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Wednesday, December 3
Home of the Cascade Basketball Travel League

Welcome to the home of the Cascade Basketball Travel League.

The purpose of the Cascade Basketball Travel League program is to provide a more competitive league for the slightly advanced player, with emphasis on learning and excelling in a positive, safe and supportive environment. Featuring Boys and Girls Divisions, Grades 3/4th-8th.

I am updating the website over the next couple of days. Please email game results to with "scores" as the subject.

For further information about the CBTLeague, tournaments, clinics and camps please contact:

Warren Sheldon - CBTL

P.O. Box 2536

North Bend WA 98045



Tuesday, February 24
2015 Cascade League Playoffs Schedule for Feb 28-March 1

2015 Cascade League Playoffs Schedule Posted!

UPDATED: Tuesday 11:59pm

The 2015 Cascade League Playoff Schedules and Brackets for this weekends championship play.

 The 2015 Play-off Schedules have been posted under handouts tab.

  • click on handout tab
  • League Championships
  • click grade pool bracket boys/girls
  • click on Saturday/Sunday master schedule grid to confirm
I will forward electronically to coaches as well as post under handouts section.

Playoffs: Feb. 27th - March 1st. All teams make the playoffs in gold/silver divisions.

 Good luck to all teams particpating! 


Handout: 2015 Cascade Playoff Schedule

Tuesday, December 2
Weather Information:

Weather related game delays and/or cancellations will be relayed either via:

1) This website

2) via e-mail

3) host location

Warren Sheldon 425_358_1389. Please text message if needed.

Monday, March 4
Participation in Cascade League...

I am sure everyone is excited to tip off league play-offs. If you are attending a game we welcome your participation as one of the following but you can only choose one of the following:

  • Fan: Bring your pom poms and CHEER for the kids! Show great sportsmanship!
  • Player: Suit up in your jersey...Coach will get you in the hard but play fair and Show great sportsmanship!
  • Coach: Bring your playbook, clip board, be prepared, teach, encourage your players and Show great sportsmanship!
  • Official: Dress in zebra stripes, bring your whistle, call a fair game to the best of your ability as calls will be missed......and Show great sportsmanship!

Remember you can only participate as one.

 Follow the outlined above and we should have a great weekend of hoops! It's about the kids so have fun and they will also!!!

blackboard and ball
Thursday, October 6
Reporting scores after each weekend's play!

Attention Coaches:

Each week the winning team is responsible for reporting the outcome of the games. Emails with the outcomes should be sent to the coordinator below.  We will update the standings on a regular basis assigning 2 pts for a win and 1 pt for a loss.  We do not need actual score just who played and the result as follows:

Report scores in the following format: (Example)

6th Grade Boys results:

Mt Si - 2 vs Cedarcrest - 1

5th Grade Girls results:

Skyline - 2 vs Mt Si - 1

This is awarding each winning team 2 points and each team that lost 1 point.

Please remit scores to: Warren Sheldon:



The Game...

You don't play against opponents; you play against the game of basketball.
--Bobby Knight 1940- American Basketball Coach


The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.

Vince Lombardi