Central Coast Youth Football League: Welcome

IMPORTANT NOTICE: CCYFL has ZERO tolerance for any type of bullying to include but not limited to: racial slurs, taunting, name calling, threats or negative language.  This includes players, coaches, parents and spectators at any venue of CCYFL.   

CCYFL Playoffs Week 1


Orcutt Panthers vs. Guadalupe Bulldogs
FC Eagles vs. Paso Cats
VV Conqs vs. Lompoc Rebels
Nipomo Cowboys vs. SM Ruthless Rebels 
SM Titans vs. Orcutt Lions
VV Conqs vs. SM Mighty Rebels
SY Pirates vs. Nipomo Cowboys
Paso Bearcats vs. Paso Crimson Bearcats 
Guadalupe Bulldogs vs. SM Los Rebels
Paso Bearcats vs. FC Eagles
Lompoc Chem Kids vs. Paso 805 Bearcats
Orcutt Oilers vs. Nipomo Cowboys 
Paso Bearcats vs. Templeton Eagles
Orcutt Sooners vs. SY Pirates
Nipomo Cowboys vs. FC Eagles
SM Rebels vs. Lompoc Braves 










  We are located on the Central Coast of California and have Chapters located from Paso Robles to Lompoc

Football and Cheerleading for ages 7-14   

President: Stephanie Cabalar P.O. Box 411, San Luis Obispo, CA stephg413@aol.com

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