6; Jordan Bair 2

Hitting % - Jordan Bair .500; Tyler Kanelos .500; Kevin Smith .455; Gabe Fox .368; Mario Mellinger 1000 (1 kill for 1 attempt)

Assists - Tyler Kanelos 31

Aces/Errors - Kevin Ecklund, Josh Donahue and Gabe Fox 1/2; Tyler Kanelos 1/4; Patrick Schuyler 0/1; Jordan Smith 0/3

Perfect Passes - Kevin Ecklund 10 (2.71); Patrick Schuyler 8 (2.0); Josh Donahue 7 (2.75); Jordan Smith 4 (2.67); Mario Mellinger 2 (3.0); Derek Broome 2 (1.75)

Digs - Kevin Ecklund 20; Tyler Kanelos 9; Josh Donahue 5, Derek Broome and Gabe Fox 3

Blocks - Tyler Kanelos 3; Jordan Bair 2; Gabe Fox 1.5, Patrick Schuyler 1


Friday, April 1
Rams lose Mid Penn opener to Lower Dauphin

The team came out strong and won the first set 26-24.  The second set we lost 19-25 on 6 service errors.  The third we came back with some excellent passing and won 25-20.  The fourth set was close till LD made a run at the end and won 20-25.  LD was up much of the deciding set, but we had 2 runs where we came within 2 points and ended up just short at 12-15.  Team errors in serving and passing cost us... we need to work harder to keep a lead when we play a good opponent like LD.


Kills - Gabe Fox 17; Patrick Schuyler 15; Kevin Smith 8; Mario Mellinger 5

Hitting % - Gabe Fox .500; Tyler Kanelos .333; Kevin Smith .316; Patrick Schuyler .152; Josh Donahue 1000 (1 kill for 1 attempt) 

Assists - Tyler Kanelos 44, Kevin Ecklund 3, Josh Donahue 1

Aces/Errors - Josh Donahue 2/3; Patrick Schuyler 1/2; Tyler Kanelos 1/5; Mario Mellinger 0/1; Gabe Fox 0/2; Kevin Smith 0/2; Kevin Ecklund 0/4

Perfect Passes - Kevin Ecklund 14 (2.47 out of 3); Patrick Schuyler 14 (2.40); Josh Donahue 7 (2.56); Jordan Smith 5 (1.92)

Digs - Patrick Schuyler 24; Kevin Ecklund 18; Josh Donahue 10, Mario Mellinger 7, Tyler Kanelos 6

Blocks - Gabe Fox 3; Tyler Kanelos 3; Patrick Schuyler 2; Kevin Smith and Mario Mellinger 1.5


Friday, April 1
Varsity ties for 5th in the North Allegheny Tourney

Varsity went to Pittsburgh for the North Allegheny Tourney on Saturday.  We came in second in our morning pool, beating Montour and Upper St. Clair and losing a close set to Fox Chapel.  In the afternoon we played in a tough pool, facing Central York and losing 2 sets, then splitting with Ambridge - winning the first set convincingly and letting down to lose the second.  We had to take a set vs. Seneca Valley to get a good seed in the brackets and we split with them.  We ended up 6th in the tourney and won our first match vs. Central Catholic before facing Central York again in the Quarterfinals.  It was close, but we lost and were eliminated.  Central York went on to be in the Finals vs. North Allegheny.

Stats -

Kills - Patrick Schuyler 51, Kevin Smith 19, Gabe Fox 14, Mario Mellinger 10

Hitting % - Tyler Kanelos 1,000; Kevin Smith .630, Jordan Smith .600, Patrick Schuyler .465

Assists - Tyler Kanelos 97; Kevin Ecklund 2; Josh Donahue 2

Service Aces / Errors - Tyler Kanelos 9/7; Patrick Schuyler 3/4; Josh Donahue 2/2; Kevin Smith 1/8; Gabe Fox 0/1; Mario Mellinger 0/3; Kevin Ecklund 0/7

Perfect Passes - Kevin Ecklund 67; Patrick Schuyler 34, Josh Donahue 15

Blocks - Kevin Smith 5; Gabe Fox 2.5; Mario Mellinger and Patrick Schuyler 2


Saturday, March 19
Rams play well at Exeter Scrimmage

Congrats for a good kickoff of the 2011 season. Some highlights were the play of the Twin Towers... great job Gabe and Kevin!...Mario's big backrow attacks...Jordan Bair's first kills as a volleyball player...Patrick running the stack perfectly... triple blocks!!!  Tyler ran a great attack all day and our passers were fabulous - great job Josh, Kevin and Patrick.

 Cumulative Statistics

Kills - Patrick Schuyler 27, Gabe Fox 23, Mario Mellinger 11, Kevin Smith 9, Derek Broome 8, Tyler Kanelos 7, Kevin Ecklund 5, Jordan Bair 4, Jordan Smith 2

Hitting % - Gabe Fox .525, Jordan Bair .375, Patrick Schuyler .328, Tyler Kanelos .286, Derek Broome .200, Mario Mellinger .171, Kevin Smith .156, Jordan Smith .143, Kevin Ecklund -.167

 Aces / Errors - Tyler Kanelos 7/2, Jordan Smith 4/2, Josh Donahue 6/7, Kevin Smith 4/7, Kevin Ecklund 3/8, Patrick Schuyler 2/6,  Mario Mellinger 0/4

Blocking - Gabe Fox 6.5, Tyler Kanelos 3, Patrick Schuyler and Mario Mellinger 2.5, Kevin Smith 1.5, Jordan Bair 1, Jordan Smith .5

Assists - Tyler Kanelos 86, Josh Donahue 3

Digs - Josh Donahue 24, Kevin Ecklund 12, Patrick Schuyler and Tyler Kanelos and Mario Mellinger 6, Kevin Smith 5

Perfect Passes - Josh Donahue 55, Kevin Ecklund 30, Patrick Schuyler 22, Jordan Smith 3


Wednesday, March 9
2011 Rams Roster

2011 Varsity Team

Jordan Bair - SR OH/OPP

Derek Broome - SR OH

Josh Donahue - SO DS/L

Kevin Ecklund - JR L/OH

Gabe Fox - SR MH

Tyler Kanelos - SR S

Mario Mellinger - SR OPP

Patrick Schuyler - JR OH

Jordan Smith - SR OH /DS 

Kevin Smith - JR MH


2011 Junior Varsity Team

Matt Baer - FR MH

Bryan Cleary - FR OH/OPP

Evan Davis - SO DS/L

Chris Johnston - SO MH/OPP

Tyler Gallmann - SO OH

Justin Mensh - SO L/DS

Keith Miller - SO OPP

Matt Peron - FR MH

Mike Ragan - FR OH

Greg St.Clair - SO MH/OPP

Hoan Truong - SO L/DS/S

Nate Veli - SO DS/L/OH

Nick Vereb - SO S

Justin Whitman - FR OH

Friday, May 28
Central Dauphin Boy's Volleyball Camp 2010

Volleyball Camp for players entering grades 6-11 - rising seniors are welcome to come as Asst. coaches and will receive compensation for their time invested in the Rams Volleyball Program 

Mon - Thursday July 26-29 @ Central Dauphin HS from 1-4:30 PM

Please open the flyer by clicking Camps below.  You can help me reserve your spot (and order your t-shirt size) by emailing me at coachkelly33@gmail.com - you can send your registration by mail by the July 16th deadline...if you are paying by check, make checks payable to Coach Kelly.

Handout: Camps

Friday, May 28
Mid Penn All Stars

Congrats to our Mid Penn All Stars for 2010!

1st Team - Jonathan Lutz and Lance Johnson

Honorable Mention - Kevin Ecklund

Friday, May 28
Rams bow out of District Playoffs

The day couldn't have started better, with an excellent 1st set win against a tough Central York squad.  We were beaten the next 2 sets to lose that match 25-21, 18-25, 14-25.  The last set seemed to take the wind out of our sails for the key match against Hempfield.  We came out strong, but fell behind early and bravely pulled back to 23-24 before a tough call gave the 1st set to Hempfield.  Lance had an extremely athletic play that would have tied the set and seen us surge into a possible victory.  Instead we had our worst team Hitting % match ever at .078 to lose the deciding set to Hempfield (who later beat Central York to win our pool).  The scores were 23-25, 18-25, 18-25.  The final match was against an also eliminated team, Lower Dauphin.  Since we had no chance to move on, we played a preview of next season... with only one Captain remaining on the floor for the 1st two sets and in the final set only juniors, sophomores and a freshman playing.  It showed we have much promise for the future and I was especially pleased with the court leadership shown by juniors Tyler Kanelos, Mario Mellinger and Gabe Fox.  Our talented sophomores, Patrick Schuyler and Kevin Smith, played well and joined a strong youth movement already led by sophomore Kevin Ecklund and freshman Josh Donahue.  Even though we lost the match 15-25, 25-22, 21-25, it was a good way to go out - looking to the future!

