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CCNS Youth Wrestling Organization
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Last updated
11-23-14 01:08 PM
Get Directions to CCNSCanonsburg Local Weather
Click here to e-mail CCNS
PO Box 332
Canonsburg, Pennsylvania

Wednesday, November 5


Contact any of the officers if you need any information.

 President: Tim Markovich 

vice-President: Mike/Jen Binni:

Treasurer: Jenna Anderson

Secretary: Jenelle Pinto 

Scheduler/Wrestler Agent: John Ayres



Folks, Here we go our first match is Sunday December 7, 2015 at Waynesburg. (Note most of our locations are on the website under locations tab at

Waynesburg Central High School Waynesburg Central High School Get Map to Waynesburg Central High School 30 Zimmerman Dr waynesburg, Pennsylvania 15370

Please check your wrestler in with me at 12 noon at Waynesburg Central High School on 12/7/14. I need them ALL to check in so I know who is there for the scratch meeting. If you don't check in by 12 noon, I will cancel the matches so the other kids can have someone to wrestle. Not being mean but this is a long process to get everyone the matches they need that day.

Our match meeting is this Wednesday 11/26/14. So I need to know if your wrestler WILL NOT be attending the match by Wednesday morning at 8AM. Please reply only if your wrestler IS NOT wrestling or if you need any special requirements (early or late matches).

For our first year parents, please let me know by Wednesday so I know who WILL NOT be there, that way I don't get them matches. Also, I need it by email. Cause if you tell me at a practice, I won't remember.

Finally, we still have about 200 lottery tickets left to sell. If anyone can sell more, please let me, Tim or Jenna know cause we all have extra tickets. We want to sell them all so please help by getting more to sell. Thanks, John


 Practice Schedule

First day of practice is Monday November 17, 2014

See handout section for days and times for your wrestler's practice room. 


Click on the LINKS  icon for a connection to the Pennsylvania Youth Wrestling web page with all tournament listings and a connection for directions to Canon McMillan High School. (click here to print out registration forms for tournaments. You will need to mail in your own registration forms, this is on individual basis and will need to coach your own wrestler. Sometimes other dads will be available to help coach if needed.)


Click on the Link to the left (Under the sun) to send CCNS an e-mail.

CCNS by-laws are available under handouts.

Why Wrestle?


1. Wrestling is a natural activity, one of the first forms of physical play that young children do without ever having been taught.

2. As wrestlers gain experience, technique becomes complex and often correlates to high academic performance.

3. Wrestling does not favor any particular race, gender, culture, size, or stature and is practiced on all continents.

4. Wrestling builds character that contributes to one's ability to become a responsible member of society.

5. Wrestling is a sport of control - not violence.

6. Wrestling is a great way to build confidence and self-defense skills.

7. Wrestling can dramatically improve one's ability to perform in other sports.

8. Wrestling develops agility, balance, reflexes and strength in every major muscle group.

9. Win or lose, wrestlers must shake their opponent's and opposing coach's hands, ensuring that sportsmanship remains a vital part of the sport.

10. Proper weight management develops healthy eating habits that benefit the individual throughout life.

11. Just as in other sports, college scholarships are available for wrestlers who excel both on the mat and in the classroom.

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    CCNS Youth Wrestling Organization
    CCNS Youth Wrestling Organization
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