Coconut Creek Little League Baseball: Umpire: schedule, info and training

Monday, October 12
Umpire Schedule
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Welcome to Coconut Creek Little League Umpires Page. Here you will find updates on training, scheduling and information.

Creek Baseball - 100% Volunteer Powered!Coconut Creek Little League is proud to be a 100% volunteer organization and that includes our great volunteer umpires.  We offer training, gear and flexible schedules so that each Board member, manager and coach can do his or her fair share of officiating.  Umpiring makes you a better coach and helps you to learn the game from the “inside”. We are routinely the envy of Florida District 10 because of our excellent umpiring staff and program.Umpire Coordinator Joe Porcelli and Umpire Chief Bobby Hernandez will be training and recruiting managers, coaches and other volunteers that can fill umpire slots in Spring 2010.  High School baseball players can also volunteer and earn “hours”, provided they attend our clinics and training classes. (Dates to be announced)

Check back often to view umpire clinic and class dates and updated umpire schedules.  Contact Joe Porcelli at or at 954-328-4972 if you have any questions or would like more information.

Umpire's Role: Often an overlooked aspect of the Little League program, umpiring is one of the most important. The volunteer umpire is as much a part of Little League as the volunteer manager, coach, team mom or Board member.Coconut Creek Little League has found a successful way to operate a volunteer umpiring program, helping to defray the costs that would normally be passed on to the parents. We provide equipment and uniforms to umpires to use in performing their service to the league.Coconut Creek Little League also offers many training materials, clinics and seminars on umpire education, as well as the Little League Umpire Registry. The registry allows volunteer umpires to receive regular mailings from Headquarters on rule interpretations, updates, etc.A select group of volunteer umpires whose knowledge, experience and demeanor have received recognition at top levels of Tournament Play are invited each year to officiate at one of the World Series tournaments. In keeping with the volunteer aspect of the local league, travel expenses for World Series umpires are partially borne by the umpires themselves.