Here are the stats for each match - for some reason blocking stats were not taken, but everything else is accurate.

Vs. Central York

Kills - Jonathan Lutz 18, Lance Johnson 8, Colin Schuyler 4

Hitting % - Lance Johnson .533, Jonathan Lutz .224, Colin Schuyler .083

Assists - Tyler Kanelos 31

Serve Receive - Jonathan Lutz (2.5) and Kevin Ecklund (2.8) 15, Josh Donahue 6 (2.9), Patrick Schuyler 5 (2.8), Mario Mellinger 4 (2.8)

Digs - Kevin Ecklund 10, Patrick Schuyler 8, Jonathan Lutz 7, Josh Donahue 6 

Vs. Hempfield

Kills - Jonathan Lutz 11, Lance Johnson 8, Patrick Schuyler 4, Colin Schuyler 3

Hitting % - Lance Johnson .285, Jonathan Lutz .083, Patrick Schuyler .058

Assists - Tyler Kanelos 27

Aces - Jonathan Lutz, Lance Johnson and Kevin Ecklund 1

Serve Receive - Jonathan Lutz 29 (2.5) - great passing!!!, Kevin Ecklund 9 (2.6), Josh Donahue 4 (2.1)

Digs - Kevin Ecklund and Josh Donahue 9, Patrick Schuyler 7

 Vs. Lower Dauphin

Kills - Patrick Schuyler 6, Gabe Fox and Lance Johnson 5, Kevin Smith 3, Mario Mellinger and Tyler Kanelos 2

Hitting % - Kevin Smith .750, Lance Johnson .555, Tyler Kanelos .500, Gabe Fox .454, Patrick Schuyler .211

Assists - Tyler Kanelos 18

Aces - Gabe Fox and Kevin Ecklund 2, Jordan Smith 1

Serve Receive - Patrick Schuyler 15 (2.4), Kevin Ecklund 9 (2.2), Josh Donahue 4 (2.5)

Digs - Kevin Ecklund and Patrick Schuyler 7, Jordan Smith 3, Mario Mellinger 2


Final note - although the season did not end as we hoped it would, it was a joy for Coach Baranowski and myself to have the privilige of coaching all these fine young men.   I know I am looking forward to cheering on Jon Lutz at George Mason, Lance Johnson at Pfieffer University, Aaron Kerschner at Ramapo College and Sam Cheadle at HAAC next season.  I know they will represent Central Dauphin Ram Alumni well.   I think we will all look back on this season and remember the excellent home victory against CV to grab our share of the Conference title and the fun wins on Sr. night and against Conastoga Valley to open Districts.  Good job, Rams!

Tuesday, May 25
Rams win big vs. Conastoga Valley in District Play-in Match

Congrats on an excellent victory vs. Conastoga Valley, 25-13, 25-20, 25-17.  The team came out strong and never looked back as we dominated every aspect of the match.  I was especially pleased with our serving tough to the weak passers and much improved blocking on our opponents outside hitters.  Kevin Ecklund had 23 digs to keep the ball in play for our offense.  Both our Middles hit very well with Lance and Colin only making 1 error each and combining for 15 kills.  Great job, Rams!  We will face a challenge in the District pool play tomorrow having to be in the top 2 of a tough pool to go on to the District Finals and then States.  The matches are at Central York HS and begin at 4:30 PM.  Come support our Rams volleyball team as we take on Central York, Hempfield and Lower Dauphin!

Kills - Jonathan Lutz 14, Lance Johnson 8, Colin Schuyler 7, Patrick Schuyler 5

Hitting % - Lance Johnson .538, Colin Schuyler and Mario Mellinger .500, Jonathan Lutz .322

Assists - Tyler Kanelos 30, Josh Donahue 1

Aces - Patrick Schuyler 2, Jonathan Lutz 1

Serve Receive - Jonathan Lutz 18 (2.7), Kevin Ecklund 7 (2.6), Josh Donahue 6 (3.0)

Digs - Kevin Ecklund 23!!!, Jonathan Lutz 9, Patrick Schuyler 5

Blocks - Colin Schuyler and Gabe Fox 1.5, Jonathan Lutz, Tyler Kanelos 1

Friday, May 21
Varsity finish 2nd seed in Mid Penn Seeding Tourney

THe team came out very strong vs. Lower Dauphin in the first match of the night, winning 25-23, 25-23 and 25-17.  Jon had an incredible match with 25 kills and hitting .686.  Tyler had 45 Assists in the match as our offense was hitting on all fronts and we had only 5 hitting errors as a team!  Patrick had an especially strong match with 8 kills!  Defensively, Josh gathered 12 digs for a season high at Defense Specialist.  It was a great win.

Kills - Jonathan Lutz 25, Patrick Schuyler 8, Lance Johnson 7, Colin Schuyler and Mario Mellinger 4

Hitting % - Jonathan Lutz .686, Colin Schuyler .667, Mario Mellinger .600, Patrick Schuyler .429, Lance Johnson .353 

Tyler Kanelos 45 Assists

Aces - Jonathan Lutz and Kevin Ecklund 1

Serve Recieve - Jonathan Lutz 18 (2.5), Kevin Ecklund 11 (2.6), Josh Donahue 9 (2.8) 

Digs - Josh Donahue 12, Jonathan Lutz 10, Patrick Schuyler 7, Tyler Kanelos 6, Kevin Ecklund 5 

Blocks - Lance Johnson 4.5, Colin Schuyler and Patrick Schuyler 4, Tyler Kanelos 3, Jonathan Lutz and Mario Mellinger 2.5

 After a very short break, we played Cumberland Valley and lost 16-25, 24-26, 22-25.  We should have won the 2nd set and that may have made a huge difference.  Our biggest issue was with blocking, after our win at home gave us 24 team blocks... we had just 3 team blocks in this match!!! It is impossible to allow a strong team like CV that many hits which translated to 45 kills.  We lost by 14 points... if we were blocking better, we could have been more competitive in this match and potentially taken the #1 seed.  That being said, we are still in strong contention for a District title.  It means we will have to beat Conastoga Valley on Monday at Milton Hershey School and then be in the top two in our pool on Wednesday to compete in the District Championships on Friday.  Our Wednesday pool is likely to contain Central York, Hempfield, Lower Dauphin and ourselves.  A strong field, but definitely winable!  Here are the stats vs. CV...

Kills - Jonathan Lutz 18, Colin Schuyler 6, Lance Johnson 4

Hitting % - Lance Johnson .429, Colin Schuyler .385, Mario Mellinger .333, Jonathan Lutz .262

Tyler Kanelos 28 Assists, Kevin Ecklund and Patrick Schuyler 1 Assist

Aces - Patrick Schuyler 2

Serve Receive - Kevin Ecklund 12 (2.3), Jonathan Lutz (2.3) and Josh Donahue 92.6)  9, Mario Mellinger (2.2) and Patrick Schuyler (1.7) 3 perfect passes.

Digs - Kevin Ecklund 17, Jonathan Lutz and Tyler Kanelos 6, Josh Donahue and Patrick Schuyler 4

Blocks - Jonathan Lutz, Mario Mellinger and Tyler Kanelos 1

Thursday, May 20
JV Tournament in Spring Grove

The JV Rams have a Tournament this Saturday (May 22nd)

The Bus will be departing the school at 6:30 AM

The Tournament begins at 8AM, teams must be there 30 minutes prior to the first match.



8:30: (E1) Susquehannok vs. (E3) CENTRAL DAUPHIN

9:30: (E2) State College vs. (E3) CENTRAL DAUPHIN

ASAP: (E1) Vs. (E2)--(E3) (Work Team)


*After Pool Play the bracketing gets very in depth and it depends how we finish

Here are the Pools and Teams (18 Teams)

Pool A (Court 1): Dallastown, Central Bucks West, Eastern York

Pool B (Court 2): York Suburban, Hershey, Hempfield

Pool C (Court 3): New Oxford, Chambersburg, Kennard-Dale

Pool D (Court 1): Spring Grove, Parkland, Northern York

Pool E (Court 2): Susquehannock, State College, Central Dauphin

Pool F (Court 3): Northeastern, Bethlehem Catholic, Cedar Cliff


*If you would like the full packet I received please email me at baranowski_joe@yahoo.com

Thursday, May 20
JV Rams finish Strong Against Cedar Cliff

On Monday the Jv Rams finished strong against the Colts of Cedar Cliff winning the match in two sets (25-16, 25-12). The JV Rams were lead to the win with strong performances from the middle hitters Kevin and Andrew each with 5 kills, and strong setting from Nick who had 6 kills in the match. Great Job JV Rams!!

