Central Dauphin Area Basketball Association: Grievance

Thursday, April 30

CentralDauphin Area Basketball Association Reporting Structure for Issues and Incidents


I.  Issues may arise during the CDABA season related to, but not limited to, game rules, conduct, or
personal issues. CDABA players or parents who encounter issues during the season are expected to
first address the issue with their coach. This can be done in person, by phone or via email. If both
parties agree that the issue has been addressed satisfactorily, no further action is required by the
parties involved.

II.  If the parties involved are unable to reach an agreeable resolution to the issue, the person(s) who
originally raised the issue should complete a CDABA Grievance Form and submit it to the Director of
Operations (DoO). This form is available at the web site,
www.CDABA.net, under the Documents and
Forms section.

III.  The Grievance form can also be used by any coach who has an issue that does not involve a player or
parent. The coach can use this form as a first step to raise the issue to the DoO.

IV. Upon receipt of a Grievance Form, the DoO is required to respond within 48 hours. The DoO will
prescribe the appropriate solution in accordance with the CDABA rules. The DoO should indicate his
action on the Grievance Form and return it to the originator. The DoO should also inform the coach
involved of his response. A copy of the Grievance Form should also be retained by the DoO. The DoO
will then report his action to the Operations Committee for their review.

V.  If any member of the Operations Committee believes the prescribed solution was not the appropriate
one, that member should immediately bring their concern to the attention of the Executive Board for

VI.  In the event the DoO is not certain about the appropriate solution for a grievance, he can call a meeting
of the Operations Committee to review the grievance to determine the appropriate solution. The DoO
will report the actions he and the Operations Committee have taken at each monthly meeting of the
Executive Board.

VII.  If the person(s) who submitted the Grievance Form are not satisfied with the solution prescribed by
the DoO, they should update the Grievance Form with the most recent information and submit an
updated copy to the Executive Board for further review.

VIII. The Executive Board will review the Grievance in a timely manner. The Board will either support the
DoO’s solution or may prescribe a different solution. The decision made by the Board will be the final
decision in the matter.


 Incidents occurring during CDABA games may also be reported to the DoO by Game Managers via the
Incident Report Form. This form is for the purpose of reporting/documenting intentional, flagrant or
technical fouls, ejections, poor conduct, injuries and rules-related questions or interpretations.

X.  The DoO will review the incident report. If any disciplinary or corrective action is appropriate, the DoO
will do so. As with grievances, the DoO will report the actions taken by Game Managers and/or the DoO
to the Operations Committee and provide the Executive Board with a report of these incidents at the
monthly Board meeting.

XI.  It is possible that an Incident Report will be filed by Game Management for the same issue for which a
Grievance Form is also submitted. In this case, the Grievance process will be followed but the Incident
report will be used as information to help resolve the issue.

XII.  The Executive Board does have the authority to override a solution prescribed by the DoO, the
Operations Committee or a Game Manager, if the Board determines the solution was not in accordance
with the CDABA rules. This issue must be raised to the Board through the proper process.

For Grievance Form go to Documents and Forms