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Someone once said, "A house divided against itself will not stand"  and how true that is!
CCOA officials, as a fairly new official & President of CCOA, I want to encourage each of you to consider your service to CCOA and other officiating jobs in our same market carefully.
I know that each of us has the freedom to call for anyone we choose and I know that CCOA does not hold all the contracts to all the sporting events in this area and I know that many of you serve more then CCOA in this area.
But please note that if we continue to work against ourselves, we will only hurt our own cause.
Personally I believe that CCOA has a great history and a wonderful reputation as being an association that does a top notch job at training and providing services to the sporting leagues in our area. I know that it hasn't all been roses either and that there have been some bad decisions made in the past and personality issues that have gotten in the way of things running smoothly. But I do believe that the sky is the limit on the good that we can do as an association for Eastern NC in every sporting event that takes place here. Expansion and growth is up to us! 
However; if we are working against our own association, by supporting other associations in the same market then we are hurting our selves and competing against ourselves as well.
So please, instead of jumping on another associations effort to undermine CCOA, consider how we can stick together and expand our team into those areas of service. Find a way to be a part of the solution for the "good of the association" - With that mentality, We will stand tall and not fall.
(Please Note: If you do choose to call games for other agents or the base, outside of CCOA, you will want to make sure you have insurance to cover you.)
Thanks Guys... 
and please know that your input is very much welcomed by me and the CCOA Leaders!

CCOA Annunal Party / Meeting

Our Annual Meeting for 2010 will be on Saturday, January 16th / 6pm @ The VFW in Havelock. This year the party will include: Dinner, Elections/short meeting, Beverages and a DJ for your dancing and musical pleasure. It will be the koolest parte' ever because all of our commissioners will take the dance floor and do... the hokie pokie... yea... thats right... (keep watching for more details)

We are taking nominations for offices that are up for Election this coming year. Please make your nominations by emailing them to me or our VP David Scott. Thanks John Nappo


As many of you know Renee Skinner has stepped down from the position of Treasurer here at CCOA. Her service has been terrific over the years and I appreciate the hard work that she gave for the association. But let me introduce to you Mr. Paul Harrison; Paul stepped into the job, at what can easily be considered, the busiest time of the year - Football Season! Since the moment Paul stepped in he has be pro-active in getting the books sorted out, figuring out the system that Renee handed off to him and managed to make payroll at both CCOA meetings this fall. Paul is currently working on better understanding the books and preparing to see to it that our Football Officials get their final checks in plenty of time for the Christmas Holiday... Our Target date is the 1st week of December... How sweet of a job Paulouchi is doing for the 'Good of the Association'  Thanks Paul