Aces: Patrick--3, Kevin--2, Josh and Evan--1

Assists: Nick--15

Blocks: Evan-1.5, Kevin-1.5, Andrew-1

Digs: Patrick--10, Jordan--6, Nate--4, Justin--3, Andrew/Josh/Joey/Evan--2

Kills: Nick--6, Kevin--5, Andrew--5, Evan--3, Patrick/Joey--2, Jordan--1

Hitting: Andrew-(.714), Nick-(.667), Kevin-(.500), Evan and Joey-(.400), Jordan-(.200), Patrick-(.180)

Serve Receive (Perfect Passes): Patrick--3, Jordan--3, Nate--2, Evan/Kevin/Justin--1

Great Job to the JV Rams for an Amazing Season 11-4!

The JV Rams finish up the season this Saturday at a tournament in Spring Grove!

Monday, May 17
Varsity finish Mid Penn Conference play with a win on Senior Night

Congrats to our seniors for ending the regular Conference schedule as Mid Penn Co-Champs!  The Rams played well in front of friends and family on Senior night vs. Cedar Cliff winning 25-20, 25-23, 25-12.  Highlights included some terrific digs by Mat on block cover and an especially good dig by Josh that got the crowd on their feet.  Jon and Lance had some amazing kills with Lance getting 6 kills for 8 swings in the 2nd set and Jon getting 11 kills on 12 attempts in the 3rd set!  In addition, jr. setter, Tyler Kanelos broke the 1,000 Assist mark with 31 Assists on the night.  Congrats Tyler!

The Rams will head to Chambersburg on Wednesday for the District Seeding Tourney.  We play Lower Dauphin first at 5 and then the winner of the Chambersburg / Cumberland Valley match for the #1 seed. 

Kills - Jonathan Lutz 20, Lance Johnson 11, Colin Schuyler 4

Hitting % - Lance Johnson .625, Jonathan Lutz .389, Gabe Fox and Tyler Kanelos .333

Assists Tyler Kanelos 31

Aces - Jonathan Lutz 4, Mat Pagliassotti and Tyler Kanelos 2

Perfect Passes (Ave /3) - Jonathan Lutz 17 (2.5), Kevin Ecklund 14 (2.7), Josh Donahue 5 (3.0), Mat Pagliassotti (2.5)

Digs - Kevin Ecklund 10, Josh Donahue and Mat Pagliassotti 7, Tyler Kanelos 5

Blocks - Lance Johnson 3, Sam Cheadle and Tyler Kanelos 2.5, Mat Pagliassotti 1.5

Monday, May 17
Varsity win big vs. Carlisle

On Thursday, the Rams beat Carlisle 25-16, 25-16, 25-13 in a team effort where everyone contributed to an impressive victory.  Highlights include a career night for Lance Johnson with 15 kills and hitting an amazing .750!  Lance was unstoppable without a single block against him.  Gabe, Mat and Mario also combined for 9 kills with zero errors.  Defensively, Kevin and Josh had impressive digs with 12 and 11 respectively.  Great job, Rams.

Kills - Lance Johnson 15, Jonathan Lutz 10, Mat Pagliassotti and Colin Schuyler 4, Gabe Fox and Patrick Schuyler 3

Hitting % - Mat Pagliassotti .1000, Lance Johnson and Gabe Fox .750, Mario Mellinger .667

Assists - Tyler Kanelos 34

Aces - Patrick Schuyler 2, Lance Johnson and Tyler Kanelos 1

Perfect Passes (Ave /3) - Kevin Ecklund 15 (2.82), Jonathan Lutz 10 (2.9), Patrick Schuyler 6 (2.85), Josh 3 (3.0)

Digs - Kevin Ecklund 12, Josh Donahue 11, Jonathan Lutz 9

Blocks - Colin Schuyler 2, Mario Mellinger and Jonathan Lutz 1.5

Wednesday, May 12
JV Rams pull of a big win against Chambersburg

Last night the JV Rams played an amazing game against Chambersburg. The JV Rams started off strong with 13 kills and 4 aces in the first set. The JV Rams won the match in 3 sets (25-23, 17-25, 15-13). Great Job guys!

Aces: Jordan--3, Joey/Patrick/Andrew--1

Assists: Nick--18

Blocks: Chris/Jordan-1, Andew/Nick--(.5) Assist

Digs: Jordan--9, Patrick--5, Joey--4, Kevin/Nate/Justin--3

Serve Receive Passes: Jordan--4, Patrick/Josh--3, Joey/Kevin--2

Kills: Jordan--8, Patrick--8, Kevin--4, Nick--4, Chris--1, Josh--1

Hitting: Chris-(1.00), Josh-(1.00), Nick-(.444), Patrick-(.300), Kevin-(.222), Jordan-(.160)

Great Job to the JV Rams!!!

Wednesday, May 12
Ram victorious on Alumni night vs. Chambersburg

Thanks to all who came to the 1st ever Alumni night for CD Ram Volleyball.  It was a great opportunity to commemorate last year's State Champs and honor past players!  Thanks to Doug Marple, Mike Klobucar, Conner Ecklund, trainer Lindsay Madera and Asst. Coach Paul "Killer" Kilmer for making it back to celebrate with the 2010 Rams.  Also thanks to Shane Beacher's family who represented him as he is on his way this week to Navy Intelligence Cryptology School in Florida for training ... thank you Shane, for your service to our country!

It was also great to see former Ram players - Sean Straining '81, Kevin Kilmer '06, Dan Marple '06, Billy Gordon '07, Bryan Keister '08, Matt Cleary '08, Nick Sheleman '08, Brandon Sapen '08, Kaitlyn Kepler - trainer '08  Thanks for your continuing support of Ram Volleyball.

Congrats to the Rams as we totally dominated the Chambersburg squad to win 25-19, 25-17, 25-15.  Highlights included another big kill total by Jon with 24 and some amazing kills by Lance who hit nearly perfect with 9 kills at .900%.  Tyler had some incredible assists and is getting close to the big 1,000.  Kevin did a great job picking up tips the 2nd and 3rd set to prevent some easy points for our opponents.  Patrick is hitting confidently and had some great kills with a terrific hitting %.  Great job Rams!

Kills - Jonathan Lutz 24, Lance Johnson 9, Patrick Schuyler 5

Hitting% - Lance Johnson .900%, Jonathan Lutz .552%, Patrick Schuyler .428%

Assists - Tyler Kanelos 36 Assists

Aces - Lance Johnson and Tyler Kanelos 2, Kevin Ecklund 1

Perfect Passes (Ave./3) - Jonathan Lutz 12 (2.58), Kevin Ecklund 8 (2.55), Josh Donahue 4 (2.4), Patrick Schuyler 3 (2.25)

Digs - Kevin Ecklund 11, Jonathan Lutz 10, Josh Donahue 6, Patrick Schuyler 4

Blocks - Mat Pagliassotti, Lance Johnson and Colin Schuyler 1.5, Sam Cheadle 1

Wednesday, May 12
Jon Lutz named WGAL Athlete of the Weeek
Congrats to Jonathan Lutz for representing the Rams as WGAL Athlete of the Week.  It was in recognition of his excellent play vs. Cumberland Valley with 32 kills, hitting .406% and also passing so well with 30 perfect passes!  Jon showed his all around skills to help lead the Rams as we tied CV for the Commonwealth Conference #1 spot.  He followed up that performance with another 20 kills vs. CD East to average 6.5 kills a set last week!  Congratulations go to the entire team for their team effort which allowed Jon to get great sets off terrific digs and easy plays due to our tough serving and blocking.

Monday, May 10
The JV Rams take 2nd Place at Dallastown Tournament

On Friday Night the JV Rams along with Kevin Eckland headedback to Dallastown for the JV Wildcat Tournament. The tournament hosted 16teams. The JV Rams won their pool going 5-1 beating Avon Grove, Eastern York,and New Oxford.

