Central Dauphin Area Basketball Association: Rules 3rd-12th

Monday, January 18
2015-2016 CDABA GAME RULES (Grades 3rd thru 12th) 
a.     Players/uniforms
i)      All players must wear the current year unmodified numbered team shirt supplied by CDABA to play.  The shirt does not need to be tucked in.  Shirts may not be modified.  i.e. – sleeves may not be cut off.
ii)     Games may begin with 4 players. Each team will play 4 on 4 until a 5th player is available for each team.
iii)    If a team cannot field 4 players by 5 minutes after the SCHEDULED start time, it will forfeit the game.
iv)   Players must sit on the team bench while in the gymnasium during the duration of the game. i.e. – not in the stands
b.    Jewelry
i)      No jewelry is permitted during practice and/or games. Earrings may NOT be taped.  If you cannot remove the jewelry, you cannot play.
ii)     Religious/medical alert medals are not jewelry. See the National Federation of High School Rules for how these are handled.
iii)    The referee will not permit any player to participate if, in their judgment, items such as fingernails or hairstyles pose a safety concern.
c.     Coaches
i)      Only registered coaches or those designated as an assistant by the head coach may sit on the team bench.  Two coaches only and they both must wear their lanyards.  An adult may fill in as per rule 4e, provided they fill out a coaches application and have a lanyard.
ii)     Only the HEAD Coach may stand to coach.
iii)    Coaches must remain in the coaching box which will be constituted by the area in front of the team bench, if not marked on the floor.
d.    Score Table
i)      The home team must provide a book/bookkeeper.  The home book is the official book.  All bookkeepers are required to be at the scorekeepers desk.
ii)     The visiting team must provide a clock/scoreboard operator.
iii)    Bookkeepers and clock/scoreboard operators may not coach from the desk or criticize officials during or after a game.  They must remain silent as they are an extension of the referee crew.
iv)   If the above bookkeepers and clock/scoreboard operator requirements are not met by 5 minutes after the SCHEDULED start time, a forfeit will be declared.
v)    Game managers are not allowed to be bookkeepers or clock/scoreboard operators.
vi)   Only persons 16 years or older can keep the scorebook or run the clock. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
a.     All games will have two 20-minute halves. The clock will run continuously except for the last 2 minutes of each half and during any time-out. During the last 2 minutes of each half, the clock will stop with each referee’s whistle, and will restart when the ball is put back in play.  Mercy Rule - if a team leads by 20 points or more any time in the last 2 minutes of the second half, the clock will continue to run
b.    There will be a 3-minute intermission between halves (which may be shortened to one minute if the games are running behind schedule).
c.     Each team will be allowed three 45 second time-outs per game.
d. Mercy Rule: If at any point in the final 2 minutes of the second half a team leads by 20 points or more, the remainder of the second half will have a running clock. The only clock stoppage will be for time outs or injuries. 
a.     In case of a tie at the end of regulation, a 2 minute, stopped clock overtime will be played. 
b.     There will be a 1 minute intermission between the end of regulation and the overtime period.
c.    Each team will receive one 45 second time-out per Overtime period. Unused time-outs from the game will NOT carry over into the overtime, nor will time-outs carry from one overtime to the next.
d. Multiple overtime periods will only occur in the playoffs. 

a.     Players will be removed from the game after 5 player fouls, 2 technical fouls, or 1 flagrant foul.
b.    If a team has only 4 players remaining, both teams will play 4 on 4.
c.     If a team has only 3 players left, they will play 4 on 3 ONLY if the shorthanded team is winning or within 10 points of their opponent.  Otherwise, the game will be declared a forfeit.
d.    Players disqualified will remain on the bench for the remainder of the game.
e.     Coaches disqualified must leave the visual confines of the playing court within 1 minute, or the game will be forfeited. An adult must be present on the bench to take over coaching responsibilities, or the game will be forfeited.
a.     It is required that each coach plays EVERY player a significant amount of time each half.
b.    The 5 team members who begin each half will play the first 5 minutes of that half, unless substituted for injury, illness, or foul trouble.
c.     All team members not playing the first 5 minutes will play the next 5 minutes of each half, unless substituted for injury, illness, or foul trouble. The timekeeper will notify each coach at the 5 minute mark. The substitutes will enter at the next dead ball, and will remain in for at least the next 5 minutes.
d.    The remaining time in each half will encompass "free substitution". Players will be substituted at dead balls only. They will wait at the scorer’s table and will enter only when the officials beckon them in.
e.     ALL players should receive at LEAST 3 minutes of playing time during the "free substitution" period. PENALTY: Not playing each team member according to this rule will result in FORFEITURE of the game by the offending team. This will NOT be enforced by the referee, but MUST be brought to the attention of "Game Management", who will be present at each game.
a.    3 Point Field Goals
i)      In the B56, B78 and B912 divisions, where a 3 point line is marked on the court, a successful field goal try from the field by a player who is located behind the team's own 3 point line counts three points.
ii) At no time may a goal count for 3 points in any game in the B34 and G345 divisions.
b.    Free Throws:
i)      Game management will place tape on the floor to establish a 13 foot free throw line.
ii)     3rd-4th grades will use the 13 foot free throw line.
iii)    5th-12th grades will use the standard 15 foot free throw line.
iv)   All lane violations will be enforced.
c.     Pressing (Full Court Defense)
i)      B34 and G345 divisions: not allowed at any time.
ii)     B56 division: entire second half, if desired.
iii)    B78 and B912 divisions: entire game, if desired.
iv)   If a team leads by 10 or more points, it may NOT press, until the lead drops under 10 points.
d.    Defense
i)      Any defense is permitted (man-to-man OR zone). Trapping is allowed.
ii)     B34 and G345 divisions: Defense cannot be set up higher than the top of the key in the initial set.  Once the ball is in the control of a player with both feet and the ball in the frontcourt, or the ball is below the top of the key, the defense can engage. 
7.    DUNKING:
a.     Permitted during the game, but hanging on the rim is a technical foul.
b.    Technical foul if in warm-ups, or at halftime, or during any dead ball during the game.
a.     NFHS Rules will apply for any item not covered here.   
b.    All referee decisions are final and will not be reversed.
c.     The CDABA Game manger will review the league rules with coaches and referees before the start of the game.