Basketball: Welcome


Hello....  Our Basketball leagues include recreation youth ball along with other leagues. We provide services for all of the surrounding areas. Our clinics for basketball begin in October each year and go up to the weeks that the season begins in the fall and go into the winter months.

Basketball Clinics will begin on September 27, 2009. Sunday evening clinics will be held at Gramercy Christian School, Newport  at 4:00- 6:00 PM. Monday Clinics will be held at Havelock High School

6:00-8:00 PM.  All high school registered officials must attend a minimum of six clinics in order to be eligible to call high school basketball. Those who will only be calling middle schools, privates schools and youth intramural basketball are encourage to attend as many clinics as possible.


Recruit, Recruit, Recruit. CCOA needs new basketball officials to help cover the contracts we currently have in place.


Thanks---See you at the clinics



Update September 21: 

Basketball clinics will be starting next Sunday and will be held at Gramercy Christian School in Newport.  This clinic will start promptly at 4pm.  Alll officials,to include those who are calling Football, are required to attend these clinics!!!  We will have clinics on Sundays and Mondays and some of you may be asked to teach (go over) a rule for the whole class.  Please step up and teach/learn with the group.  I am asking for anyone who would like to volunteer to teach a certain rule to email myself and Barry Valicek.  Rule 4 is already taken, all others are open.  If you do not volunteer you may be picked!  Everyone will need to learn the rules as we all are responsible to enforce them during our season and no one should have to cover for their partner because that individual didn't attend clinics or bother to learn the rule changes.

Frank Rodriquez is our Commissioner of Basketball and is responsible for assigning all games from middle school age to youth leagues.