Pool Play Stats:

Avon Grove: (25-17, 18-25), Eastern York: (25-15, 25-18),New Oxford: (25-17, 25-19)

Aces: Patrick—6, Nick—4, Kevin E.--3, Josh—1, Justin—1

Blocks: Nick—2, Kevin S.—1.5 Jordan—1

Digs: Kevin E.—22, Patrick—6, Josh—5, Nate—5, Justin—4,Jordan—3

Serve Receive Perfect Passes: Kevin E.—14, Patrick—12, Josh—11,Justin—5, Nate—4, Joey—3

Kills: Patrick—22, Jordan—13, Kevin S.—7, Kevin E.—2, Nick—2,Chris—2

Hitting: Chris—(.667), Patrick—(.514), Kevin S.—(.312), Jordan—(.242)

After the JV Rams defeated the Pool Play, the next part wasa series of single games to 25 (Starting at 4-4). The JV Rams first opponent wasManheim Township. The JV Rams Won (25-17)!

Blocks: Kevin S.—1

Digs: Kevin E.—7, Jordan—4

Serve Receive Passes: Patrick—2, Kevin E.—1, Jordan—1

Kills: Patrick—5, Jordan—5, Nick—2

Hitting: Nick—(1.00), Jordan—(.555), Patrick—(.500)

Next the JV Rams faced Hempfield (Who went Undefeated intheir Pool), the JV Rams won 25-19 making quick work of Hempfield, to move onto the finals.

Digs:  Kevin E.—7,Kevin S.—3

Serve Receive Passes: Jordan—3, Kevin E.—2, Patrick—2

Kills: Patrick—5, Jordan—2, Kevin S.—2

Hitting: Patrick—(.500), Kevin S.—(.400), Jordan—(.333)

The JV Rams were then in the Championship Game againstcross-town rival Lower Dauphin.  It was aclose game that went back and forth. A couple of unforced errors caused the JVRams to slow down, but the JV Rams kept their heads up and kept battlingagainst the Falcons. But the JV Rams lost 22-25. To take the second placeTrophy in the tournament. 

Aces: Kevin E.—1

Digs: Patrick—5, Josh—5, Kevin E.—4, Jordan—2

Serve Receive Passes: Kevin E.—7, Jordan—2

Kills: Patrick—9, Jordan—3

Hitting: Patrick—(.818), Jordan—(.200)

The JV Rams but on an awesome display of offense and defenseshowing that they are a great team. The JV Rams came in 2nd placeout of 16 teams at Dallastown. It was a long night and the JV Rams wereawesome. Great Job to all the guys. Thank you to all the parents who came andhelp organize everything for the tournament.


Monday, May 10
JV Rams loss to CD East

On Thursday the JV Rams lost a tough match to the CentralDauphin East High Panthers. While the Panthers weren’t that tough, the JV Ramshad 24 unforced errors which caused the JV Rams to lose the match.

Aces: Patrick—6, Nick—1

Assists: Nick—14

Blocks: Kevin—1.5

Digs: Joey/Patrick/Nate/Josh/Justin—4

Kills: Joey—5, Jordan—4, Patrick—4, Kevin—3, Andrew—2


It was a tough loss, but the JV Rams are a tough team andwill be sure to come back.

Friday, May 7
Rams win big vs. CD East

Congrats to the Varsity for a big win against CD East 25-20, 28-26, 25-13.  Tyler directed our powerful offense with 44 assists dished out to everyone on the squad.  Jon capped off an amazing week with 20 more kills... averaging 6.5 kills per set this week!  Lance and Colin both had zero errors and big kill totals with 12 and 7 respectively.  Kevin had nearly perfect passing with 2.96 and he and Josh led the team in digs with 15 and 10 respectively... it was a great night.  Congrats to Derek and Gabe for 3 kills each in only one set.

Kills - Jonathan Lutz 20, Lance Johnson 12, Colin Schuyler 7, Derek Broome & Gabe Fox 3

Hitting % - Tyler Kanelos .600, Colin Schuyler .583, Lance Johnson .545, Derek Broome and Gabe Fox .400, Jonathan Lutz .302

Assists -Tyler Kanelos 44

Aces - Tyler Kanelos and Kevin Ecklund 1

Serve Receive Perfect Passes (Ave/3) - Kevin Ecklund 22 (2.96), Jonathan Lutz 15 (2.72), Patrick Schuyler 5 (2.43)

Blocks - Colin Schuyler 3.5, Lance Johnson 3, Tyler Kanelos 2, Jonathan Lutz 1.5

Thursday, May 6
JV Rams have a tough lost against CV

The JV Rams had a tough match against the Eagles of Cumberland Valley, The JV Rams played an intense game the whole time, but fell short in the end. Games scores 27-25, 28-30, 9-15. Great Job in all your hard work.

Aces: Patrick--2, Kevin and Evan--1

Blocks: Kevin and Evan--2.5, Nick and Andrew--2, Jordan--1

Digs: Patrick--10, Josh--8, Jordan--7, Nick--5, Nate--4, Justin--2

Perfect Passes: Patrick--15, Josh--8, Jordan--6, Nate--5

Kills: No stats recorded! (Sorry)

Assists: No Stats Recorded! (Sorry again)

Wednesday, May 5
Rams beat CV to share the Conference #1 spot

Congrats for an excellent win vs. a tough Cumberland Valley squad.  The Rams avenged our only conference loss by beating CV 25-18, 26-24, 15-25, 17-25 and 15-11!  The 2nd set we were down 23-24 at set point and won the next 3 points for an amazing victory.  The 3rd and 4th sets were all CV, even though our offense was still powerful with Jon, Colin and Mario hitting extremely high percentages... CV capitalized on our errors and forced a 5th set.  The Rams came out with confidence and led the deciding set the whole way with opening and closing kills by Jon Lutz to seal the victory.  Jon had an All American game with 32 kills and a .406 hitting % against some terrific blockers.  Tyler Kanelos directed the offense and had an amazing 5th set!  Lance Johnson and Mario Mellinger contributed with some amazing blocks at 9.5 and 8 respectively.  Kevin Ecklund and Josh Donahue ruled the backcourt and dug some tough hits to steal some kills from the Eagle hitters.  Finally, Mat Pagliassotti and Patrick Schuyler combined for some key plays on offense and defense to keep us in the match.  Great team win!  I'm so proud of you.

Kills - Jon Lutz 32, Lance Johnson 6, Colin Schuyler 5, Mario Mellinger 4

Hitting % - Mario Mellinger .428, Jonathan Lutz .406, Patrick Schuyler .200

Assists - Tyler Kanelos 43

Serve Receive Perfect Passes (Pass Ave - 3 is perfect) - Jonathan Lutz 30 (2.62), Kevin Ecklund 18 (2.48), Patrick Schuyler 12 (2.71), Josh Donahue 9 (2.5)

Digs - Kevin Ecklund 17, Jonathan Lutz 9, Patrick Schuyler 8, Josh Donahue 7

Blocks - Lance Johnson 9.5, Mario Mellinger 8, Tyler Kanelos 4.5, Jonathan Lutz 2

Great team win!  Congrats.

Tuesday, May 4
JV Rams vs. Red Land

The JV Rams played a great game against Red Land. The Rams won in 3 games (25-14, 24-26, and 16-14). The third game was really intense but the JV Rams pulled through. Great Job guys!

Kills: Patrick--10, Kevin--7, Jordan--6, Justin--1

Hitting: Jordan--(.461), Patrick--(.450), Kevin--(.352), 

Assists: Nick--23, Justin and Nate--1

Aces: Patrick--3, Kevin--2, Jordan--1

Blocks: Chris--2, Patrick--2, Jordan-1, Andrew--1, Nick--1

Digs: Patrick--8, Nate--7, Jordan and Josh--4

Perfect Passes: Justin--7, Jordan and Patrick--7, Josh and Jordan--4 


Monday, May 3
Pan Ram Results

Congrats to Jonathan Lutz and Tyler Kanelos for making All Tourney.  Congrats also to the Lower Dauphin team for winning the 2010 Pan Ram - excellent team play and clutch hitting and defense by the LD squad. 

CD scores were:

  1. vs. Wilson 25-17, 25-14
  2. vs. Avon Grove 25-15, 25-18
  3. vs Brandywine Heights 25-15, 25-18 - 1st Varsity match for Kevin Smith - great job!
  4. vs. Altoona 25-16, 25-23
  5. vs. Whitehall 24-26, 25-27
  6. vs. Eastern York 25-23, 20-25

We ended the afternoon coming in 3rd in our pool behind Eastern York and Whitehall... so overall tied for 5th and not making the playoffs.  We lost Sr. Captain Aaron Kerschner to a season ending injury after the Whitehall match.  It's time for the team to step up and win some close matches against tough opponents.

