Cave Spring Knights Basketball 13U: Welcome

Broadway 2010


Welcome to our website which is designed to keep you informed of the activities of the Cave Spring Knights 11U Boys Basketball Team. 

Photo below shows our team from last season when we competed at 10U. 

Cave Spring Knights AAu 10U

Champions at 9 Team Pulasi Tournament

Friday, February 22
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Tuesday, March 11
Mission Statement

The mission of the Cave Spring Knights Basketball Club is to provide boys with the opportunity to develop their overall game and increase self-confidence by creating an environment where they can learn, grow, improve individual skills, develop character and compete against some of the best athletes in our region.  We will provide a well-organized, high quality basketball program that offers advanced instruction in basketball fundamentals and team play concepts.  Our instruction along with participation and exposure in competitive tournaments will help prepare our players for the next level of their careers. 

We believe the challenging practices, competitive games, team-building, travel opportunities and friendships created will help these kids develop leadership, confidence, problem-solving and people skills that will assist in all aspects of their lives. 

The Cave Spring Knights Basketball Club is a 501c3 Non-Profit Corporation.

Monday, May 17
Knights Had A Very Successful 2010 Season!

Our Cave Spring Knights had a terrific 2010 season.  We Won Four out of Seven Tournaments and finished 3rd in the Virginia AAU D-2 State Championships! This was quite a feat as most teams we faced had players from multiple schools.

Our players this season were:
Zach Shannon, Walker Champney, Trevor Lee, Paxton Daniels, Mason Reyer, Khal Clary, Jordan Stovall, Davis Call, Brody Hicks, & Adam Sledd

This will be a pivotal year for some of our Knights as they will go on to play for the Cave Spring Middle School Knights this coming school year.   We had an amazing group of student-first athletes on this squad; they will be very successful adults one day as they understand the value of hard work, perseverance, and teamwork!  You guys are CHAMPIONS in every sense of the word!

Coach Clary wants to thank all the parents and players for their efforts and support this season!  SPECIAL THANKS TO: 
* Amy Louise Reyer for handling funds!
* Kevin Reyer for keeping our scorebook!
* Tracy Sledd for assistance and research!
* Rhonda Shannon for keeping the scorebook!
* Doug & Marty Call for Fund Raising Support!
Dan Foutz for assistance in coaching the team!
* Billy Hicks for Club Direction & Coaching Advice! 
* Kimberly Daniels for keeping our name and stories in the media!
* Cherie Hicks for handling AAU & Non-Profit Corporation Paperwork!
* Randy Daniels for coaching, advising, and setting up hotel arrangements!