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Friday, December 8
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December 2017

Hello All,

We started CFHL as an affordable beginner field hockey experience for our parochial schools. For the following 14 years it grew into more than we ever anticipated and loved the fact that we were spreading our love for not only the sport but for our parochial school players and their families and our community. Volunteering to run this league with no compensation has been our passion for the last fourteen years. The payoff has been watching these girls grow into young ladies and athletes, and we will truly miss every minute.

It is with great sadness that we have to inform all of you, past and present CFHL families that we can not continue the league as it exists now.

When the diocese decreed that we could no longer have any athletic event on Sundays, we gave it a go last year to try Saturdays. There were multiple reasons that the Saturday games did not work for all involved; players (player registration down by 75 girls), coaches, referees and myself with my family owned business.

We have had meetings and sought guidance to try to get back to our family oriented afternoons on Sundays and sadly can not find a solution.

We have met so many wonderful families and we thank all of you for all of the support and love that you have shown to all three of us. We are so very sad to be closing this book when there were so many more chapters to be written.

Our Sunday afternoons will never be the same!

Beth Keenehan

Karen Krieger

Kelly Liebold


Thanks for the wonderful memories created over the last 14 years on and off the field hockey field.


This website will become inactivated on 12/31/17