Kills - Jon 54, Colin 26, Lance 18, Aaron 15, Tyler 6, Patrick 6, Mario 4, Sam and Kevin E and Kevin S 1

Hitting % for those with over 5 attempts - Colin .447, Lance .436, Jon .405, Tyler .353, Aaron .218, Patrick .188, Mario .077

Assists - Tyler 104, Aaron 3, Kevin 1

Ace/Error - Josh 4/2, Lance 1/2, Jon and Kevin 1/4

Perfect Passes - Jon 35 (2.6), Kevin 32 (2.3), Aaron 28 (2.5), Josh (2.2)

Digs Kevin 45 digs, Jon 27 digs, Aaron 22 digs, Josh 19 digs, Tyler 16 digs, Patrick 6 digs

Blocks - Jon 6, Lance and Aaron 5.5, Colin and Tyler 3, Mario 1

There will be a big home game vs. Cumberland Valley to determine Mid Penn Championship this Tuesday.  Let's play to win!  Go Rams!



Friday, April 30
Rams win big vs Red Land

Great job in handling the Patriots in 3.  Highlights included Jon's amazing 22 Kill / .750%.  That's All American stats!!  Plus, he passed almost perfect 2.75 - it's something to see a player able to lead in both kills and serve receive.  Good job!  Other highlights were Tyler with a great setter dump in transition and 33 Assists and Lance with a backset assist and 5 big blocks.  Kevin led the team in Aces and digs.  We gave up 6 points on service errors the 3rd set and still won 25-15.  Let's eliminate those errors for the Pan Ram.

Jonathan Lutz 22kills, Aaron Kerschner and Colin Schuyler 6kills

Jonathan Lutz .750 Hitting%, Mario Mellinger .500%, Colin Schuyler .230%

Tyler Kanelos 33 Assists

Kevin Ecklund 2 Aces, Colin Schuyler 1 Ace / 0 Errors!

Aaron Kerschner 11 Perfect Passes (2.53), Jonathan Lutz 9 Perfect Passes (2.75)

Kevin Ecklund 13 digs, Aaron Kerschner 12 digs

Lance Johnson 5 blocks, Mario Mellinger 2 blocks, Jonathan Lutz 1.5 blocks


Wednesday, April 28
Pan Ram Bracket for Saturday May 1st

Here are the brackets for the Varsity tourney this weekend!  Play begins at 9AM.

                  @Central Dauphin                                     @CD East

          Court 1                   Court 2                  Court 1                  Court 2

  1. 1. Central Dauphin  1. Altoona             1. Gov. Mifflin        1. Lower Dauphin
  2. 2. Wilson               2. Spring Grove    2. Whitehall           2. Eastern York
  3. 3. Avon Grove        3. Carlisle            3. CD East              3. Beth. Freedom
  4. 4. Brandywine Hts. 4. Antietam          4. W. Wayne          4 Wyomissing

 Afternoon wave will reseed with top 2 teams in every pool going to CD for Gold Bracket - bottom 2 to East for Silver Bracket

Playoffs will we be top 2 teams from each afternoon pool in a Final Four format

Medals and All Tourney will be given for Gold Playoff winners

Wednesday, April 28
Pennlive Link to Game Photos from Cedar Cliff Game

Wednesday, April 28
Cumulative Stats vs. Mid Penn Opponents

We are close to having played everyone in the Mid Penn and I thought it would be helpful to see our season stats so far (these stats do not include tourneys!)  Remember that stats are tools to help you evaluate your own performance and are affected by position and rotations vs. opponents.  Our errors have been decreasing and our digs and blocks have been steadily increasing, which will show up in our final stats.  Overall, the team stats are very solid with everyone contributing!  Good job Rams.

     Player          Kills          Hitting%     Assists        Aces vs. Errors     Digs      Blocks

  1. Jon           181           .354%            -                      19/25            91          16.5
  2. Aaron        88            .210%            -                      7/21              106        6.5
  3. Mat           6              .090%            -                        -                  1             -
  4. Derek        6              -.120%           -                      0/1                7             -
  5. Lance        67             .533%           -                      11/12              30          20
  6. Colin         70             .333%            -                     1/7                 12          17.5
  7. Sam          11               .189%            -                      -                     -           6.5
  8. Gabe         14              .103%            -                      0/1                -             6
  9. Mario        12              .133%           -                      1/2                 12          9.5
  10. Tyler         11              .278%          381                   8/11               49          11
  11. Kevin          1                 -                8                      14/21             148          -
  12. Josh           -                 -                2                      9/14              52            -

Wednesday, April 28
JV Rams win in 2 over Dallastown

The JV Rams but on an amazing offensive show along with some huge digs along the way. The JV Rams won the Match in 2 Games. 25-15 and 25-17. Kevin and Patrick lead the way with their kills. Great Job to all the players.

Aces: Patrick--2, Kevin--1

Assists: Nick--15, Chris--1 

Blocks: Kevin--2.5, Andrew/Chris--1

Digs: Patrick--7, Nate--5, Jordan/Justin/Kevin--1

Kills: Kevin--8, Patrick--4, Andrew--3, Nick--2, Jordan--1

Hitting: Nick--(.667), Kevin--(.428),  Jordan--(.333), Patrick--(.272), 


Great Job to All the JV Guys! 


Tuesday, April 27
Varsity wins big vs. Dallastown

Another great night offensively with all starting hitters getting some big kills vs a solid Dallastown squad.  The first set was close, but then our blocking and digging helped us to finish well 25-23, 25-13, 25-12.  Excellent setter dumps by Tyler on transition and some terrific blocking along with Colin's blocking helped us to shut down a very good opponent.  Colin, Mario, Lance and Aaron only had 4 errors between them for some pretty impressive hitting percentages!!!  Great job.  Our defense has really picked up with incredible digs by Kevin (15), Aaron (10) and Josh (7).  Finally, we averaged less than 2 service errors a game which definetely helped lower our unforced errors.  Great job Rams - good team win!

Jonathan Lutz 17kills, Aaron Kerschner 12kills, Colin Schuyler 7kills, Lance Johnson 6kills, Mario Mellinger 5kills

Mario Mellinger .555 Hitting%, Colin Schuyler .467%, Lance Johnson .417, Aaron Kerschner .400,  Jonathan Lutz .324

Tyler Kanelos 38 Assists

Tyler Kanelos and Josh Donahue 2 Aces

Kevin Ecklund 10 Perfect Passes (2.6), Aaron Kerschner 9 Perfect Passes (2.6), Jonathan Lutz 8 Perfect Passes (2.2), Josh Donahue 3.0

Kevin Ecklund 15 digs, Aaron Kerschner 10 digs, Josh Donahue 7digs, Lance Johnson 6 digs

Colin Schuyler and Tyler Kanelos 3.5 Blocks, Jonathan Lutz 2 Blocks, Lance Johnson 1.5

Monday, April 26
JV Rams beat Hershey in 3!

The JV Rams won in an exciting match against Hershey.  The JV Rams fought tough through the firstgame winning 25-13, Hershey came back playing a tough defense against ourfighting but the JV Rams fell 24-26, but the JV Rams did what they do best…theycame back and won 15-6, to defeat the Hershey Trojans.

Great Job Guys!

Aces: Nate—6, Jordan—3, Kevin—2, Patrick—1

Assists: Nick—20, Evan—1

Blocks: Kevin and Evan—3

Digs: Justin—7, Nate—6, Kevin/Jordan/Patrick—4, Evan—3, Nick—2

Kills: Kevin—9, Jordan/Patrick—4, Andrew/Evan—2,Josh/Nick/Nate—1

Hitting: Evan—(.667), Patrick—(.600), Kevin—(.444), Jordan—(.375),Andrew—(.333)

Great Job to the Rams!!!!

Friday, April 23
Varsity wins vs. Hershey with big offensive play

Hershey gave us fits with their scrappy defense, but the Varsity was able to dominate offensively for a victory.  After a 1st set loss, we came together with some excellent hitting to keep Hershey from taking another set.  The scores were 22-15, 25-20, 25-21, 20-11.  Highlights included Aaron's huge diving dig and 14 timely kills, Jon's 24 kills included 2 big facials, an excellent serving, passing and digging night from Kevin, and Mario with some great blocks and a pole slamming hit on a tough set.  Also, Lance had some amazing back 1's and Colin had his best kill night of the season with 13!  Finally, Tyler's jumpsets were incredible and besides giving the Hershey coach a fit, he turned some tough passes into great assists - good job!

