CaWaves-Ives18U: Welcome

Fall 2018
Monday, August 20
  Surf City's Spetember Startup Tourney, Sept 22-23 - POOL G
  Fountain Valley Sports Park
  Google Map - 16400 Bookhurst St., Fountain Valley, CA  92708
  Game   Day   Time   Field   Team   vs   Team
  1   SAT   1:45 PM   FV7   CA Waves - Ives 18U   vs   So Cal Athletics Garcia
  2   SAT   3:15 PM   FV7   CA Waves - Ives 18U   vs   American Athletics Kamimoto
  3   SAT   5:00 PM   FV7   CA Waves - Ives 18U   vs   Bakersfield Babes
  4   SUN   TBA   TBA   CA Waves - Ives 18U   vs   TBA
  5   SUN   TBA   TBA   CA Waves - Ives 18U   vs   TBA
  Alexa Schulten - Congratulations!!
  Committing to Claremont McKenna College
  Christen Hansen - Congratulations!!
  Committing to Mount Saint Mary College (New York)
  Jaylene Partida - Congratulations!!
  Committing to Midland College
 2018 FALL Schedule
September  22-23  Surf City September Showcase - Orange County, CA
October  7  Practice - Duck Pond
 13-14  Surf City October Showcase - Orange County, CA
 20-21  Bay Area Showcase - San Jose, CA
 26-28  USA Preps + Camp on Friday - Palmdale, CA
November  2-4  Surf City Las Vegas Showcase and Camp (Friday game)
 9-11  USA Preps Nationals - tentative
 17-18  Surf City Pre Thanksgiving Showcase (5) GAMES
December  ALL  November 25 to December 31 OFF
January  5-6  TBA
 12-13  TBA
 19-20  TBA
 26-27  TBA
February  3  TBA
 10  TBA
 Current and Past California Waves Players
moving on to the next level…..   
 Class of 2018
  Alexa Schulten   Claremont McKenna College
  Christen Hansen  Mount Saint Mary College (New York)
  Jaylene Partida  Midland College
  Alexis Genovese  Coppin State University
 Class of 2017
  Jessica Goodspeed  Santa Clara University
 Class of 2016
  Abby Brondos   University of Puget Sound
  Sydney McPherson   Salem International University
  Jessica Rodriquez   Albright College
  Cailey Stevenson   Chestnut Hills College
  Katie Taix   College of the Canyons
  Raven Tomlinson   Indiana Tech
  Caitlin Berreitter   Hamilton College
  Natalie Else   Clarion University 
  Kelsey Trudden   SUNY - New Paltz
 Class of 2015
  Mickaela Brown    Howard College
  Delaney Nicol   Hamilton College
  Kira Wessels   Brandeis University
  Ashleah Yzaguirre   Hamilton College
 Class of 2014
  Jackie Carr   Amherst College
  Megan Ernst   Chapman University
  Jacquelyn Farrow   Emory University
  Samantha Siciliano   Tufts University  2015 NCAA DIII Champs!!
  Emma Stanley   University of Connecticut
  Sara Dominguez   Seattle University
  Brianna Timmons   Seattle University
  Wendy Cardinali   Fresno State
 Class of 2013
  Megan Clark   San Francisco State University
  Sumner Hanula   Wellesley College
  Samantha Ohmie   Howard College
  Samantha Fassl   Saddleback College

Ashley 2018
Thursday, September 6
Ashley Stevens's Skills Video

Sophia 2018
Thursday, September 19
Sofia Trujillo's skills video