Volleyball: Welcome


Hello....  Our Volleyball leagues include Rec. Ball along with Middle School Volleyball. We provide services for all of the surrounding areas. Our clinics for Volleyball begin in August each year and go up to the week that the season begins in October and go until Christmas.

Volleyball season is in full swing,  All volleyball matches for  Middle Schools and Private schools are entered into the arbiter system. Please go into the system and accept your assignments as quickly as possible.  The Carteret County Middle School Volleyball League won't start until October 27, but they have also been entered into the arbiter system. Check the arbiter frequently to ensure no changes have been made to any of your assignments.

So far volleyball is  running smoothly. Everyone has made their matches and are arriving on time. Please continue representing CCOA in the professional manner that our customers expect. 

One added note, as you go about in you officiating avocation, please be on the look out for any one who might interested in becoming a volleyball official. We are always on the lookout for recruiting those individuals who are interested in becoming an official. How you represent CCOA goes a long way in influencing an individual who might want to become an official.

 Keep up the excellent work!!

Brian Schultz is our Commissioner of Volleyball and is responsible for assigning all games from middle school to youth leagues.