Jonathan Lutz 24kills, Aaron Kerschner 14kills, Colin Schuyler 13kills

Colin Schuyler .391 Hitting%, Aaron Kerschner .310%, Jonathan Lutz .283%

Tyler Kanelos with 50 Assists!!!

Kevin Ecklund with 3 Aces

Kevin Ecklund with 16 Perfect Passes (2.9), Aaron Kerschner 15 (2.7), Jonathan Lutz 14 (2.3), Josh Donahue (2.6)

Kevin Ecklund 20 digs!, Aaron Kershner 14 digs, Tyler Kanelos 11 digs, Jonathan Lutz 10

Colin Schuyler 2.5 Blocks, Mario Mellinger 2 Blocks

Good job Rams!


Wednesday, April 21
Varsity win big vs Cedar Cliff

In a truly team effort, the Rams beat Cedar Cliff 25-18, 25-8, 25-21.  Highlights included an awesome 2nd set with solid serving, blocking and digging.  Also, it was the Varsity debut for Patrick Schuyler, who showed great promise on the outside!  There was an incredible effort to win the 3rd set after falling behind... good hitting by Derek Broome and Gabe Fox to lead that charge and a great backrow attack by Kevin Ecklund!

Jonathan Lutz 11Kills, Aaron Kerschner 6kills, Colin Schuyler 5kills

Lance Johnson .750 Hitting%, Aaron Kerschner .625 Hitting%, Gabe Fox .400 Hitting%

Tyler Kanelos 29 Assists

Jonathan Lutz 5 Aces, Lance Johnson 2 Aces

Aaron Kerschner 8 Perfect Passes (2.8), Kevin Ecklund 8 Perfect Passes (2.6)

Aaron Kerschner and Josh Donahue 8 digs, Jonathan Lutz 6 digs, Kevin Ecklund 5 digs

Lance Johnson 2.5 blocks, Jonathan Lutz, Colin Schuyler and Tyler Kanelos 1 block

Remember the match against Hershey is early... JV at 4PM and Varsity 5:15PM!

Wednesday, April 21
JV Rams beat Cedar Cliff in two games!

The JV Rams had an amazing game yesterday against the Cedar Cliff Colts. The JV Rams won the match in two games. 25-13 (Game 1), 25-22 (Game 2). The JV Rams had no problem the first game, but the second match the JV Rams were down 18-8, and came back to win the game. Kevin Smith helped the JV Rams with a comeback of having 6 of his 9 Kills in Game 2. Great Job to everyone.

Kills: Kevin—9, Patrick—4, Jordan/Andrew/Nick—2

Hitting: Kevin—(.438), Nick—(.400), Jordan—(.222)

Assists: Nick—15

Aces: Patrick—2, Jordan and Justin—1

Blocks: Kevin—2, Patrick—1

Digs: Patrick—11, Nick—5, Jordan—4, Justin/Nate—3

Perfect Passes: Patrick/Josh—4, Nate/Jordan—3, Justin—2

Great Comeback last night to win the Match!

Monday, April 19
JV Rams with at Northern

The JV Rams won at Northern on Friday in three games 23-25 (Loss), 25-15 (Win), and 15-12 (Win). The guys did great against a tough Northern JV Team. 

Kills: Kevin and Jordan—4, Patrick/Evan/Andrew/Joey—3, Nick—1

Hitting: Andrew—(.667), Evan—(.600),  Kevin—(.500), Jordan and Joey—(.285), Patrick—(.272)

Assists: Nick—17, Kevin—2

Blocks: Andrew—3, Kevin—2

Aces: Jordan—3, Nate and Kevin—2, Josh/Evan/Andew—1

Digs: Patrick—13, Justin—6, Jordan and Nick—4, Joey/Kevin—3

Perfect Passes: Patrick—6, Justin—5, Nate/Jordan/Evan—1

A Great Win for the JV Rams, Keep UP the GREAT Work!

Monday, April 19
Rams win at Northern

The entire team got to contribute in our victory vs. Northern... 25-18, 20-25, 25-16, 25-23.  We continue to make strides on our blocking... commendations to Sam for 4 Blocks.  Kevin Ecklund had an amazing 24 digs!  Now we just need to serve better - 17 errors is way too many for 4 sets and contributed to 29 unforced errors total.   It was great to see Mat hitting so well at the end of the match - 5 kills!

Jonathan Lutz 20 kills, Colin Schuyler 7 kills, Mat Pagliassotti 5 kills

Colin Schuyler .461 Hitting %, Sam Cheadle .273%, and Jonathan Lutz .250%

Tyler Kanelos 33 Assists

Tyler Kanelos 4 Aces, Kevin Ecklund 2 Aces

Jonathan Lutz 13 perfect passes, Aaron Kerschner 12, and Kevin Ecklund 11

Kevin Ecklund 24 digs, Jonathan Lutz 8 digs

Sam Cheadle 4 blocks, Colin Schuyler and Gabe Fox 2.5 blocks

Good job Rams! 

Friday, April 16
JV Rams win in 3 over Carlisle

The JV Rams beat Carlisle in 3 games. The JV Rams played tough to pull off the win over the Thundering Herd. The guys combined for 22 Kills, which helped them to win the match. The scores were 25-18, 19-25, and 15-10. The guys did well and looked forward to facing Northern tonight.

Kills: Patrick—8, Kevin—6, Jordan—4, Josh/Andrew/Chris/Nick—1

Hitting Percents: Chris—(.500), Patrick—(.363), Kevin—(.363), Jordan—(.272)

Aces: Jordan and Kevin—5, Patrick/Josh/Andrew—1

Blocks: Kevin—2, Chris and Nick—1

Digs: Patrick—5, Justin and Nate—4, Joey—3, Jordan and Kevin—2

Perfect Passes: Patrick—9, Jordan—7, Nate and Justin—3, Joey—2

Great Job to both teams last night!

Thursday, April 15
Rams win over Carlisle at home

It wasn't pretty, but the Varsity took Carlisle in 4 sets - 25-17; 17-25; 25-17; 25-14.  On the plus side, we blocked very well with Lance leading the way with 7 blocks followed closely by Mario with 5 blocks and Jon with 4.  This was a big part of the sets we won easily and missing in the 2nd set.  We had some impressive kills from Jon and Lance who combined for 30 kills and wowed the crowd.  We are still needing better defensive intensity if we are going to be in control of each match.

Jonathan Lutz 20kills, Lance Johnson 10kills, Aaron Kerschner 5kills

Lance Johnson .529 Hitting%, Jonathan Lutz .378% and Colin Schuyler .333%

Tyler Kanelos 33 Assists

Lance Johnson 3 Aces

Jonathan Lutz 14 Perfect passes (2.93); Aaron Kerschner 13 Perfect passes (2.3); and Kevin Ecklund 11 Perfect passes (2.2)

Kevin Ecklund 16 digs, Aaron Kerschner 10 digs and Jonathan Lutz 7digs

Lance Johnson 7 Blocks, Mario Mellinger 5 Blocks, Jonathan Lutz 4 Blocks

A solid win!  Let's beat Northern tomorrow.

Thursday, April 15
JV Rams loss against a Quick Chambersburg Team

The Junior Varsity Rams lost their first match of the season to a well organized and quick Chambersburg team. The JV Rams lost 20-25 and 12-25. The JV Rams had a rough game and some costly errors gave up free points. But while this is the JV Rams first lost they played tough right to the very end.

Kills: Jordan—8, Patrick and Kevin—1

Jordan—(.500), Kevin—(.250)

Assist: Nick—10

Blocks: Patrick and Kevin—3, Jordan and Andrew—1

Perfect Passes: Patrick—20, Justin—15, Jordan—8

The JV Rams hope to continue their winning tonight against the Thundering Herd at home.

Wednesday, April 14
Rams defeat Chambersburg with ease!

The Varsity cruised to a 3-0 victory over Chambersburg 25-18; 25-17; 25-22.  The team looked better on defensive with some memorable plays by Aaron Kerschner to save an overset and Josh Donahue on block cover.  It was great to see Kevin Ecklund with 3 service aces and some big blocks by Jonathan Lutz and Lance Johnson.  We still need to block better, but it was great to see our defense pick up the slack!

