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Thursday, August 23


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August 2012



TO:                  Parish and School Athletic Coordinators and Coaches


FROM:            Phil Ricci, Catholic Athletic League (CAL)

                        Louise “Duce” Dussault, Catholic Youth Ministry 


RE:                  Sunday Mornings



The Catholic Athletic League (CAL) offers children and young people a place to compete in a caring, nurturing environment in order to help them develop physically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually.  Foremost in that spiritual development is the desire to help youth grow in their Catholic faith – and to honor the commitments and sacrifices we make to practice that faith.  First among these is our crucial duty to attend Sunday Mass every week.


When we understand its significance, Sunday more becomes the sacred time it was intended to be.  It is clear why the observance of Sunday – the Lord’s Day – is so close to the Church’s heart, and why it remains a deep need arising from the demands of Christian life.


As families juggle increasingly hectic schedules, Sunday Mass remains that oasis where families can gather to worship with the community of faith and receive the Holy Eucharist.  To recapture the “sacredness of  Sunday”, and to give Sunday Mass attendance first priority, Bishop Tobin asks that we remind everyone that practices, games, and competitions should not be scheduled on Sunday mornings.  The Catholic Athletic League will continue to follow this important guideline.  We expect that parishes and schools will do the same. 


Thank you in advance for your cooperation as we strive to preserve Sunday morning as a time for faith and family, enabling Catholic families to meet their most basic and sacred obligation. 




EC:      Reverend Pastor


            Catechetical and Youth Ministry Leader