Central Dauphin Area Basketball Association: About Us

Thursday, April 30

   In 1984, founder Jim Hanawalt saw the need for a recreational basketball program for girls and boys in the Central Dauphin area. Paxtonia Basketball Association (PBA) was born. Jim devoted countless hours to make this organization what it is today. Thousands of children have played in this league. Many had the skills to play for Central Dauphin and Central Dauphin East High Schools. Some have played for Division I colleges.

   In 2003, PBA became Central Dauphin Area Paxtonia Basketball Association (CDAPBA), to emphasize the broader scope of the program throughout the school district.

   In 2005, after 20 seasons, Jim Hanawalt announced his retirement.

The league has been renamed Central Dauphin Area Basketball Association (CDABA). It has been structured as a non profit organization, run by an Executive Board, comprised of members voted in by parents whose children participate in the League. The Board meets regularly, in meetings open to the public, to set the policies and procedures the League will follow.

 Programs CDABA Offers:

   Skill Builders: twice a week (Dec thru Feb)
     Kindergarten (Combined boys/girls)
     1st grade (separate boys and girls program)
     2nd grade (separate boys and girls program. Will be split into teams the last 5 weeks to scrimmage and experience game play)

   Recreational League Play: (mid-Nov thru early March): Separate boys and girls divisions
     3rd and 4th grades (Boys) 
     3rd and 4th grades (Girls) 
     5th and 6th grades (Boys)
     5th and 6th grades (Girls)
     7th and 8th grades (Boys)
     7th and 8th grades (Girls)
     9th thru 12th grades (Boys)
     9th thru 12th grades (Girls)         *An evaluation period is required to balance teams as best as possible. Attendance is mandatory.