Jonathan Lutz 12kills, Aaron Kerschner 10 kills, Lance Johnson 8 kills

Lance Johnson .583 Hitting %, Colin Schuyler .500, Aaron Kerschner .269

Tyler Kanelos 34 Assists

Kevin Ecklund and Jonathan Lutz 3 Aces

Aaron Kerschner 2.9 Passing% (out of 3.0), Kevin Ecklund 2.65%, Josh Donahue 2.08%

Aaron Kerschner and Kevin Ecklund 9 digs, Jonathan Lutz 7 digs

Jonathan Lutz 3 Blocks, Lance Johnson 2.5 blocks


Monday, April 12
Rams exit Bobcat Invitational early

We lost to a tough Pennsbury squad (eventual tournament champs) in the first round of the Championship Bracket by the scores of 13-15, 15-6, 15-17.  We played well in our first 5 matches - beating Garden Spot 30-17, Spring Grove 30-19, New Oxford 30-17, Whitehall 30-17, and West York 15-7, 15-9.  Special commendations to Tyler Kanelos for 84 assists including some terrific jumpsets and Jonathan Lutz for 47 kills and an excellent .565 Hitting%.  We need to block better and have more defensive intensity like Aaron and Jon's efforts going airborne to get a dig.  If the entire team followed their lead, we would be poised to win every match!

Jonathan Lutz 47kills, Aaron Kerschner and Lance Johnson 19kills, Colin Schuyler 10kills

Colin Schuyler .615 hitting%, Jonathan Lutz .565%, Mario Mellinger and Lance Johnson .500%, Aaron Kerschner .484%

Tyler Kanelos 84 Assists

Aaron Kerschner 32 Perfect Passes, Jonathan Lutz 24, Kevin Ecklund 23

Josh Donahue 20 digs, Aaron Kerschner 18 digs, Kevin Ecklund 17 digs, Tyler Kanelos 14 digs

Jonathan Lutz 11 blocks, Colin Schuyler 8.5 blocks, Aaron Kerschner and Lance Johnson 6 blocks, Tyler Kanelos 3 blocks

Monday, April 12
Lance Johnson (SR MH) commits to Pfieffer University

Congrats to Senior MH, Lance Johnson, who committed to Pfieffer University - NCAA Division II.  Lance will be studying Music while competing for the Falcons.  Congratulations Lance! 


Friday, April 9
Rams defeat CD East

Good job beating a fiesty East squad... Scores were 25-19; 25-20; 26-28; 25-19.  I was especially pleased with Tyler Kanelos running some double quicks and stacks.  It was great to see our players hitting on an open net - now we just need to make all those opportunities kills!  Super effort from Gabe Fox with 6 kills and a .750 hitting %.  Also kudo's to Jonathan Lutz who still had 17 kills despite playing only backrow for 2 games and Lance Johnson with 5 kills and 2 blocks despite playing only one game!

Jonathan Lutz 17 kills, Aaron Kerschner 13 kills, Colin Schuyler 11 kills

Gabe Fox .750 Hitting %, Colin Schuyler .588, Lance Johnson .571, Jonathan Lutz .452

Tyler Kanelos 50 Assists!!! Incredible!

Kevin Ecklund 14 perfect passes, Aaron Kerschner 13, Jonathan Lutz 12

Kevin Ecklund 18 digs, Jonathan Lutz 15, Aaron Kerschner 12, Josh Donahue 11

Jonathan Lutz 3 Aces

Aaron Kerschner 2.5 blocks, Lance Johnson 2 blocks in only one game!!!, Colin 2 blocks, Tyler Kanelos 2 blocks

 The Rams play in the Northeastern HS tourney this weekend...

Thursday, April 8
JV Rams Continue to Win after Defeating CD East

The Junior Varsity Rams continued their undefeated streak tonight against CD East Panthers. The guys did an amazing job winning in two games 25-17, 25-18. The JV Rams took an early lead and didn’t look back, including an amazing 10 Aces and 14 Kills in the two games.

Aces: Jordan, Kevin, and Nate—2 and Patrick, Josh, Evan—1

Blocks: Kevin—5, Chris—3, Andrew and Nick—1

Passes (Perfect): Evan, Justin, and Patrick—4, Nate and Josh—3

Digs: Nick—5, Justin and Patrick—4,  Josh, Nate, Kevin, Jordan—2

Kills: Jordan—5, Patrick, Joey, Evan—2, Kevin, Andrew, Nick—1

Percent: Jordan—(0.454), Patrick—(0.500), Joey—(1.000)***,

Assists: Nick –12

Wednesday, April 7
Varsity lose to a tough CV squad

The Varsity picked the wrong night to make so many unforced errors against a strong CV squad.  The scores were 23-25; 19-25; 25-23; 19-25.  Our unforced errors were missed serves, hits out of bounds or in the net... things that were not due to our opponents - we gave them 9; 7; 6 and 4 points respectively.  The good thing was that decreased as the night went on.  We need to work harder to decrease our contribution to their point tally.  Special commendations to Aaron Kerschner, with a solid hitting and passing combination and Colin Schulyer for his best hitting percentage yet at .750.

Jonathan Lutz 16 kills, Aaron Kerschner 12 kills, Colin Schuyler 6 kills

Colin Schuyler .750 hitting %, Aaron Kerschner . 230, Lance Johnson .188

Tyler Kanelos 33 Assists

Jonathan Lutz 18 perfect passes, Kevin Ecklund 17

Kevin Ecklund 12 digs, Jonathan Lutz 10 digs, Aaron Kerschner 8 digs

Jonathan Lutz, Lance Johnson and Josh Donahue 2 Aces

Aaron Kerschner and Lance Johnson 2 Blocks

Please join us Thursday as we take on CD East for Spike out hunger night - bring a can of food to be donated to the Food Bank and get in free!

Tuesday, April 6
JV Rams Vs. CV Eagles

The JV Rams continued their winning streaking by defeating the Cumberland Valley Eagles in an exciting three match game.  The JV Rams won the game 25-18, 22-25(L), 15-10. The boys continued to show that they were ready to win.  The JV Rams are now 3-0!

Kills: Kevin-10, Patrick-7, Nick-3, Jordan/Joey-2, Evan/Andrew-1

Hit Percentage: Kevin (0.5625),  Patrick (0.538), Joey (0.500), Jordan (0.222)

Assists: Nick and Patrick—5, Nate and Chris and Andrew—1

Digs: Nick—7, Patrick—6, Jordan—5, Justin—4, Kevin—3, Josh and Andrew and Joey—1

Perfect Passes (Serve Receive): Jordan—10, Justin—8, Patrick—5

Blocks: Kevin—5, Jordan—3, Evan—2, Patrick and Andrew—1

Thank you to everyone who cheered on the Rams tonight!

Friday, April 2
JV Rams Win against Lower Dauphin

The JV guys won their first home match after two intense games against the LD Falcons. The JV won 26-24, 25-19. It was a very close game the first set but the guys rallied to win!!!! Great job!

Aces: Jordan-6, Patrick and Nick-2, and Nate and Kevin each had 1.

Digs: Justin-7, Patrick and Nate-5, Jordan-4, Brian-2, and Josh, Evan, Kevin, Andrew had 1

Kills: Patrick-7, Jordan-4, Brian-3, Evan and Andrew-2, Nick-1

Assists: Brian-11, Justin-2, Nick and Kevin-1

Great Job again to all the guys!!!! 2-0 on the season and going strong.

Friday, April 2
Rams win Home Opener vs. Lower Dauphin

Congrats on an excellent victory over a tough Lower Dauphin team 27-29; 25-20; 25-22; 25-22.  I was especially pleased with our 4th set comeback after being down 19-22.  A 6 point run with some great blocking and clutch serving by Aaron Kerschner sealed the win.  This was our best blocking match with special commendations to Jonathan Lutz, Colin Schuyler, Mario Mellinger and Tyler Kanelos!  Great job Rams!

Jonathan Lutz 22 kills, Lance Johnson 10 kills, Colin Schuyler and Aaron Kerschner 5 kills

Lance Johnson .429 hitting %, Jonathan Lutz .425%, Colin Schuyler .188%

Tyler Kanelos 35 Assists, Kevin Ecklund 3 Assists

Lance Johnson 3 Aces, Kevin Ecklund and Josh Donahue 2 Aces

Kevin Ecklund 14 digs, Jonathan Lutz 11 digs, Tyler Kanelos 10 digs

Jonathan Lutz and Colin Schuyler 3 blocks, Mario Mellinger and Tyler Kanelos 1.5 blocks

Aaron Kerschner 18 perfect passes (Serve Receive), Jonathan Lutz 16, Kevin Ecklund 15

Thanks to all the fans who cheered us on!  It was a super night!

