Central Dauphin Area Basketball Association: FAQ

Who is eligible to play for the CDABA?
Any child from Kindergarten thru 12th grade residing within the Central Dauphin School District. They may be attending public or private schools, or may be home-schooled.  Children who play for a school sponsored basketball teams (7th-12th grade) are ineligible. For the 2015-2016 season we will have clost to 400 participants in the skills and recreation programs.

What are the fees?
For 2015-16, the skill builders (Kindergarten -2nd grades) fee is $60 and the recreational league (3rd-12th grades) is $90. There is also a $20 Volunteer Fee added to each family.  You can recoup your $20 by Head Coaching, Assistant Coaching or working one hour at our Pizza Party, Champ Sunday or 3on3 Tournament.

What does the CDABA do with this money?
The two largest expenses for the league are the PIAA referee fees and rental to the school district for the use of the gyms for games and practices.  These are followed closely by insurance and the purchase of game shirts. Miscellaneous expenses also include our website hosting, replacement basketballs and medical supplies for the first aid kits.  Recently, due to the lack of volunteerism, we have had to starting paying game managers as well.

Even with all our expenses we have resisted implementing mandatory fundraisers.  We do have several voluntary fundraisers each season and are always looking for corporate sponsors. 

My child will be trying out for the school team, but may not make it. Can I register him/her so they can play basketball in case they get cut?
Yes. Please see the CDABA Policies and Procedures Manual in the "Doc & Forms" section for our refund information.

When is your season?
Teams are picked in November (specific dates depending on age group). The regular season will end in late February, with playoffs concluding in early March.

Are uniforms provided?
Each player is given a numbered team shirt to be worn at all games. Any player without their team shirt can not play.

What are the different divisions and how often do they play?
The recreational league is as follows:

B34 - Boys 3rd and 4th grade: 10 games per season
B56 - Boys 5th and 6th grade: 11 games per season
B78 - Boys 7th and 8th grade: 12 games per season
B912 - Boys 9th through 12th grade: 12 games per season 

G345 - Girls 3rd/4th/5th: 10 games per season

How many players per team?
The recreational league play is divided into separate boys and girls divisions. The divisions are based on grades and are as follows:  3rd/4th,  5th/6th,  7th/8th and 9th-12th.  Teams will have 7-9 players per team.

The skill building program is separate. These are co-ed sessions broken into Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Grades. The 2nd graders will play informal scrimmages in the latter half of their program.

Tell me more about the skill builder program.
The skill builder program is for players in Kindergarden through 2nd grade.  It is designed to build a solid basketball foundation for the players before moving up to league play in the 3rd grade.

Skill Builders will have 2 sessions per week either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday (same from week to week) and will be at either 6:15 PM or 7:15 PM.  Make-up sessions are held on Fridays.  Weekends are not scheduled.  

You may request a specific day or time on your application in the "Comments/Conflicts" field but not all time slots are available for all age groups or genders.

What about playing time in the recreational league?
We have policies that each coach must follow to insure that each child plays significant time in each half.

How about referees?
The league will use PIAA referees for all games 3rd grade and up.

Any restrictions on defense?
There are no longer any restrictions on defenses in any grade (zones are now permissible).

Do players receive awards?
Trophies will be awarded to the 1st & 2nd place teams in the playoffs for each division. There is also an awards night/pizza party in Feb for the skill builders and in March for the recreational league.

What is new for 2015-16?
We are still in the planning process for the upcoming season.  We will continue to improve upon what has been accomplished.


What if I have further questions?
Contact us at CDABABB@gmail.com