Cascade Aquatic Club: CAC News

Monday, March 19
Oregon City meet has amazing results

Our end of season Oregon City meet was amazingly successful.  We had Huge time drops, including some jumps to new levels of swimming.  Below are a few examples of what we all got to witness from the younger generation.

Katie O = 9 sec drop 100IM, 3 sec drop 100 Fr

Matt O = 13 sec drop 50bk, 8 sec drop 50fr

Zach s= 25 sec drop 100fly, 9sec drop 100bk

Arlee = 16 sec drop 50 bk, 11 sec drop 200fr

Dana T = 43 sec drop 200fr, 16 sec drop 200IM

Matt T= 24 sec drop 50 fly, 22 sec Drop 100IM

Loryn t= 32 sec drop 400fr, 21sec drops in 100bk/200fr

You guys are amazing keep up the great swims...

Monday, March 19
Zach Senner, Rachel Haney and Blake Noble make Sectionals

Great job, goes out to Zach and Rachel for qualifying for another sectional champs.  Awesome job also to Blake for making his first time for a sectional champs...

You all are amazing and CAC is happy to see you swimming up the ladder of success, to yet another qualifying meet.

Monday, March 19
CAC rocks the 2012 Champs meets

A big congrats goes out to the following swimmers for there participation in the 2012 short course yards championships.

10unders = Meredith Mandel

11-14 = Justine Hanway, Nicky Tsai, Zach Senner, Loryn Trail, Logan Noble, Tristy Osbon, Blake Noble

Seniors = Rachel Haney, Haley Houghton, Teddy Tsai, Dillon Sieler

We had a wonderful season and alot of great swims!  I can't wait to see you all this summer for the long course champs...