Tuesday, March 30
Varsity vs. Mechanicsburg

Great opening match... every single player got at least one kill (Kevin and Josh got Aces instead!)!  It was great to have the entire team contribute to this victory.

Jonathan Lutz 16 kills, Aaron Kerschner 11 kills, Colin Schuyler 9 kills

Jonathan Lutz .591 Hitting %, Aaron Kerschner .346, Lance Johnson .333

Tyler Kanelos 39 Assists

Kevin Ecklund 15 digs, Jonathan Lutz 12 digs, Tyler Kanelos 9 digs

Jonathan Lutz 3 Aces, Kevin Ecklund 2 Aces


Tuesday, March 30
First JV Game CD vs. Mechanicsburg

The guys did amazing in their first game. The JV won the game in two matches 25-10, 25-10. Great Job to everyone!

Kills: Patrick-5, Jordan-4, Chris and Joey-2, and Josh,Kevin, Andrew, Nick all had 1.

Assists: Brian-6, Nick-5, Justin and Josh each had 1.

Aces: Patrick-6, Kevin-5, Chris and Nate-2, Josh-1.

Again great job guy's.

Sunday, March 28
North Allegheny Tourney Results

Central Dauphin opened the season at the North Allegheny Tourney with a 3rd place finish after losing a heartbreaker 23-25 to Seneca Valley in the Semi's.  The competition was tough and we played 9 different opponents.  Most of the matches were actually one game to 25 and so each point was critical.  Highlights included Jonathan Lutz proving that he is one of the best Outside Hitters in the State; Tyler Kanelos showing some incredible jumpsets and impressing the refs; Colin Schuyler's unstoppable backslides and backward kill; Lance Johnson crushing an overpass and Kevin Ecklund's nearly perfect serve receive!

Jonathan Lutz 69 kills, Colin Schuyler 26, Lance Johnson 22, Aaron Kerschner 19

Tyler Kanelos 123 Assists

Jonathan Lutz 10 Aces, Kevin Ecklund and Lance Johnson 4 Aces, Tyler Kanelos and Aaron Kerschner 3 Aces

Kevin Ecklund 39 Digs, Aaron Kerschner 27 Digs, Jonathan Lutz 20 digs, Josh Donahue 19 digs, Tyler Kanelos 17 digs

Lance Johnson 6 Blocks, Colin Schuyler 3 Blocks, Aaron Kerschner 2.5 Blocks, Jonathan Lutz 2 Blocks

Good job Rams!

Tuesday, March 23
Scrimmage vs. CD East

Our last scrimmage went very well even though we were missing several players to a Spring Concert - congrats to both the JV and Varsity.  Here are some Varsity Stat highlights.

Jonathan Lutz 20 Kills; Colin Schuyler 9 Kills; Aaron Kerschner and Gabe Fox 6 Kills

Colin Schuyler .692 Hitting%; Jonathan Lutz .592; Gabe Fox .133

Tyler Kanelos 43 Assists

Jonathan Lutz, Colin Schuyler and Kevin Ecklund 3 Aces

Kevin Ecklund & Josh Donahue 2.4 Serve Reception; Aaron Kerschner 2.2; Jon Lutz 2.13

Kevin Ecklund 19 digs; Josh Donahue 9 digs, Jonathan Lutz 6 digs

Colin Schuyler 2 Blocks; Jonathan Lutz 1.5; Aaron Kerschner 1

Good job Rams!

Friday, March 19
Scrimmage vs. Red Lion

Congrats on a successful first scrimmage for both the JV and Varsity.  Varsity Managers worked on stats last night and here are our stat leaders!

Jonathan Lutz 21 kills, Colin Schuyler 9 kills, Lance Johnson and Mario Mellinger 6 kills

Jonathan Lutz .875 hitting %, Lance Johnson .600, Aaron Kerschner and Derek Broome .500 (all hitters with 5 attempts or more - percentage is Kills minus Errors divided by Total Attempts)

Tyler Kanelos 50 Assists

Jonathan Lutz, Lance Johnson, Tyler Kanelos 2 Aces

Aaron Kerschner 3.0 Serve Receive (Perfect score!), Josh Donahue 2.8, Jon Lutz 2.6

Kevin Ecklund and Josh Donahue 15 digs, Jonathan Lutz 11 digs

Lance Johnson 3.5 Blocks, Jonathan Lutz 2.5, Sam Cheadle and Gabe Fox 1 

Good job Rams!

Monday, March 15
Parent's Meeting

The Booster Club is hosting a Parent's meeting tonight at 7PM @ Ephiphany Lutheran Church, 1100 Colonial Road, 17112.  Agenda items include - Season schedule, Tourneys, Senior Night, Banquet, Team wear, and more.  Parents of JV and Varsity are encouraged to attend.

Tuesday, March 16
2010 Varsity Roster

Derek Broome

Sam Cheadle

Josh Donahue

Kevin Ecklund

Gabe Fox

Lance Johnson

Tyler Kanelos

Aaron Kerschner

Jonathan Lutz

Mario Mellinger

Mat Pagliassotti

Colin Schuyler

Wednesday, March 10
2010 JV Roster

Andrew Cromer

Joey Good

Josh Hitz

Chris Johnston

Justin Mensh

Evan Ross

Patrick Schuyler

Jordan Smith

Kevin Smith

Nate Veli

Nick Vereb

Brian Vu

Thursday, March 4
State Champs begin title defense on Monday

Tryouts for boys volleyball begins around the state on Monday, March 8th, as the Rams volleyball team begins the process of defending their state title.

 New CD Head Coach Sue Kelly will guide CD this year, with Walt Kanelos as Assistant Varsity Coach and Joe Baranowski as the JV Head Coach. 

 Apologies are extended for a general lack of news on this site of late, but be assured that we recognize the importance of disseminating information and are commited to doing just that. 

Of Note:  Be aware that the Pan-Ram Tournament is scheduled for May 1st this year.  Some sources, including the school district website have indicated otherwise.  Full schedule will be published here soon! 



Tuesday, February 9
A message from Killer

I want announce that after 12 years in the position of Assistant Boys Volleyball Coach at Central Dauphin High School, I have decided to retire from coaching.

Beginning in 1998, I started each and every season with simple goals in mind:  to show kids what a great game volleyball is and to commit to excellence in the performance of fundamental skills.  My job has been easy.  The kids have been uniformly fun to be around and easy to work with. 

I had the privilege of watching as these kids developed their skills and also gradually turn into young men.  What an honor! 

To my players, past and present:  You don't need to become an olympian to love the game, play the game, respect the game.  There's always another way in which you can improve your skills or learn more about yourself and your possibilities, just as in life.  I would love to hear from you whenever you'd like to contact me.  You are always welcome in my home.  You're part of my volleyball family.

To my players' parents, also past and present:  I have valued the time that I've been privileged to spend with your son.  I thank you for that.  Parents are always concerned about how well their kids behave & often are the last to recognize the time when their kids are better described as young men.  Please know that you have raised them well.  I could not be more proud of them.  Please also stay in touch.
I wish the very best for this program.  Recent turmoil is a concern, but I'm optimistic that in the long run, the ship will be righted. 

Many thanks and best wishes to all.  I will see you when we raise our State Championship banner!

Paul "Killer" Kilmer

Wednesday, October 14
Jon Lutz (Sr, OH) makes verbal commitment to George Mason University
Lutz chooses Mason

Congrats to Jon Lutz as he choses the George Mason Patriots as his school of choice to continue his volleyball career at the D 1 level.

Mason's program is on the rise and hopefully will be pushing PSU for the final four with Jon's help.

Sunday, May 31
WE WIN!!! 2009 AAA State Champions UNDEFEATED Central Dauphin Rams

Monday, June 1
More Pics from the State Final

Wednesday, April 2
2008 Pink Out Match Team Picture: CD and Red Land
CD (left) and Red Land before the Pink Out Match 3-28-08

The Rams and Patriots raised over $3,000 for breast cancer charities in our area in one night. 

The 2009 Pink Out Match will be at Red Land High School, date TBA.

Tuesday, March 3
2009 Central Dauphin Volleyball Roster (Varsity and JV)