Cato Little League: Welcome

   Welcome to the official webpage of Cato Little League. Since 1957 Cato Little League has served the youth in our community from ages 4 - 12. The goal of this organization is to provide a positive experience and to develop character by emphasizing good sportsmanship and integrity. We ask all our volunteers to set a positive example to help develop these traits in our kids so they may become productive, involved adults in the community.

   Here you will find a complete record of our league, it's divisions, teams, and schedules as well as timely events calendars and other useful information. For daily game status please scroll down to the bottom of this page. There you will find a complete game report updated daily. We hope you will visit often during the coming season and that you find this information helpful in keeping up with your busy schedules. Please feel free to contact any Board of Directors member if you have any questions or suggestions for this homepage.

Thanks for visiting.
Cato Little League Board of Directors

Please go to the following link for more information on Northern Cayuga Little League.

Important Notices:

  • As I'm sure everyone has noticed, CIMARF is in the process of constructing a new field (#5).  This field is NOT ready to be used.  We would appreciate it if all coaches and players would stay off of this field until we are given the ok to use it.
  • Little League has issued restrictions on bats.  Please go to the Little League website @ to read about these restrictions before making any bat purchases.

Dates to Remember:

  • Wednesday, January 29th - Player Registration @ CM Middle School Foyer (5pm until 8pm)
  • Saturday, February 1st - Player Registration @ CM Middle School Foyer (8am until 12pm)


  • Saturday, March 1st - Player Evaluations @ CM HS Gym (NO CLEATS PLEASE)

                                    12yr. old boys and girls need not report they will be placed at the majors level

                                    10-11yr. old boys will start at 8am

                                    8-9yr. old boys will start at 10am

                                    8, 9,10,11 yr. old girls will start at 12pm

Please plan on being at evaluations for approx.  2 hours. Keep in mind that these evaluations are important. The coaches utilize the evaluation results to determine at what level your child will able to maximize their learning potential.


Geoff Carvey

Dave Keefe

Handout: 2014 Registration